Environmental Awareness

GreenITCalculator 1 2 IT Governance Ltd 

'Green IT' is a catch-all phrase for sustainable, eco-friendly products, services, practices and management systems used in the information and communications technology sector.
Greater environmental awareness coupled with pressures from consumers, legislators, and rising fuel costs, is pushing the IT community towards Green IT.. Freeware download of GreenITCalculator 1 2, size 69.99 Mb.


Awareness 2 6 Zentrum Publishing 

Awareness E-book is a complete adaptation of the original paperback "Awareness - The Center of Being" by Zentrum Publishing, featuring 300 pages with photos and graphics. Formatted to fit your computer screen, Awareness E-book runs on all Windows computers.

Awareness - The Center of Being is a complete manual for. Free download of Awareness 2 6, size 0 b.

Merchant Marine Deck General, Deck Safety and Environmental Protection 1.0.0010 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Merchant Marine Deck General, Deck Safety and Environmental Protection is a simple and easy-to-use educational tool that allows you to prepare for the Coast Guard exam.

Merchant Marine Deck General, Deck Safety and Environmental Protection is a Java-based software that can help you get your merchant marine license.

. Free download of Merchant Marine Deck General, Deck Safety and Environmental Protection 1.0.0010, size 0 b.

Environmental Chemistry 1.0.0009 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

The educational and useful Environmental Chemistry quiz helps you test your chemistry knowledge by providing various questions that you have to answer to.

Environmental Chemistry is written using Java and is available for all major platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

. Free download of Environmental Chemistry 1.0.0009, size 0 b.

Environmental Consulting Template New Office-Kit.com 

Environmental Consulting Template provides you with a fully customizable template that enables you to create professional-looking invoices for your environmental consulting firm.

You can enter each service and its cost in the invoice form and the totals will be automatically calculated. The template can be customized by entering the. Free download of Environmental Consulting Template New, size 0 b.

SagHar parental awareness 1.0.4 SagHar 

SagHar parental awareness is a lightweight app that allows you to track the computer activity of your children in order to protect them from dangerous content. The program can provide you with browsing activity information including chat and social networks.

In order to use the application you need to install it on the computer that you. Free download of SagHar parental awareness 1.0.4, size 0 b.

PESTlied Strategic Analysis 1.0 www.clickok.co.uk/PESTLIED/pay.html 

PEST analysis, PESTLE / PESTEL, PESTEL, PESTLIED, Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, International, Environmental, Demographic, STEEPLE - Social / Demographic, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal, Ethical, SLEPT. Free download of PESTlied Strategic Analysis 1.0, size 1.68 Mb.

News and Current Events Screensaver 1.0 News and Current Events Screensaver 

News and current events, news, society, opinion, crime, economics, energy, environmental, military, politics, religion, weather images screensaver for windows.. Freeware download of News and Current Events Screensaver 1.0, size 1.13 Mb.


ActiveQuality is a solution for companies involved with Quality (ISO 9000), Environmental (ISO 14000), Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18000), other Standards, and Compliance Management, often as implemented through the relevant ISO international standards.. Free download of ACTIVEQUALITY 2 7, size 0 b.

VSM Demo 2. 2. 1930 GeoAnalysis, Inc. 

Visual Site Manager (VSM) is a Microsoft Acces based data-management system that provides multi-user access to environmental databases through an intuitive,map-based graphical interface.VSM is designed to operate with existing project basemaps in AutoCAD® drawing or DXF files,
and a project database in a Microsoft Access®. Freeware download of VSM Demo 2. 2. 1930, size 74.56 Mb.

Global Environmental Flow Calculator 1.0 IWMI 

The Global Environmental Flow Calculator (GEFC) is a software package for desktop rapid assessment of Environmental Flows (EFs). The EF estimation technique in GEFC is using monthly time step series reflecting “natural” / unregulated flow conditions and its corresponding Flow Duration Curve (FDC)- a cumulative distribution. Freeware download of Global Environmental Flow Calculator 1.0, size 26.24 Mb.

Environmental Data Analysis System 1 edas2.sourceforge.net 

EDAS2 is a web-based environmental quality data management and decision support framework. Freeware download of Environmental Data Analysis System 1, size 17.58 Mb.

Environmental Data Models 1.0 envirodata.sourceforge.net 

A repository for data models for use in environmental modeling and analysis. First project is a pipeline data model.. Freeware download of Environmental Data Models 1.0, size 33.01 Kb.

Environmental Scenario Search Engine 1.0 esse.sourceforge.net 

ESSE is a flexible, efficient and easy to use search engine for data mining in environmental data archives. ESSE will help you find useful data even if you don't know exactly what you are looking for.. Freeware download of Environmental Scenario Search Engine 1.0, size 5.77 Mb.

Global Warning 1.0 Global warning 

Global warming and environmental issues have never been so covered in the media. It needs to be talked about. People are beginning to realize that something must be done to help stop the ill effects of pollution and environmental irresponsibility.. Free download of Global Warning 1.0, size 15.80 Mb.

Yoga 2.4 Zentrum Publishing 

Yoga Software: For health, fitness and self-awareness. The program offers an introduction to various yoga traditions. Yoga includes hatha, radja, and jnana yoga instructions, articles, photos of asanas, and a link to an international yoga directory that can be searched by country, state or province. Download more yoga software from the main menu.. Freeware download of Yoga 2.4, size 7.30 Mb.

Realtime Analyzer RAE 2.0 Yoshimasa Electronic Inc 

RAE / Realtime Analyzer ENA is an advanced sound recorder/analyzer with the latest environmental noise measurement technology that may be used for a wide scope of application in sound system engineering.

The included programs of RAE are Realtime Analyzer (RA), Sound Analyzer (SA), and Environmental noise Analyzer (EA).

. Free download of Realtime Analyzer RAE 2.0, size 6.53 Mb.

Squishy the Starfish 1.0 DigiPen Institute of Technology 

Squishy the Starfish is a 2D side-scrolling environmental puzzle game. Making use of Squishy's unique ability to extend his five elastic arms, the player must swing, climb, and maneuver throughout the underwater world. The game was made by DigiPen Institute of Technology.. Freeware download of Squishy the Starfish 1.0, size 0 b.

Awesome Possum 1.0 segabandonware 

Awesome Possum, besides the usual features from games of its genre, includes environmental activist elements, the character collecting cans and empty bottles, and answering questions about the environment, in order to earn bonus points in his fight against the evil Dr. Machino.. Freeware download of Awesome Possum 1.0, size 1.76 Mb.

Nancy Drew (R) - The Creature of Kapu 1.0 GameHouse 

Track an ancient legend through Hawaii and solve an environmental mystery in Nancy Drew – The Creature of Kapu Cave, the newest adventure from the exciting detective series!
Trouble is brewing in paradise as someone or something destroyed important environmental experiments and pineapple crops on the big island of Hawaii. Luckily,. Free download of Nancy Drew (R) - The Creature of Kapu 1.0, size 969.65 Mb.