Drawings On The Less You Burn The More You Earn

Animal Kids Screensaver 1.0 Curiosoft Kids Games 

Kids Screensaver with Fun Animal Drawings of Tigers, Horses, Dogs, and more. The beautiful artwork is taken from the popular Jr. Vet game.. Freeware download of Animal Kids Screensaver 1.0, size 2.34 Mb.

OST-BGE 1.0 ostbge.sourceforge.net 

OST-BGE (Open Source Text-Based Game Engine) is a engine that will help make developing text-based games less painful, and more of a pleasurable experience.. Freeware download of OST-BGE 1.0, size 14.49 Kb.

HDataLoader 1.0 Hdataloader 

Load data to any target storage (may be database) easily with less code but more functionality. support various file formats such as *.xls, *.ods, *.csv, *.txt, *.mdb and ... you can create your own and plug it to loader easily at runtime.

HDataLoader 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of HDataLoader 1.0, size 0 b.

Webs & Waterdrops Theme New Microsoft 

Webs & Waterdrops Theme helps users get a new perspective on spider cobwebs, and makes them look less scary and more appealing.

After a summer drizzle or after the dew set in, these cobwebs seem like genuine crystal treasure that are bound to fascinate everyone.

. Free download of Webs & Waterdrops Theme New, size 0 b.

Red Devil 1.1 desktopmetronome 

Red Devil-groove box is designed with goal to give musicians a simple, yet effective way to practice. Red Devil-groove box is loaded with quality sounds and drum patterns to make your practice sessions less mundane and more musical. With Red Devil-groove box, guitar and bass players can instantly jam along to high-quality drum accompaniments.. Free download of Red Devil 1.1, size 19.00 Mb.

Transparent TaskBar 1.0.0029 DOFSoft 

Well, well, well...talking about small programs...
Just now I bumped into a little piece of software that performs a simple task: makes your Windows Taskbar less opaque (or more transparent, if you like).
Using this tiny software is simple, yet you have to pay attention, because there is no user interface at all. Instead, you will see a. Freeware download of Transparent TaskBar 1.0.0029, size 0 b.

Disegnone 1.0 Disegnone 

The project is focused on creating a new software for oil painters. Having this vector based product able to create only drawings, oil painters can learn it more quickly and easily and they can greatly benefit in term of time saving and creativity.

Disegnone 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Disegnone 1.0, size 0 b.

Homemade Hair Shampoos 1.0 My Spa Treatment 

How often to use homemade shampoo is something that most people get wrong. If your one of the millions of people who have to wash their hair every single day, you may be shocked to learn that when it comes to shampoo, less is actually more. Making your own homemade shampoo has lots of advantages over buying it at a store. Probably the biggest. Free download of Homemade Hair Shampoos 1.0, size 618.66 Kb.

Achieve Planner 2.2.1 Effexis Software 

Achieve Planner is a practical Windows time management software system that helps you get organized, get focused and get more done in less time.

The best part is, it+oOeCOaos easy to use. Just install it and within minutes you+oOeCOaoll be able to...

* Capture, organize and manage all your projects and tasks in one central. Free download of Achieve Planner 2.2.1, size 37.59 Mb.

ReadPal Reader 1.2 ReadPal (Cucoco Ltd.) 

Makes on-screen reading faster, (by 42%), more comfortable and easier. Reading on-screen is often tiring and uncomfortable. ReadPal takes your documents, (Text, Word, Outlook and Internet) and presents the text in a way that is easy and fast to read. "The on-screen reading breakthrough of the decade"- Tony Buzan. So, to be less tired and. Freeware download of ReadPal Reader 1.2, size 3.93 Mb.

More or Less 1 1 Novel Games Limited 

In this game there will be a number of groups of objects, you need follow the instructions to pick up the group with the most or least number of objects as quickly as possible. The faster you click, the higher your score. But if you clicked the wrong group, scores will be deducted. There are a total of 10 levels and the number of groups and objects. Freeware download of More or Less 1 1, size 26.82 Mb.

MVocoder x64 7.07 MeldaProduction 

MVocoder x64 is a true analog filter based vocoder, which supports up to 100 bands, up to order-10 filters, band matrix, band distribution & resonance graphs, morphing and other special vocoding modes and much more. MVocoder is a unique tool optimized to be easy to use, but incredibly versatile for those who want to be really creative. Instead. Free download of MVocoder x64 7.07, size 7.34 Mb.

Chromatron 4: Less is Not More 1.0 Silver Spaceship Software 

Features 200 levels of fun, 50 in each game! No cost, no ads, no popups, just a game that will absorb as much time as you're willing to spend on it.. Freeware download of Chromatron 4: Less is Not More 1.0, size 41.94 Kb.

Audio & Data Music CD Burner 1.4 DigitalBorneo.com 

Audio and Data Music CD Burner lets you create custom audio and data music CDs from MP3 , WAV and WMA files that can be played in any standard home or car stereo, portable CD player and your PC. Supports BURN-PROOF for error free recording. Options to burn files on-the-fly (no need to convert files to large WAV files) during recording saving. Free download of Audio & Data Music CD Burner 1.4, size 1.94 Mb.

Universal Document Converter 6.5 fCoder Group, Inc. 

Universal Document Converter enables Windows users to save any documents as a PDF or image file such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PCX, DCX, or Bitmap. Universal Document Converter software is based on virtual printer technology. Thanks to that, converting text documents, technical drawings, presentations, and worksheets is no more complicated than. Free download of Universal Document Converter 6.5, size 23.96 Mb.

Free Memory Optimizer 2007 MemAgent 

MemAgent MemAgent Memory Optimizer is a well-recognized computer memory management software that increases your computer speed, prevents system crashes and stops memory leaks. Significant performance boost for less money it takes to upgrade your RAM. MemAgent has been carefully written to deliver maximum PC memory efficiency. Increase and free your. Free download of Free Memory Optimizer 2007, size 1.55 Mb.

Boilsoft DVD Creator 2.67.9 Boilsoft 

Boilsoft DVD Creator can easily convert and burn any movie formats into DVD dics such as AVI to DVD, DivX to DVD, Xvid to DVD, MPEG to DVD, WMV to DVD, MP4 to DVD, MOV to DVD, RM to DVD, iPhone4 or iPhone4s to DVD etc. Then you can play the DVDs with most portable or home DVD players.

This DVD Creator also offers any kinds of templates. Free download of Boilsoft DVD Creator 2.67.9, size 20.19 Mb.

TagsForAll 3.0.0 AksLab 

An excellent solution based on tags/keywords for streamlining the access to images, documents, photos, books, multimedia content, and so on.
The advantage of organizing files via tagskeywords is having a more flexible way of searching among similar files by using criteria that are less precise and more intuitive than the full path.
The. Freeware download of TagsForAll 3.0.0, size 651.26 Kb.

Ailt PPT to JPG BMP Converter 5.4 Ailtware, lnc. 

Ailt PPT to JPG BMP Converter is the fast, easy way to batch convert PowerPoint PPT documents to the popular JPEG, JPG, BMP format image. It can preserve original layout, text, images, vector drawings of your PowerPoint document file. More, the processing speed is very fast. User-friendly interface is very easy to use without any learning curve.. Free download of Ailt PPT to JPG BMP Converter 5.4, size 3.73 Mb.

Video Convert Master Christmas Edition 3 5 McFunSoft Inc. 

Video Convert Master is a video converting tool, as obvious as it sounds. Hopefully, this handy application will be able to meet all your needs for DVD burning and conversion in different video files. And if you are an average PC user it’s pretty sure it will meet your needs. Video Convert Master can convert a wide range of video formats,. Free download of Video Convert Master Christmas Edition 3 5, size 56.48 Mb.