Dooble Jumps

Ksi Jumps 1.0 Ksi Software 

Ksi Jumps is a kind of mind ( or logic ) game or puzzle where you manage your balls to move and jump over the opponent's balls to reach the opponent's flag on the opposite side of the board.This game has a completely fresh and original idea and nice implementation, which allows you to learn it's rules in 30 seconds and enjoy playing for years.With. Free download of Ksi Jumps 1.0, size 421.89 Kb.


Dooble Web Browser 1.31 Dooble Web Browser 

Dooble is a new Open Source Web browser that focuses on compactness, security, and stability. Dooble is the only Web browser that encodes a user's browsing information. While other browsers have the support of thousands of dedicated individuals, Dooble has been harvested by just a handful of people.. Free download of Dooble Web Browser 1.31, size 25.23 Mb.

ATV Quadro Racing 1.0 Media Contact LLC 

ATV Quadro Racing is an all-out pedal to the metal racing with huge jumps, turns, and opponents lurking just around the bend!. Freeware download of ATV Quadro Racing 1.0, size 40.48 Mb.

NetStaller 1.0.17 PalickSoft 

When it comes to installing (or removing) new application to multiple network computers, system administratorsOCO heartbeat rate jumps up. Really, this operation is often times a logistical nightmare. Walking over to each computer is impractical and often impossible, so the administrators either install applications to all network computers, even. Free download of NetStaller 1.0.17, size 896.00 Kb.

Final Drive Fury WildTangent 

Final Drive Fury is a 3D car race game in which you´ll have to drive cars and make jumps.

You will earn money according to your performance, that can be spent in enhancing your car.

This is an ad supported software. Every time you run the program, you´ll have to wait for ads to be downloaded and played.. Freeware download of Final Drive Fury, size 0 b.

Armado 1. 2. 2008 Tricky Software 

Guide Armado as he rolls, jumps, and crashes his way through this action packed journey. Armado is a young armadillo who becomes an unsuspecting hero in an adventure that takes him from sunny woodlands and snowy peaks, to firery volcanic mountains.

As he navigates this treacherous terrain he'll need to be quick on his feet and. Freeware download of Armado 1. 2. 2008, size 84.02 Mb.

Ten Ton Ninja 1 1 Addictive 247 Games 

Ten Ton Ninja is a wonderful free game for people of all ages, in which players assume the role of a fat ninja, who jumps on platforms and collects stuff while avoiding the enemies. The game includes 22 levels of action with different scenarios and enemies to avoid. It also comes with a level editor that allows players to create their own. Freeware download of Ten Ton Ninja 1 1, size 20.06 Mb.

Crazy Jumpin Jack 1.6 Stoeckl Josef 

Jumpin' Jack is a red ball, which jumps under your control across a pattern of green platforms. This platforms will disappear, if he leaves it. He can't jump diagonally, only straightly. He can jump to an adjective platform or over it or over an empty space to the next platform. He won't be able to jump over a longer distance. If he jumps to an. Freeware download of Crazy Jumpin Jack 1.6, size 693.25 Kb.

Smash and Dash 2 1.0 

Version 2 of a really great and enjoyable game, race to victory as you cover some great scenery, pulling off crazy jumps, collecting boost and collecting coins, see if you can complete all of the levels and dona€™t forget to submit your score to see how you compete against players all over the world.. Freeware download of Smash and Dash 2 1.0, size 2.01 Mb.

Tiki: the Lava Jumper 1.0 Tikigame 

Tiki is a jumping game where one jumps from ledge-to-ledge, avoiding various obstacles to achieve a high score.

Tiki: the Lava Jumper 1.0 License - Sun Public License. Freeware download of Tiki: the Lava Jumper 1.0, size 0 b.

GPS Interactive Time Series Analysis 1.0 Gitsa 

Along with calculating basic statistics and quality parameters such as mean and variance, the soft-ware is capable of importing and visualizing different standard time series formats, determining and removing jumps and outliers, and makes numerical and publication quality graphical outputs. Bivariate statistical analysis (including correlation. Freeware download of GPS Interactive Time Series Analysis 1.0, size 724.01 Kb.

Battery Analyzer 1.3 Apps Malaya 

Easily log the percentage of your laptop battery, monitor it over the discharge and recharge period to see if the battery spikes at all - if a battery jumps largely (up or down) it can be the signs of a bad battery. Very handy to have to prove a faulty battery.

This program can scan and inspect battery percentage, export them and show. Free download of Battery Analyzer 1.3, size 492.83 Kb.

Tikibar 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Tara needs a vacation from her Lawyer job and jumps at the chance to visit her grandparents on Tiki Island. However, a powerful corporation, lead by the shady Mr. Prophit, wants to build a nuclear power plant on Tiki Island, and displace all the inhabitants! Help Tara and her friends run a fun Tikibar and earn enough money to stop the evil Mr.. Free download of Tikibar 1.0, size 62.04 Mb.

Pop-Up Stopper Anti-Spyware Panicware Inc. 

Block every type of ad, Web based or not. If it moves, shakes, wiggles, flies over your screen or jumps out from under your browser, we'll block it. Period. You can report ads that we do not block, and we will update the product to block them. We block ads served by spyware and adware files. Also includes optional toolbar for Internet Explorer,. Free download of Pop-Up Stopper Anti-Spyware, size 4.53 Mb.

II_AddIn1 1.0 Image Integration 

II_AddIn1 is the No. One Add-In for Microsoft Developer Studio, Visual C++ and Java edition. It displays function definitions or selected lines containing keywords in a separate window and jumps to the selected line. You can define individual colors per keyword and toggle the output per keyword. Loading of stdafx.h, display of belonging header/C++. Free download of II_AddIn1 1.0, size 443.39 Kb.

TheaterTek DVD 2.41.0004 TheaterTek 

TheaterTek DVD is a DVD player for Windows. The application jumps on the bandwagon of home theater DVD players but does not really get it all well-done. As a rule, HT players are supposed to be fairly simple, and TheaterTek DVD does that just fine. It allows you to simply insert a DVD and hit play. The quality is outstanding, and many formats are. Free download of TheaterTek DVD 2.41.0004, size 22.29 Mb.

Trial Bike Ultra 2.0 

If you enjoy motorcycles and you like to overcome obstacles, this is your game! Here you get a chance to test your motorcycle steering skills. Amazing realistic motion, complex obstacles, jumps and all these are in full 3D! You need to be very cautious to take over all obstacles and keep your balance while cycling. You should go through a whole of. Freeware download of Trial Bike Ultra 2.0, size 13.85 Mb.

Final Drive Nitro WildTangent 

Final Drive Nitro is a 3D car race game.

You´ll be able to drive high-speed, ultra-performance cars through detailed futuristic tracks.

You´ll have to perform power slides and high-flying jumps, trying to get the 1st place.

You will control the car with the arrow keys by default,. Free download of Final Drive Nitro, size 0 b.

Stunt Playground 2.0 Walaber 

Stunt Playground is a 3D stunt driving game for Windows.

The game has a built in course editor. With it you can arrange the props and jumps in any way imaginable. Then you can save and load your creations for later use.

You can also record "instant replays" up to 15 seconds in length while. Freeware download of Stunt Playground 2.0, size 0 b.

Snowboard SuperJam WildTangent 

Snowboard SuperJam in which you can use your snowboard to slip over the snow.

You´ll have to go through vertical inclines, killer jumps, and sharp bank turns. The player will jam through giant snowflakes and charge big tables.

The program will install WildTangent console in order to properly run SuperJam. This. Free download of Snowboard SuperJam, size 0 b.