Epub Reader App For Windows

EverBook Lite 1.0.2 kitamura hira 

The application will help you convert notes in Evernote to epub books. So you can read your notes as a book with ePub reader such as iBook .etc.

*The application can't convert attachments into ePub books but support photos and html notes.
*The application is not an official application.
*Lite version can only add 5 notes into. Freeware download of EverBook Lite 1.0.2, size 5.24 Mb.


Kuwait News 3.40 Aaru Labs 

Kuwait News is a very simple news reader app for the people of Kuwait. This app brings you the latest news from all the top Kuwait news sources instantly.

The news is categorized as,
Kuwait (National Stories)
Top Stories
Life Style

Laundronet 1.1.2 Clean View Media Network LLC 

This QR Reader app is one of the fastest on the market! It also works seamlessly with various features of the Laundronet system like the Pink Elephant Contest and Exclusive Coupons.

Included in the app is a fully functional QR Code Reader that you may use for any QR Codes, anywhere. Our EXCLUSIVE coupon site is also readily available via. Freeware download of Laundronet 1.1.2, size 20.66 Mb.

Project Server Connect 1.3 i2e Consulting LLC 

Project Server Connect is an iPad app for project managers to directly access and import project plans from the Microsoft Project Server. The app uses Windows Authentication to directly connect and import plans from the Project Server.

Free version allows 3 downloads from the Project Server. Upgrade to the full version. Freeware download of Project Server Connect 1.3, size 5.77 Mb.

Puvath|Seithi - Sri Lanka News 1.0.1 Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. 

Bhasha Puvath | Seithi (Sri Lanka News - Sinhala, Tamil, English) is Sri Lanka's Premier News Reader app for Smartphones. Bhasha Puvath brings you full-news from 30 different News sources in Sri Lanka.

* Read breaking news from 30 different Sri Lankan News sources including Gossip News
* Read full-news with images. Freeware download of Puvath|Seithi - Sri Lanka News 1.0.1, size 1.15 Mb.

QR Elem 1.0 SoftElement LLC 

QR Elem is QR code reader app. The app is simple, ad free and tries to be as native as possible. The app provides a scan history dialog and details for each scanned QR.. Freeware download of QR Elem 1.0, size 524.29 Kb.

3-kes Radio Rowdy.nl 

De onofficiele 3-kes Radio App veur Windows Phone 8!

De 3-kes is 'n Vastelaoves Gezelschap det zich inzet veur de hiele gemeinte Venlo. Weej hebbe weinig mit elf en des te mier mit ‘t getal 3. 't Streeve is zake op ein ludieke menier op te pakke. Zoe roope weej beejveurbeeld idder jaor ‘n Nar oet as symbool van de Groet. Freeware download of 3-kes Radio, size 1.05 Mb.

4K Pics 1K Words Deveci Games 

Exact 4000 Pictures, 1000 Words !
The largest 4 Pics 1 Word app on Windows Phone ever!

Can you solve all the puzzles?. Freeware download of 4K Pics 1K Words, size 85.98 Mb.

69blog Divakar Manivel 

69blog is a blogger client application for Windows phone.

It is the best blogger client app for Windows phone.

Create a new post, add a new page, upload pictures, edit posts, view comments, etc..


* View list of blogs.
* View list of saved and published posts for a blog.
* View list of. Freeware download of 69blog, size 1.05 Mb.

8list for craigslist BareBones Dev 

Browse craigslist with the first officially-licensed app on Windows Phone!

Features include...
- seen/read tracking
- find phone numbers and emails in post
- multiple favorite lists
- hiding posts
- search alerts
- write notes on posts

SEEN/READ TRACKING: 8list visually identifies whether. Freeware download of 8list for craigslist, size 2.10 Mb.


The AEF Chapel Field app for Windows 8, offer on desktop and tablet, provides AEF Chapel Field fans with all sports-related information they want about the school. Get news updates, schedules, photos, contact information and much more on AEF Chapel Field. Download the AEF Chapel Field app for Windows 8 for a deeper sports experience!. Freeware download of AEF CHAPEL FIELD HS, size 1.05 Mb.

aggie_palindrome_checker_0._1 saxena92 

This is a palindrome checker app for windows phone!

key features-
1- easy to use
2- just tap ? on screen tto get help
3- fast

have you ever had a hard time figuring out if a word is a palindrome, probably no; but what if you do, thats where the aggie palindrome checker comes in!
just enter the word and get. Freeware download of aggie_palindrome_checker_0._1, size 1.05 Mb.

Animal Teacher PRO-N-APPS 

Animal teacher app for Windows Phone Users to learn the animals their sound, their name and their look with the help of this app with lots of fun so Kids will like to study and learn with lots of fun. This app contain the sound, So kids will not get bored and they can learn about Animal names and their sounds through this app.

The. Freeware download of Animal Teacher, size 6.29 Mb.

Apropos-Store shopgate 

Designer-Fashion 2go
APROPOS-STORE.COM Shopping-App for Windows Phone 7.
Exklusive Mode, Trends, Beauty und Lifestyle - jetzt auch von unterwegs

Endlich ist sie da! Die kostenlose APROPOS-STORE.COM App, die Ihnen weltweites Shopping uber Ihr Windows Phone ermoglicht.
In der APROPOS Shopping-App fur Windows Phone finden Sie. Freeware download of Apropos-Store, size 4.19 Mb.

Ari Schreiber Studios SchreiberSoftware 

The official Ari Schreiber Studios app for Windows Phone is finally here!

By using this app, you can:

Receive quotes
Contact Us
View Pictures
and so much more

Do you want more features?
Write your request in the reviews!
Bug Fixes and several improvements. Freeware download of Ari Schreiber Studios, size 1.05 Mb.

arseblog Thought7 Limited 

Download the official arseblog.com app for Windows Phone now! Get your daily fix of this internationally renowned, unofficial blog for all things Arsenal FC.

The app enables you to save the most recent blog entries on the phone so you can read in offline mode wherever you happen to be, fantastic for when you're on the tube or. Freeware download of arseblog, size 1.05 Mb.

ATM Finder for Allpoint Cbonnell 

Need to find an ATM on the go? ATM Finder for Allpoint is an unofficial app for Windows Phone that displays nearby Allpoint ATMs and provides directions to Allpoint ATMs.

Features include:
- Search for ATMs by address
- Search for nearby ATMs using your current location
- Single-tap access to directions to nearby ATMs

Auk.io News Adafy 

Auk.io, the blazingly fast news reader app is now available worldwide! Auk.io, which is part of Microsoft's "Essential Apps" collection in Finland, aggregates all the important news from over 230 sources into a one easy-to-use app. Sports, Gadgets and Business news are all included, just to name a few, and best of all, Auk.io News is. Freeware download of Auk.io News, size 5.24 Mb.

Baseball Pro '14 Neuralnet, LLC 


Baseball Pro '14 will give you Fast, Trustworthy scores, Up to the Minute Stats and Standings and much more.

Never miss another game again!, whether you follow your favorite Baseball Team or glance at every single game, Baseball Pro '14 offers you the most comprehensive coverage. Freeware download of Baseball Pro '14, size 7.34 Mb.

bayshorehs Power Media 

The Bay Shore app for Windows 8, offer on desktop and tablet, provides Bay Shore fans with all sports-related information they want about the school. Get news updates, schedules, photos, contact information and much more on Bay Shore. Download the Bay Shore app for Windows 8 for a deeper sports experience!. Freeware download of bayshorehs, size 1.05 Mb.