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MSN Search Toolbar 3.0.1203 Microsoft 

Bing Bar gives you easy access to Facebook, email, weather, Bing Rewards, and more all with the touch of a button. Download the Bing Bar now to enjoy better search and faster Facebook.

The bing bar does all the hard work for you, optimizing and organizing your serach results.

Consolidate your email accounts to see multiple. Freeware download of MSN Search Toolbar 3.0.1203, size 2.76 Mb.


12manage Toolbar Conduit 

A great toolbar with interesting and very helpful buttons. You will enjoy the tv channels, all the news channels with the news from all around the world. Facebook,email notifier, a great radio station with all the best music. Airlines and airports to see when you can go on a holiday.. Freeware download of 12manage Toolbar, size 1.10 Mb.

incredibar tool bar Toolbar incredibar tool bar 

incredibar tool bar Toolbar allows you to listen music online. The toolbar features many integrated tools such as: Facebook, email, weather, radio and free music browsing on your browser. The toolbar has been updated to latest version and provides quick way to access all your shortcuts.. Freeware download of incredibar tool bar Toolbar, size 2.12 Mb.

Listen: The Gesture Music Player 2.0.1 MacPaw Inc. 

Listen: The Gesture Music Player. A music player you can use without looking at it. Gesture-based interface - no buttons, just swipes. Easy navigation - less searching, more focusing. Create playlist and instantly add songs with a swipe. Disable Auto-Lock. Less between you and your music. Share music - tweet, Facebook, email, or text songs. Use. Freeware download of Listen: The Gesture Music Player 2.0.1, size 2.41 Mb.

zylba Toolbar zylba 

zylba Toolbar is a grate add on for your browser. The best thing about it is that you can install it on almost any browser. It features some grate buttons like weather forecast, facebook, email notifier, a grate radio station for you to listen a lot of nice songs.. Freeware download of zylba Toolbar, size 2.14 Mb.

Shareaholic 1.9 Shareaholic 

Shareaholic is the better, quicker, easier way to share, e-mail, tweet, and bookmark stuff you care about online with friends, family, and coa€“workers. If you like to connect and share with people in your life using any service like Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc, you'll likely love Shareaholic. Shareaholic makes online sharing better, faster. Freeware download of Shareaholic 1.9, size 314.37 Kb.

Bandoo 6.0 Bandoo, Inc 

Bandoo is a FREE new and improved way to express yourself on the Instant Messenger, Email and your favorite Social Network (now available for Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and Windows Live Email (Hotmail), Yahoo! Mail and IM, AOL Messenger, Outlook Express, Twitter and Facebook). Bandoo boosts your instant messages and the whole communication with. Freeware download of Bandoo 6.0, size 8.55 Mb.

Free Email Marketing: Broadcast By Email 8.4.1 Voicent Communications, Inc 

Free email marketing software - Send personalized emails to thousands of people and automatically manage email list by checking bounced or unsubscribe emails. This easy to use product is your ideal communication tool for group email, email marketing, customer communication, event notification, newsletter publishing and more. It has a built in SMTP. Freeware download of Free Email Marketing: Broadcast By Email 8.4.1, size 410.62 Kb.

PhotoBatcher 1.0 Trisential Solutions Inc 

PhotoBatcher is a free app with pleasant interface makes it easy to resize group of photos at once and let you copy them to a Zip file, or sent them through email or upload to social sites like twitter, Facebook and Flickr without need to open your browser, yes you can login to your email, or social sites from PhotoBatcher app it self.. Freeware download of PhotoBatcher 1.0, size 17.04 Mb.

cartotalk Toolbar 6 5 cartotalk 

cartotalk Toolbar witch has useful components like: Email notifier, Popup Blocker, Weather Forecaster, facebook.You can enable your search history or you can suggest searches. You can open any Facebook page in a click and get notifications with your new messages and updates.. Freeware download of cartotalk Toolbar 6 5, size 0 b.

ZeStyGfxHD Toolbar 6 5 ZeStyGfxHD 

ZeStyGfxHD Toolbar is an interactive and easy to use toolbar which provides you :
- fast search bar
- radio
- facebook fast login button
- games
- my channel button
- pop-up blocker
- email notifier
- weather information and much more!
You can also customize your toolbar with widgets to look how. Freeware download of ZeStyGfxHD Toolbar 6 5, size 0 b.

ma-share Toolbar 6. 2. 2003 ma-share 

ma-share Toolbar is a control that contains one or more buttons like home, upload file, facebook, weather, email notifier.It allows you to search on internet, browse different pages and informations and easy acces to comunity. It has also options that helps you to acces quickly previous search.. Freeware download of ma-share Toolbar 6. 2. 2003, size 2.75 Mb.

Miniaturizador 1.0 Miniaturizador 

Metadata editor with many other features such as: geotag via Google Maps, export images to Facebook, Flickr, Piwigo or send it via email...

Edit EXIF metadata from image files, Export miniaturized images from large image gallery, Watermark images, Upload to Flickr, Send images via e-mail

Miniaturizador 1.0 License - GNU. Freeware download of Miniaturizador 1.0, size 0 b.

Facebook Client 3.0 facebook.com 

Facebook Client is, as the name suggests a handy application that will help you connect and share with the people in your life. Easy share files, photos, Facebook Chat, Voice and Video call, SMS notification, News Feed, Events, Email client and more.

Facebook Client features :

- Easy share files and photos
- Facebook. Freeware download of Facebook Client 3.0, size 0 b.

Digsby Build 73(Beta) dotSyntax, LLC 

Instant Messaging One combined buddy list for all your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook Chat Accounts.
Manage multiple conversations with Tabbed conversation windows. You can drag tabs out into their own windows for important conversations.
Rename contacts with an alias so you don't have to remember buddy names like. Freeware download of Digsby Build 73(Beta), size 18.66 Mb.

Broadcast By Email 2.1 Voicent Communications, Inc 

A personalized email software can reach thousands of people with no limit. This easy to use product is your ideal communication tool for group email, email marketing, customer communication, event notification, newsletter publishing and more. It has a built in SMTP server and also support external email server. It has unlimited email list size. It. Freeware download of Broadcast By Email 2.1, size 51.20 Kb.

VOSI.biz Email Backup 1.2 VOSI.biz, LLC 

VOSI.biz Email Backup can manage your emails and contacts / address books like files, drag-&-drop or automatically backup your Outlook / Outlook Express / Windows Mail in real-time or scheduled times.VOSI.biz Email Backup is designed to be very similar to VOSI.biz File Explorer, which are used by a lot of users. The dual-pane interface allows. Freeware download of VOSI.biz Email Backup 1.2, size 9.13 Mb.

Vodamail Email Verifier Free Edition 9.60 Realva Technologies 

This FREE software checks for existence of an email address. It verifies / validates email addresses in a list, removes invalid entries and clean the list. Performs three levels of verification - syntax level,domain level and server level with a high speed multithreaded engine. Use this tool first before sending emails to a huge list to reduce. Freeware download of Vodamail Email Verifier Free Edition 9.60, size 2.65 Mb.

Email Poster 1.0 PP Soft 

Email Poster is a tool that can send massive emails automatically. This programme can take advantage of large-scale email system, such as hotmail and gmail to send emails to your customers in one time. You can also add and manage your other available mail system into this programe.. Freeware download of Email Poster 1.0, size 720.02 Kb.

Upload Rabbit for Facebook Upload Rabbit for Facebook 

Upload Rabbit for Facebook is powerful and easy-to-use freeware, which enables you to batch upload photos and videos to Facebook directly. It aims at helping you share photos and videos from computer or websites through right-click or drag-and-drop. Also supports for adding multi-accounts and switching among them by just one simple click.

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Offers targeted Opt-In based Email Marketing

Asp Email using CDONTS

Using the CDONTS component from Option Pack 4 of IIS4 or later to send email from ASP pages.

CC Email Checker

Used to check POP3 email accounts, delete mail remotely and anti spam mail. It's also a Klez removal tool.

Email Verifier

Validate that an email address is valid using Java, ColdFusion, or PHP. The tool checks address syntax, dns mx records, and the mail server without sending an email.

Bulk Email Verify Express

Fast Professional Bulk Email Address and Mailing List Verify Management Software.

Eureka Email

E-mail client with built-in junk email filtering.


Specialises in spam-free hosted Exchange email solutions for organisations of all sizes.