Erotic Tetris

Cultris II 1.0d GEWALTIG entertainment 

Cultris II is one of the fastest Tetris®-clones ever! Train your reflexes in the single player challenge modes, enjoy a split-screen match with your friends or play over the Internet with the best of the best. Cultris II not only supports various game modes, but all of them with team-play. The exquisite graphics and stylish jungle music makes. Freeware download of Cultris II 1.0d, size 14.18 Mb.


FallingBlocks 1 Net Space Profits 2.0 

FallingBlocks is a fun and challenging tetris like game.. Freeware download of FallingBlocks 1, size 40.96 Kb.

Tet-a-Tetris 1.0 

At first glance, the idea of the game may seem the same as Classic Tetris; to fill the horizontal lines of the game pits with the falling pieces. The more lines you fill, the higher the score. The falling figures may be made up of one, two or three little squares. Looks easy, right? But in this game there are two pits and you must maneuver two. Free download of Tet-a-Tetris 1.0, size 598.02 Kb.

Free Tetris HN 1.2 Music Happy Note! 

A free tetris game to learn to read music notes in treble clef. Music notes are dropping from the treble clef at the top of your screen. Using your keyboard's left and right arrow keys, your objective is to steer each note so it lands on its name at the bottom of the screen. But be careful : if a falling note collides with a dynamite stick, it. Freeware download of Free Tetris HN 1.2, size 2.61 Mb.

Absolute Tetris Cup 2.2 

Absolute Tetris Cup allows you to play six different kinds of tetris and to take part in the World Championship. It is not just a clone of the famous Tetris 'fill the lines' game: It includes completely new variants with hexagons and triangles in place of squares. This change is not as simple as it may seem, since with these new rules the main. Free download of Absolute Tetris Cup 2.2, size 758.78 Kb.

Bricks'2000 1.1a 

Try out this nice, small and addicting Tetris-like game! Includes Highscore lists, 'Boss' feature and more. This is no multimedia 'bloatware', but intended to bring a taste of fun to a small break on a long, hard working day.. Freeware download of Bricks'2000 1.1a, size 256.00 Kb.

Tetris Unlimited Oscar Giner 

Tetris Unlimited is another Tetris clone, but with some extra features. As you may know, Tetris is a puzzle game where you need to rotate falling pieces in such way that they complete lines; the lines are then wiped from the board, thus making room for more falling pieces. The object of the game is to complete as many lines as you can before the. Freeware download of Tetris Unlimited, size 5.87 Mb.

multiblocks 1 3 zerodoso 

Next-Gen quality inspired by Tetris, Lumines, Jigsaw Puzzle, Blockout and match three - compilation of six unique tetromino based games. Each game is different and has its own rules. Each game has six modes so
you can choose your own way of playing. What's more, you can play all games in a special all-round mode, to see what a versatile. Freeware download of multiblocks 1 3, size 0 b.

Tetron 2000 3.0 Yoki 

Tetris is a classicist and Tetron is a very good remake. The style and the music background are not the same like the original, but also not bad. Next to the single player mode there also exists a team mode where to pieces fall down on a double-wided field and you control both downfalling pieces at the same time. That is pretty difficult but by. Freeware download of Tetron 2000 3.0, size 3.67 Mb.

Speedy Blocks DEMO 2. 1. 2001 Speedy Games 

Game include several puzzle types such as Tetris, Collapse. Combination of these genres give puzzle-lovers enjoyment of the game. You'll be engaged in competition with another gamers and have ability to prove advantages of your ratiocination, reaction and talent for quick and right decision-making. Free download of Speedy Blocks DEMO 2. 1. 2001, size 2.45 Mb.

GemQuake 1 1 Alberto Martinez Perez 

Based on Tetris, but from another perspective, the GemQuake 1.1 puzzle computer game requires you to clear towering groups of gems that you have to fit together paying particular attention to the color of your gems. The Window's style graphic user interface is bright and colorful and presents you with a display board showing your next gems,. Freeware download of GemQuake 1 1, size 4.19 Mb.

Cyber-D's Tetris 2 2 Cyber-D Software 

This is a tetris game with some nice visual effects, sounds and highscore list. Cyber-D's Tetris have sound effects which can be disabled. On this game the keyboard controls are simple and can be customized. Highscore position can be seen live while playing.. Freeware download of Cyber-D's Tetris 2 2, size 4.61 Mb.

Firework Columns 1 4 Novel Games Limited 

Fireworks Columns is a free flash game developed by Novel Games, basically another match-three puzzle in the style of Tetris, very easy to play and with an attractive interface. The goal is to create lines of at least three bombs of the same color to remove them from the playfield, preventing them from reaching the top of the screen. These lines. Freeware download of Firework Columns 1 4, size 26.82 Mb.

Tetrix Game Gold 2 3 Armenian Dictionary Software Inc. 

Tetrix Game Gold is a classic Tetris-like game with music and skins. Stick to the rules of the game and go from one level to another. It bring you hours of real fun and pleasure. In this game your goal is to adjust the blocks so they form lines that will disappear. The more lines that disappear at a time, the more points you get.. Free download of Tetrix Game Gold 2 3, size 3.22 Mb.

Tetris Planet 5.0 

Tetris Planet is a reworking of the classic Tetris game with some extra features and variations. It's in fact four Tetris games in one: the original Tetris, Pentix, Colour Tetris and Crazy Tetris. Pentix is a popular variation of Tetris that uses pieces of different shapes. It may be considered more challenging than good old Tetris. Colour. Freeware download of Tetris Planet 5.0, size 0 b.

Blazetris 1.0 ADOgames 

Blazetris is a new game similar to popular Tetris.
It features new improved 3d graphics, and custom in-game music, but still retains the unique feel of the original game.

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 98 and over, Processor 300 MHz, Memory 64MB RAM, 30 MB free HDD Space, Video Card with OpenGL 1.1 support, mouse and. Freeware download of Blazetris 1.0, size 10.09 Mb.

Christmas RotoBlox 1.0 Christmas RotoBlox 

Christmas RotoBlox is a collection of nine different tetris games. Download Christmas RotoBlox and play tetris! This game is a nice gift for really tetris lovers!

As in the classic tetris game, the goal is to use different falling shapes to create complete horizontal lines without any gaps, which causes that lines to be removed, or. Free download of Christmas RotoBlox 1.0, size 0 b.

4DTris 0.4.2 

4DTris is a four-dimensional tetris game for Windows and Linux. It is a free and open source software download from 4DTris is licensed under GPLv3.

In the 4D game space, every level is an NxNxN 3D space. To minimalize the number of controls, the levels are now only 2x2x2. In this way we can spare the move controls. So. Freeware download of 4DTris 0.4.2, size 1.64 Mb.

A Tetris Game 1.0 

Is simple a Tetris game with network capabilities.. Freeware download of A Tetris Game 1.0, size 127.04 Kb.

Christian's Tetris 2.1 

This is my version of tetris written in Java and my goal is a game that can be played in many ways like some of the 'original' versions of tetris. I would be pleased to receive your feedback. Enjoy playing!. Freeware download of Christian's Tetris 2.1, size 296.00 Kb.