Essay Corrector

X Neural Project 

Xneur is a "hot" text corrector for different languages. It's corrects phonetic and layout errors when you are writing text on the X server.. Freeware download of X Neural Project, size 134.14 Kb.


WSU Question & Tutoring System 1.0 Wsuqt 

WSUQ&T is a web-based quizzing system developed for university level physics which includes equation, numerical, multiple choice, short phrase, and one sentence short essay question types. It may be used in other disciplines with some modification.

WSU Question & Tutoring System 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL). Freeware download of WSU Question & Tutoring System 1.0, size 17.43 Mb.

YAMount&BladeMod 1.0 Yambmod 

This an essay to rebalance and add fonctionnalities to the native mode of Moun&Blade

YAMount&BladeMod 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of YAMount&BladeMod 1.0, size 0 b.

Gravit-it 1.0 Prob-gravity 

Essay to solve the two-body problem.

Gravit-it 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Gravit-it 1.0, size 0 b.

GRAMOOO 1.0 Gramooo 

Gramoo est un correcteur grammatical du franais pour OpenofficeGramooo is a french grammar corrector for Openoffice.

GRAMOOO 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of GRAMOOO 1.0, size 0 b.

JDarkRoom 15 Beta CodeAlchemists 

When you need to write an essay or work on a project, you are more efficient if you do not get distracted.

JDarkRoom is a Java-based application designed to help you focus on your writing and hiding your desktop by working in full-screen mode.

. Free download of JDarkRoom 15 Beta, size 0 b.

SCEA 5 Part 2 and 3 Certification Training Lab 2.0 EPractize Labs Software Private Limited 

This software book delivers complete study material for the following exams to achieve Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment and Essay Exam certification.

Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment (Step 2 of 3) (1Z0-865)
Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise. Free download of SCEA 5 Part 2 and 3 Certification Training Lab 2.0, size 29.56 Mb.

Vignette Corrector 1.0 Martin Vicanek 

Vignetting is the brighness fallof at the corners of an image. This is a rather universal phenomenon, however it is more pronounced for wide-angle lenses.

Vignetting can be very disturbing if you want to combine a set of images to a panorama (panorama stitching). You want to compensate that unwanted effect on the individual frames before. Freeware download of Vignette Corrector 1.0, size 367.00 Kb.

GIPALS - Linear Programming Environment 1.2.1 Optimalon Software 

GIPALS is linear programming environment that incorporates large-scale linear programs solver and easy, intuitive graphical user interface to direct specify or import and solve any type of constrained optimization problems arising in various industrial, financial and educational areas.Constrained optimization problems are stated as linear programs. Free download of GIPALS - Linear Programming Environment 1.2.1, size 1.01 Mb.

Idea Rover 5.21 Reticent Software, Inc. 

Idea Rover 5.21 absorbs and crystallizes your research ideas and new sources into outline-structured notes, releasing your brain from monotonous switching and searching for relevant information.

Drag-and-drop your files and sources and get a starting place, calmness, and time for writing your research paper, dissertation, etc.

Advanced Audio Corrector 2.0 Dmitry Sknarev 

If during manufacturing of an audio soundtrack there is an analog stage (recording to a tape or to a gramophone disk in an analog mode), an inevitable consequence will be the appearance of a phase shift between stereo-channels. In an uncompressed soundtrack these distortions are inaudible but only become apparent when stored in a compressed format. Free download of Advanced Audio Corrector 2.0, size 442.37 Kb.

FBmn Software's White Balance plug-in 1.0 FBmn Software 

This is a White Balance plug-in for Sony Vegas Pro 10.

The FBmn Software's White Balance plug-in provides high quality results compared to what you can achieve with built-in Sony tools like the Sony White Balance or the Sony Color Corrector.

The way it works is quite simple:

- Drag the effect to the clip. Free download of FBmn Software's White Balance plug-in 1.0, size 65.50 Mb.

Registry Corrector 5 2 

RegistryCorrector is a system utility that incorporates a very complete set of tools to analyze, detect errors and inconsistencies in your Windows system registry and repair them, turning your registry into a cleaner and lighter one, thus avoiding typical system failures, such as slowness and crashes. It also includes additional interesting tools. Free download of Registry Corrector 5 2, size 5.58 Mb.

CutFour HD 3.0 AvTake 

CutFour HD is a useful and reliable professional real time HD live video mixing software.

- Video input interface supports Black Magic Design PCI-E capture cards (Decklink series and Intencity Pro). SDI / HDMI / component / S-video / composite video inputs (Depends which capture card model is used)
- Preview for. Free download of CutFour HD 3.0, size 43.77 Mb.

jalada Zen Writer 1.0.1 jalada GmbH 

PUTTING THOUGHTS INTO WORDS Writing is a state of mind. All that you see, feel and experience is a reflection of the state of mind that you are currently in. The Zen approach to write is to pay attention to details without becoming so absorbed in them that you forget the point. The point is to put your thoughts into words and to deal impeccably and. Free download of jalada Zen Writer 1.0.1, size 41.56 Mb.

Viper The Anti-plagiarism Scanner 3 ScanMyEssay 

Our anti-plagiarism software is used by teachers, lecturers and students worldwide to detect instances of plagiarism in academic work, such as essays, dissertations and pieces of course work. Are you a student? You can use Viper to find out if you've missed a reference, incorrectly cited a sentence, mixed notes from a book or journal or if you've. Freeware download of Viper The Anti-plagiarism Scanner 3, size 921.60 Kb.

Proxel Lens Corrector Mac 1. 2. 2002 Proxel Software HB 

With this Photoshop plugin you can improve the pictures from any digital camera or camera/lens combination you own. Removing distortion and converting fish eye pictures into rectilinear pictures, with a quality of much more expensive lenses. The main advantages are: * No loss of quality due to rescaling – the canvas size is changed instead.. Free download of Proxel Lens Corrector Mac 1. 2. 2002, size 12.18 Mb.

MathAudio Microphone Corrector 1.1 MathAudio 

Turns the sound of any microphone into the sound of any other microphone. Ensures unprecedented accuracy of the replication. Listen to the sound samples. Automatically compares the microphones and generates the correction algorithm. The averaged models of microphones are not used because every microphone is unique and requires a unique correction. Free download of MathAudio Microphone Corrector 1.1, size 324.61 Kb.

MathAudio Pickup Corrector 1.1.2007 MathAudio 

Corrects the sound of pickups of musical instruments to make the spectrum of their signal similar to the spectrum of the signal of your favourite microphone. Listen to the sound samples. Allows the sound recording in a relatively noisy environment because pickups are less sensitive to the environment noise than microphones. Contains an optional. Free download of MathAudio Pickup Corrector 1.1.2007, size 335.87 Kb.

Azul e-Testing 1.0 

An online test management system for teachers. Comprehensive test creation, editing, deleting, and editing of classes. Students have individual accounts, then sign up for a class. Multiple Choice, Matching, and Essay questions are allowed.. Freeware download of Azul e-Testing 1.0, size 10.52 Kb.