English Typing Master Setup Freeware

English Typing Tutor . Smart Softwares 

Smart English Typing Tutor or English Typing Master is touch typing tutor. It provides the easiest and quickest way of learning touch typing. Specially designed according to government typing tests. More than 100 exercises are added for English. On-screen keyboard in English. Speed generation in wpm, cpm , backspace count, wrong char count, right. Freeware download of English Typing Tutor ., size 3.04 Mb.


Typing Exam Software | Typing Tutor 3.1 Smart Softwares 

Download Free English Typing Exam Software for Informatics Assistant Exam, Download Free English Typing Exam Software for LDC Exam, Download Free English Typing Exam Software for suchana sahayak Exam, Download Free English Typing Exam Software for IA Exam, Download Free English Typing Recruiter Package for Informatics Assistant Exam, Download Free. Freeware download of Typing Exam Software | Typing Tutor 3.1, size 11.47 Mb.

Sinhala Unicode Typing Master 1.0 Siunicodejs 

A tool for typing Sinhala text using standard QWERTY English keyboard. It allows typing Sinhala in "Singlish", Could be extended to other languages.

Sinhala Unicode Typing Master 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0; GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Sinhala Unicode Typing Master 1.0, size 0 b.

TypingMaster TypingTest 6 30 TypingMaster Inc 

TypingMaster Typing Test 6.3 is effective and useful typing software, designed with power and excellence by TypingMaster inc. With versatile features it provides you an opportunity to determine your typing accuracy and word per minute rate on your keyboard. Now you can improve your typing speed and accuracy level by practicing texts. By default it. Freeware download of TypingMaster TypingTest 6 30, size 1.89 Mb.

Chinese Input and Editor 2.1 Guilin Ouyang 

HeChinese Study and Typing
( )

HeChinese Series:
1. HeCharacter (On AppStore);
2. HeInput (This Application);
3. HeBook1 (On AppStore);?
4. HeBook2 (On AppStore).?

If you feel it is difficult to start with, you can try HeCharacter (on AppStore) first

HeChinese is a systematical theory and. Freeware download of Chinese Input and Editor 2.1, size 8.39 Mb.

English Ear Game 2 1.7.2 KAZUYA KAMIOKA 

This app is developed for non-native English speakers.
But if you are a native speaker and want to check if you are a real one, let's try it!

This is the second edition of English Ear Game.
The first one is focused "r" and "l" sound, but the second one is focused "b" and "v" sound.

Microsoft ADOMD.NET 1.0 Microsoft 

ADOMD.NET is a Microsoft .NET Framework object model that enables software developers to create client-side applications that browse metadata and query data stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. ADOMD.NET is a Microsoft ADO.NET provider with enhancements for online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining.

Note: The. Freeware download of Microsoft ADOMD.NET 1.0, size 3.42 Mb.

English conversation master 1.0.8 Jikusystem 

This is a useful language learning app with various situational QnA styled expressions for daily conversation.
You can learn many expressions to speak in real situations.
Now you have a huge confidence to talk with foreigners in restaurant, street and a trip abroad.

This contains 30,000+ expressions for daily situations with. Freeware download of English conversation master 1.0.8, size 11.22 Mb.

Master Particle 3 2 Empalamado Games 

The Master Particles was created with the objective that make easily the creation of particles effects, only typing your options (velocity, size, type, etc). you can create various effects as, fire, smoke, explosion, rain, waves, and much more. You amazingly simple interface make him easy, quick and powerful. The cascade menus in top of program. Freeware download of Master Particle 3 2, size 6.62 Mb.

Transcan Master Station - DFR 4.0 Mehta Tech, Inc 

Transcan Master Station - DFR - Setup of continuous recording parameters.
Transcan Master Station - DFR features :
- System configuration
- System calibration
- Setup of continuous recording parameters
- Configuration printing utility
- Trace merging from one or more fault records. Freeware download of Transcan Master Station - DFR 4.0, size 5.33 Mb.

Typer Master 1 2 James Garton 

Typer Master is an easy to use touch typing tutor. It is useful for people who are intermediate skill typists, but need to increase their accuracy and WPM (Words Per Minute). This program can display your words per minute and accuracy as you type, can see the characters that you get wrong the most often and have ability to block incorrect key. Freeware download of Typer Master 1 2, size 42.63 Mb.

Adaptive Typing Tutor 1.0 vanyog.com 

Program enables the user to study touch typing in English (QWERTY keyboard) and Bulgarian (BDS keyboard). It can be expanded with training materials for touch typing in different languages and keyboards.. Freeware download of Adaptive Typing Tutor 1.0, size 13.11 Mb.

EF English First High Flyers Vocab Game for Learning English 2 2.0 EF 

The highly anticipated sequel to the #1 free education app in over 50 countries has arrived! Kids will master 1000 essential English words through hours of fun, engaging activities.

Your child will improve listening, reading, speaking and spelling skills as he/she advances through twenty challenging vocabulary levels. Designed by. Freeware download of EF English First High Flyers Vocab Game for Learning English 2 2.0, size 257.95 Mb.

English Lesson of Creatures for Grade A Kids 1.5 Rico Company 

*** Learn English, strength doubled ***


Author: Jason (Graduated in USA with a Master Degree, M.Sc.)

- Help your kids take their first steps on the language learning ladder with over 50 words and pictures with voice support.

- for Ages 1+

- This stunningly. Freeware download of English Lesson of Creatures for Grade A Kids 1.5, size 21.08 Mb.

English Grammar Review for Smart Children 1.0 Rico Company 

*** Learn English, strength doubled. ***

Author: Jason (Graduated in USA with a Master Degree, M.Sc.)

Master " basic English grammar " is actually the first step in learning English because it is a basic tool for learning English.

This course has the following features and functions:

- This. Freeware download of English Grammar Review for Smart Children 1.0, size 12.16 Mb.

English Verb Trainer 2.0 Ipamki 

Would you like to master irregular english verbs better? Fire up the English Verb Trainer for a few minutes every day. For each verb, you are prompted to write the irregular form, again and again until you know them all by heart. The program trains the 150 most used irregular verbs - with a few regular ones thrown in to keep you on your toes.. Freeware download of English Verb Trainer 2.0, size 1.15 Mb.

English Words Practice (dictation,translation,flash) 1.1 Rudie Ekkelenkamp 

English Words Practice assists you in a playful way in learning English words.
The basic principle of the app is that writing / typing a word is a powerful way to learn words.

There are two dictionaries that can be used in practicing English words: Categories and Common Words.

There are 48 different categories of 10 words. Freeware download of English Words Practice (dictation,translation,flash) 1.1, size 5.98 Mb.

Learn English Phrasal Verbs Easily with Lingo Learning Memo Cards 1.1.1 Wydawnictwo Lingo 

Do you know Phrasal Verbs and how to use them?

At LINGO we know that they can be a difficult part of learning English. However, they are absolutely essential in everyday communication. That is why we have a mobile way to master them.

LINGO Learning Cards are:

1000 learning flash cards;
all most. Freeware download of Learn English Phrasal Verbs Easily with Lingo Learning Memo Cards 1.1.1, size 11.22 Mb.

SmartDict - Chinese English Dictionary With Flashcard 1.0 JOLion 

SmartDict Free is an advance Chinese English dictionary that is intuitively designed, fun and easy to use. SmartDict Free includes word list and flashcard functions to help you quickly look-up and master new words.

Key Features:

- 99,000 plus entries from the popular CC-CEDICT dictionary.
- Create custom word lists.. Freeware download of SmartDict - Chinese English Dictionary With Flashcard 1.0, size 14.58 Mb.

English Grammar Tip The Box Apps 

This application is the best way to improve your English Grammar at home, on the move, anywhere!
Grab it and Master it.

What is included in the app?
Active Or Passive Voice
Auxiliary Verbs