Equine Anatomy

3D Horse Anatomy Software 1.2 victor skrabe 

Meet the Equine Anatomy 3D software, a virtual Horse that is designed especially for students, teachers, veterinary clinics and petshops. It allows viewing internal systems , one by one, or in any combination, at different angles and degrees of approximation. Software is avaliable in English and Brazillian Portuguese.

A great start to. Free download of 3D Horse Anatomy Software 1.2, size 41.00 Mb.


Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D 1.2 Real Bodywork 

Explore the anatomy of the horse in 3D space. This app covers superficial landmarks, muscles, bones, and the organs. Each structure is clearly labeled, with a close-up view, detailed text commentary and audio pronunciation. Easily cut down through the layers, or rotate the horse and zoom in to see different views. The quiz function covers over 300. Free download of Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D 1.2, size 101.92 Mb.

Equine Laminitis 1 - Horse Care 1.1 PAIGE M POSS 

This app uses comparative anatomy dissections to showcase in stunning full color detail, the effects of chronic laminitis on the equine hoof.

Side by side comparison of healthy verses affected tissues creates a platform for better understanding of the changes that can occur internally. View how the structures are displaced and how this. Free download of Equine Laminitis 1 - Horse Care 1.1, size 12.79 Mb.

Equine Manager 007 8 53 Livestock Managers 

The Equine 007 is a powerful productivity tool for improving profitability at your Equine operation. No limit to herd size, for small herds or unlimited size large herds. Easy to use, yet maintains complete and accurate records. Full picture pedigree charts. Many time saving features; medicate, wean or breed one animal and apply to entire herd.. Free download of Equine Manager 007 8 53, size 17.55 Mb.

3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio 0.9.1 CloudStars 

What is 3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio :Highly detailed and accurate 3D Virtual human anatomy reference application .Reveal both superficial and deep muscles, , tendons and bones. Perfect for learning and teaching for all levels. Why 3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio : Save you time and effort from confusing carts, expensive books, …The. Free download of 3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio 0.9.1, size 0 b.

Digital Anatomy 1.0.4 DAnatomy Co., Ltd 

Digital Anatomy is a handy application that redefines DICOM with an unique workflow managment approach to view and edit DICOM images.
Digital Anatomy can become very useful for medical imaging professionals as well as medical students.
Focus on UX:
· User Experience was placed front and center during the. Free download of Digital Anatomy 1.0.4, size 712.70 Kb.

General Anatomy and Physiology 1.0.0003 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

General Anatomy and Physiology is an educational and accessible test tool that allows you to learn more about physiology and anatomy.

General Anatomy and Physiology is very useful if you want to test your knowledge regarding this knowledge.

General Anatomy and Physiology is written using Java and is available for all major. Free download of General Anatomy and Physiology 1.0.0003, size 0 b.

Anatomy of the back 1.0.0007 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Anatomy of the back is designed as an useful and accessible application that allows you to test your anatomy knowledge by taking a quiz.

Anatomy of the back features various questions regarding the human anatomy of the back side.

Anatomy of the back is developed in the Java programming language and can be run on Windows, Mac. Free download of Anatomy of the back 1.0.0007, size 0 b.

Equine ultrasound: foal LITE 1.1 App4Horse.com 

This is the first app on equine ultrasound. Available for iPhone and iPod, it is intended for practitioners and students who want to improve their knowledge of equine ultrasound. The free "lite" version of the app is a navigable download providing the "look and feel" of the full version along with a good sample of its subject. Freeware download of Equine ultrasound: foal LITE 1.1, size 20.76 Mb.

Equine GI & Abdomen Flashcards 1.0 Science In 3D, Inc 

Designed for people interested in the anatomy of the horse, this app includes stunning 3-D anatomic illustrations and descriptions in an intuitive flashcard format. This app is perfect for both learning and self-testing; and is a companion to the interactive learning tools known as "The Glass Horse": The Equine Colic, and Anatomy of the. Freeware download of Equine GI & Abdomen Flashcards 1.0, size 9.12 Mb.

Stable Manager Pro 5.0.0 Lazy Bayou 

Used worldwide by establised boarding and training stables this is a great program for any size equine boarding and stable operation. It's hard to stay organized in a small business, where everybody has a lot of hats to wear, and where customers expect your immediate reaction to their needs. If you don't do it, they are off to your competition.. Free download of Stable Manager Pro 5.0.0, size 59.31 Mb.

VFDS 1 1 CloudStars 

3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio/ Human Anatomy Reference Virtual Figure Drawing Studio makes learning Figure Drawing fun,easy and affordable. VFDS is a virtual studio that allows you to pose your model by loading your preferred poses. Scroll through the time line and stop at the pose you prefer.

Main features:
- More then 30. Free download of VFDS 1 1, size 1.07 Mb.

3DVHAS 0.9.1 CloudStars 

3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio is a highly-detailed and accurate human anatomy reference application. In a rich, accessible 3D environment, 3DVHAS reveals both superficial and deep muscles, tendons, and bones.

All of the expensive anatomy books in the world can't paint a complete picture of the complexities of the human body. In. Free download of 3DVHAS 0.9.1, size 25.42 Mb.

Dentists Manager Ambrit Software 

Dentists Manager is a professional record keeping system written specifically for the Equine Dentist industry.
Aimed at both novice and experienced computer users, Dentists Manager is both easy to use and feature rich. In a nutshell Dentists Manager is as simple as you want or as advanced as you can handle.
The system addresses every. Free download of Dentists Manager, size 44.23 Mb.

Anatomy Explorer (Simulator) 1.0 Anatomy-sim 

Anatomy 3d simulator game in which microscope robot submarines navegate inside human body resolving health problems.The idea behind this game is that the player can learn about medic/medicine, chemistry, anatomy and thers related topics.

Anatomy Explorer (Simulator) 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Anatomy Explorer (Simulator) 1.0, size 0 b.

Human Biology I for Grade 6 1.0.0005 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Created as an useful and easy-to-use quiz software, Human Biology I for Grade 6 allows you to improve your anatomy knowledge.

Now, you can use this cross-platform application to quickly learn more about the human body.

. Free download of Human Biology I for Grade 6 1.0.0005, size 0 b.

The Endocrine System 1.0.0007 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

The Endocrine System was engendered as an anatomy themed quiz that requires you to answer multiple questions about the endocrine system.

You'll have to answer questions about hormones, their development, growth and metabolism.

The Endocrine System is written in the Java programming language and can run on multiple. Free download of The Endocrine System 1.0.0007, size 0 b.

Body tissues 1.0.0006 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Body tissues is an accessible and easy-to-use anatomy-themed quiz that can be used to test your knowledge about human anatomy, with a focus on tissues.

Body tissues is a software that contains multiple choice and find the correspondent questions.

Body tissues is written in the Java programming language and function on multiple. Free download of Body tissues 1.0.0006, size 0 b.

Pharmacy Practice 1.0.0011 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Pharmacy Practice is an interactive quiz tool that can be used to teach pharmacists about drugs, conversions, anatomy and math.

Pharmacy Practice helps you learn about various pharmacy related things while preparing for an examination.

. Free download of Pharmacy Practice 1.0.0011, size 0 b.

Emily Lite New Eugene Lam & Cameron Tom 

Emily Lite was developed as an accessible and easy-to-use piece of software that can help users find answers for the Foundational Model of Anatomy.

Emily Lite was created with the help of the Java programming language and can run on multiple platforms.

. Free download of Emily Lite New, size 0 b.