Edit Word Metadata

Word Metadata Changer 2.7.3 FileManagerSoft Ltd. 

Word Metadata Changer is an utility that will help you to view and change the Microsoft Office Word document file properties such as creater,last modified by user,company name,manager,last printed time, total edited time, document created time, etc.. Free download of Word Metadata Changer 2.7.3, size 740.01 Kb.


cellml metadata editor New Justin Marsh 

cellml metadata editor is a simple command line application application designed to help you edit the metadata in CellML files.

The program is created by using Scala and can be run only in command line mode in order to make metadata changes.

. Free download of cellml metadata editor New, size 0 b.

Kingsoft Writer 2012 Kingsoft Corporation 

Kingsoft Writer is an advanced software designed to enable you to create, view and edit Word documents.

As part of the Kingsoft Office Suite, Kingsoft Writer is a powerful and user-friendly word processing program. It is fully compatible with all Microsoft Word, and it can process Microsoft Word files and save documents as various file. Free download of Kingsoft Writer 2012, size 0 b.

ePlum tag2pic 1.0.0 ePlum Software 

ePlum tag2pic is a handy and reliable utility designed to view and edit photo metadata. The program displays EXIF and IPTC details.

ePlum tag2pic loads all the photos in a folder and places them in a list where you can view the file size, last write time, title, subject and keywords. The last three fields are editable.

. Free download of ePlum tag2pic 1.0.0, size 0 b.

LEADTOOLS TIFF Tag Editor 17 5 LEAD Technologies, Inc. 

LEADTOOLS TIFF Tag Editor is an excellent and simple free tool to view and edit the metadata present in your TIFF images. The selection of tags available for editing includes the dimensions of the image, the bits per sample, the compression rate, the orientation, or the resolution. You can also add private tags, and view all tag IDs and values in. Freeware download of LEADTOOLS TIFF Tag Editor 17 5, size 8.24 Mb.

MetaEditor kiwi.software.NET 

MetaEditor will allow you to edit hidden metadata within your digital photos very easy and quickly. It supports JPEG and TIFF file formats, as well as batch processing with multiple files at once.
MetaEditor allows you to edit EXIF, IPTC and GPS information in your photos. Features interoperability with Google Earth/Maps and supports KML,. Freeware download of MetaEditor, size 6.44 Mb.

PhotoME Beta-Release Jens Duttke 

PhotoME is a program that lets you view and edit the metadata included in your JPEG photos. Modern digital cameras store a lot of information in JPEG image files. This information, called metadata, can be of the Exif, IPTC-NAA or ICC type, and can be very useful to investigate things related with your images, for both professional and amateur. Freeware download of PhotoME Beta-Release, size 3.29 Mb.

SYPHOS 1.0 Syphos 

Use Syphos to manage your digital photos, search through your photos, edit their metadata and easily show your pictures to anyone.

SYPHOS 1.0 License - Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1). Freeware download of SYPHOS 1.0, size 0 b.

Quick Doc Pro 1.0.0 MIN WANG 

1. Create & Edit Word documents
Quickly change Font, Font Size, Color
Format characters as Bold, Italic, Underlined
Align text to the Left, Center or Right
Insert pictures
Copy/Cut/Paste text

2. Manage documents
Delete/Copy/Email multiple documents

3.. Free download of Quick Doc Pro 1.0.0, size 1.68 Mb.

Quick Work Suite - Office to Go and Voice Actions 1.2 qi cao 

Quick Work Suite is the most intuitive and straightforward office document editor available on the iPhone/iPad, makes it easy to open, view, create and edit Word (DOC & DOCX), Hanword(.hwp), Excel (XLS & XLSX), Hancell(.cell) and PowerPoint (PPT & PPTX), Hanshow(.show) files right from your iPhone/iPad!
Quick Work Suite now. Free download of Quick Work Suite - Office to Go and Voice Actions 1.2, size 80.85 Mb.

Machete Video Editor Lite 3.6 MacheteSoft 

Machete Video Editor Lite is a free software for easy and lossless video editing. It is designed for quick and simple "slicing" of your video files: you can delete unnecessary fragments (e.g. cut out commercials), copy, move, mix and save individual pieces. This means that Machete Video Editor Lite combines functionality of both a video. Freeware download of Machete Video Editor Lite 3.6, size 841.08 Kb.

Metadata Cleaner 3.00c Pointstone Software 

Metadata Cleaner is a handy and reliable application designed to remove metadata from Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

The metadata that this application is able to clean includes name, comments, hidden text, document versions/ revisions, computer name, etc.

. Free download of Metadata Cleaner 3.00c, size 0 b.

Free PDF Metadata Editor 2.1 4dots Software 

With Free PDF Metadata Editor 4dots you can batch edit PDF properties, of many PDF documents, i.e. set metadata such as author, title, subject and keywords e.t.c., with a single mouse click.
You can also batch set unlimited user-defined custom PDF metadata.
It is absolutely free, very easy to use and also multilingual.
Easily you. Freeware download of Free PDF Metadata Editor 2.1, size 9.14 Mb.

GeoExpress Command Line Utilities Lizardtech 

GeoExpress Command Line Utilities contains three tools that can decompress, view metadata and edit the properties of geospatial raster files. The tools are able to handle the MrSID format that is used for compressing and storing geospatial data.

You can use these tools in command line mode or create batch files for complex operations. Free download of GeoExpress Command Line Utilities, size 0 b.

Hidden Data Detector 1 3 Digital Confidence 

Hidden Data Detector is a free tool that was designed to find and identify hidden data & metadata in files. Hidden Data Detector can analyze Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), OpenOffice.org / StarOffice documents, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, and SVG image files, AVI and MP4 video files, and WAV and MP3 audio files. Hidden Data. Freeware download of Hidden Data Detector 1 3, size 5.57 Mb.

Convert PDF to Word Free 11.06.01 Convert PDF to Word Free 

Kernel for PDF to Word is an efficient PDF to Word conversion utility that converts PDF to Word file with precision. The tool has got the great ability of converting up to 50 PDF files to word format in just a single conversion cycle. Apart from this, it facilitates the user to even convert data from password-protected PDF files.

The. Free download of Convert PDF to Word Free 11.06.01, size 1.57 Mb.

Kingsoft Office for Android 4.0.3 Kingsoft Office 

Kingsoft Office for Android is an efficient mobile office solution made exclusively for cell phones and tablet devices running the Android OS (2.1 or later versions).

The latest version, Kingsoft Office for Android 4.0.2, allows you to CREATE, VIEW, EDIT and SAVE all documents used by Microsoft Word and Excel. You can also VIEW,. Free download of Kingsoft Office for Android 4.0.3, size 4.41 Mb.

Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 Kingsoft Office 

Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 is a practical word processor, which is one of the major elements of Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012.
Compatibility: Professional Writer is fully compatible with Microsoft Word (97/2000/2003/2007/2010). With it, you can create, open, view, edit, and save document DOC formats produced using Word, and. Free download of Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012, size 68.46 Mb.

PDF to Word Converter Free Download 11.06.01 PDF to Word Converter Free Download 

Kernel for PDF to Word provides easy to use and interactive user interface that allows novice to expert professionals to easily use the tool.Owing to rich features, this tool has the capability to create high- quality and easy to edit word documents.
The PDF to word conversion software preserves all data structures, OLE objects, images,. Free download of PDF to Word Converter Free Download 11.06.01, size 1.57 Mb.

Kingsoft Office for Android Free 5.0 Kingsoft Office 

If you fantasize about a life that view, edit and share office docs on the road just like the way you do in your office computer, you’re not alone. Kingsoft Office for Android has proven to be a serious and great alternative to MS Office on the Android 2.1 and above system. It is also the only mobile office with full-features FREE.

The. Freeware download of Kingsoft Office for Android Free 5.0, size 11.57 Mb.