Dr Tuber Tube

Dr.Batcher 2.3.2 Mental Works Computing Software 

Dr.Batcher is a utility that helps you to create batch file in a fast and simple manner. Dr.Batcher is designed both for users that have never created BAT files before and for those who know their syntax very well. Dr.Batcher provides you with two different modes: simple and professional. In the first mode you can edit batch script with visual. Free download of Dr.Batcher 2.3.2, size 6.25 Mb.


ToneLabSE SoundEditor 1 1 voxamps 

VOX ToneLabSE a large-format multi-effect modeling pedal board processor for electric guitar with the awesome sonic power and warm and fat distortion of pure tube sound, a wide range of built-in effects, and two expression pedals for complete performance power.. Freeware download of ToneLabSE SoundEditor 1 1, size 2.47 Mb.

DanCap 1.0 Danfoss 

This software allows the user to calculate a capillary tube throttling device for a refrigeration system based on empirical formulas.
The result is a start value for optimization, this start value typically giving a functioning system.
In certain cases the best possible choice of capillary diameter and length might deviate remarkably. Freeware download of DanCap 1.0, size 4.15 Mb.

The Legend of El Dorado Deluxe 1.0.2 GameHouse, Inc. 

The Legend of El Dorado Deluxe

Join Dr. von Hutten and his party on an expedition through the South American rainforest in The Legend of El Dorado Deluxe. The map of the Conquistadores shows you the way to the Sun Temples. Does the gold of El Dorado really exist or is it nothing but a myth? Use your skills and strategy and. Free download of The Legend of El Dorado Deluxe 1.0.2, size 0 b.

Letter Lab Freeze Tag 

Lilly has invented the first ever spelling intelligence serum, but the evil Dr. Al Literate wants to steal the formula. Help Lilly match wits with the doctor and foil his plan to win the national youth spelling bee. Test the alphabet formula in the Letter Lab with two distinct modes. Use nine letters to create as many words as possible in this. Free download of Letter Lab, size 20.80 Mb.

Elements of Destruction 1.0 Frozen Codebase 

Elements of Destruction is an action game in which you use Dr. Edgar Herbert´s inventions (tornadoes, earthquakes, lightning, etc.) to destroy the world. Every level you play has certain objectives or targets that you must destroy in the allotted time in order to succeed and get to the next level. You can use all his elements for specific. Free download of Elements of Destruction 1.0, size 0 b.

Chronicles of Brute Hardcastle 0.7 DigiPen Institute of Technology 

The Chronicles of Brute Hardcastle is best described as a science fiction, third person beat´em up that pits Awesomeology Professor Dr. Brute Hardcastle against a seemingly an endless horde of zombies for the remains of a shattered Earth.

-Defend the remains of earth from zombie hordes.
-Fluid. Freeware download of Chronicles of Brute Hardcastle 0.7, size 10.19 Mb.

Bates Quotes 1. 1. 2003 Rune Kenneth Meisingset 

Bates Quotes is an application that sits in the system tray, and at user specified intervals, pops up quotes from Dr. William Bates.
The program helps to be continually reminded about the things that Bates said and that their understanding of the method can suddenly evolve when you repeatedly view a certain passage of the text.. Freeware download of Bates Quotes 1. 1. 2003, size 34.11 Mb.

Power Check 4 2 HHS Software Corp 

PowerCheck provides home electrical safety inspections for owners of older homes, particularly those with knob and tube wiring, to facilitate insurance. Power Check scans the test data and rejects any tests that are outside limits, and won't accept tests that appear to have been done differently from the flight manual procedure. Power Check. Free download of Power Check 4 2, size 4.71 Mb.

Ephesians 4 1 Dr. John E. Russell, JRCM 

EPHESIANS the latest book by Dr. John E. Russell. An exposition of the book of Ephesians. Paul presents God's wonderful plan of redemption in Ephesians.

He also defines acceptable behavior and presents God's armor for the Christian for victorious living. Dr. Russell applies the principles of Ephesians to Christians today.. Free download of Ephesians 4 1, size 0 b.

pc-free-gamescom Toolbar pc-free-gamescom 

You can help raise funds to build Dr. King's Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, DC simply by searching everyday using your favorite web browser and the MLK Memorial toolbar. For every search you perform using the toolbar $.05 will be donated to the Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation.. Freeware download of pc-free-gamescom Toolbar, size 6.61 Mb.

Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the 1. 5. 2001 WRF Studios 

Years ago, Dr. Muretta, as a young scientist and scholar of witchcraft, made regular explorations to a remote section of the Brazilian rain-forest. Her studies in the "Dark Arts" fueled her search and exploration of ritual artifacts from native tribes.

On one of her many visits to the region, she befriended a playful. Free download of Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the 1. 5. 2001, size 90.31 Mb.

Native Instruments Guitar Combo III 1.0 Native Instruments Software Synthesis GmbH 

Native Instruments Guitar Combo III is a tube amp simulation program for experienced and new users of the Behringer USB guitar that provides users with a professional studio sound emulating the sounds and tones of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

The Native Instruments Guitar Combo III amp offers a delay unit with. Free download of Native Instruments Guitar Combo III 1.0, size 0 b.

Finglow December 2010 1.0 Finglow 

Finglow Pressure Vessel Software consists of a fully integrated suite of computer programs for use in the design and assessment of pressure vessels and shell and tube heat exchangers in accordance with various international design Codes and Standards, including PD 5500, ASME VIII Div.1, Stoomwezen, TEMA and Welding Research Council Bulletins 107. Free download of Finglow December 2010 1.0, size 15.05 Mb.

Ice Cream Craze Natural Hero 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Dr. Bane, a renowned super genius, has developed a line of ice cream made entirely of artificial chemicals. Determined to stop him, Anna decides to create her very own all-natural brand. Use your Time Management talents to guide Anna through unique challenges, find deals on delicious ingredients, uncover hidden bonuses, and make the right decisions. Free download of Ice Cream Craze Natural Hero 1.0, size 0 b.

Sonic Extreme 1.0 softendo.com 

Professor Gazebo Boobowski and his daughter, Tiara, who are the guardians of the six magical Rings of Order, as well as the ancient art of Ring smithing.

Gazebo and Tiara fear that Dr. Robotnik is after the six Rings of Order, and call on Sonic to get the Rings before Robotnik can.

Every level was designed in a tube-like. Freeware download of Sonic Extreme 1.0, size 7.01 Mb.

Reincarnations 2 Uncover the Past 1.0 Vogat Interactive 

Jane and Dr. Herzle have made a major breakthrough in reincarnation studies, but their hard work is compromised when Jane is kidnapped! Help her explore past lives as she tries to save her own life in the present in Reincarnations: Uncover the Past. Use your Hidden Object talents to take on the evil kidnappers and discover valuable clues.. Free download of Reincarnations 2 Uncover the Past 1.0, size 20.80 Mb.

Ruler Tool 2.0 Dr Andrew J Marsh 

Ruler Tool is a very interesting application that was developed by Dr Andrew J Marsh. It gives the possibility of measuring such items as icons, thumbnails, windows on your desktop using a virtual ruler. The program is extremely easy to use. After the program is installed and launched an orange ruler appears on the screen ready for measuring. You. Freeware download of Ruler Tool 2.0, size 0 b.

DARWIN DAQ32 Plus Yokogawa Electric Corporation 

DAQ32 Plus allows multiple window display of historical data from DC100 and DR recorders floppy disks or PC hard drives. This data can be displayed in a variety of forms, such as analog trend, digital values, and alarm logs.
Analog trend display
The analog trend display feature allows you to display up to 30 windows of channel data each. Free download of DARWIN DAQ32 Plus, size 0 b.

SoftChemistry 4 20 MolecularSoft Technology Inc. 

SoftChemistry was invented by the famous general chemistry professor Dr. Yu, Dr. Wayne and Dr. Jason with their experienced software developers team since 1996. Through past 15 years continues improvement, SoftChemistry has gained the reputation as the most trusted chemistry education software in USA.

Main features:

- The. Free download of SoftChemistry 4 20, size 6.32 Mb.