Fake Voice Phone

Gulfstream Satellite Voice Gulfstream Aerospace 

Gulfstream Satellite Voice

Gulfstream Satellite Voice, iPhone edition, is an SIP-based phone for Apple iOS devices on Gulfstream aircraft. Satellite Voice enables customers to use an in-cabin Wi-Fi Internet connection to make and receive calls with iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad devices.

Satellite Voice enables a secure. Freeware download of Gulfstream Satellite Voice, size 22.44 Mb.


Audio phone 7 - Free Redtalon 

NEW - SkyDrive, Dropbox and email support!

Need to remember something? Don't have time to write it down?

Use Audio Phone 7 to record quick voice notes with this free and simple application.

When you first load the application, start recording instantly or click on the list to view all previous recordings made.

Baby Phone Free Loyalty Technologies 

Updated to provide more Easter Eggs and live tile clues - along with support for upside down phone orientation. Also added ability to choose from several different voices. To access voice selection, dial 411 and change the voice in the settings screen.

A toy phone interface with pleasing sounds and colorful buttons to entertain young. Freeware download of Baby Phone Free, size 5.24 Mb.

Battery Monitor w/ Voice Control Greater Visions Technology Solutions, Inc. 

A great battery monitor for Windows Phone 8 with a customizable live tile, usage graph, Voice control, and Desk Clock mode.

* Voice commands
- Show Status, Say Status,
Say Remaining Time
* Usage Graph
- See your battery History
- Charge Indicators at top of graph
- Customizable time frames
*. Free download of Battery Monitor w/ Voice Control, size 4.19 Mb.

Broken Phone Sim Christian Rios 

If you want to fake that your phone is broken, run this app and show it to somebody. Tell them you couldn't answer the phone or get that text because your phone went nuts. This app is completely free. Please support by downloading some of my other apps.. Freeware download of Broken Phone Sim, size 1.05 Mb.


The BT Onevoice Mobile Access for Windows Phone application works in conjunction with BT's Onevoice Globally Managed Voice network. These application routes outgoing international IDD calls to a Onevoice gateway of that country where the call was made, and the gateway will connect the call through the managed network, delivering cost savings to the. Freeware download of BT One Voice, size 1.05 Mb.

Email by Voice Dominic W. 

Create emails with your voice.

Email by Voice uses the latest voice recognition features in Windows Phone 8 to create emails entirely through voice. Simply tap the mic and dictate the title and body of your email.

Please note: All voice recognition is processed by Microsoft's speech recognition technology in Windows Phone 8.. Freeware download of Email by Voice, size 1.05 Mb.

Future Voice Howard Hee 

Future Voice help you record the voice and save into your windows phone. Your can play your voice anytime in future. This application is a simple and easy to use and works great on Windows Phone 8.. More features is coming soon.. Freeware download of Future Voice, size 1.05 Mb.

Hear My Voice Shakhatreh Team 

Are you hate your voice on phone ? :D
Me too , so the idea came from when i love to sing and I think I sound pretty good ...
But like, when I record, or I'm over the phone, or you know, anything electronic like that, I don't even sound like me anymore. My voice completely changes... so i try to Improvement my voice .. just for fun .

iApps Voice Recorder Free Edition iApps 

Personal Voice Recorder for your Windows Phone

Record notes, discussions and meetings using iApps Voice Recorder and save your recordings in MPEG format to your MusicLibrary. For other formats please check our forthcoming Pro edition release.

Using iApps Voice Recorder record your sessions and save it to your MusicLibrary.. Freeware download of iApps Voice Recorder Free Edition, size 1.05 Mb.

Kitchen Timer Voice PsiBit Software 

Kitchen Timer Voice allows you to start a timer with your voice!

Anywhere at any time on your phone just hold the windows button.
A prompt will appear for you to speak.
Simply say “Kitchen Timer fifteen minutes” and that's it!

Just threw some burgers on the grill? No need to start and configure a. Free download of Kitchen Timer Voice, size 1.05 Mb.

Pah - Voice Activated Labgoo 

OVER 500,000 downloadson iPhone and 250,000 on Android and over 70,000,000 shouts of Pah

Use only your VOICE.
Say Ahhh to control the ship.
shout Pah to shoot.

**** WARNING ****
Extreme stomach aches due to laughter may be experienced during the. Free download of Pah - Voice Activated, size 2.10 Mb.

Pazam Voice Note Carlos Luna 

A very easy to use voice recorder application with SkyDrive integration. You can playback recordings straight from SkyDrive within the app. below is a list of features:

- Record up to the capacity of your phone.
- Record while you app is under lock screen
- Upload/Download recordings to SkyDrive. Listen to recordings straight. Freeware download of Pazam Voice Note, size 1.05 Mb.

Phone 4 Kids Titansrevenge inc 

Free Unrestricted Trial. This app is a fake phone for kids. After dialing there are 6 different people to talk to with 18 possible conversations per person. A total of 108 possible conversations. There is also a chance you will get the answering machine.
-Simple design.
-Intuitive to kids (tested by my 3 year old).
-Free to try. Free download of Phone 4 Kids, size 10.49 Mb.

Spare Phone guidology 

Spare Phone - VoIP phone calls over WiFi with your Google Voice account! Phone calls without using cell phone minutes!

Spare Phone uses your WiFi,3G,4G data connection to make and receive Google Voice VoIP calls. All you need is the "Spare Phone" app, a data connection(Wireless or Mobile) and a free Google Voice account. Spare. Free download of Spare Phone, size 1.05 Mb.

Speak English Voice SouthernStudio 

EngPro lets you enter a text and convert this text to voice. EngPro make your phone say anything you want in English. This application very helpful with anyone want to improve English pronunciation skill.. Freeware download of Speak English Voice, size 1.05 Mb.

Text 2 Voice JuanCarlosGarcia 

Text 2 voice es una aplicacion con la que podras hacer que tu Windows Phone Hable. Solo escribe lo que quieres que diga.. Freeware download of Text 2 Voice, size 1.05 Mb.

Voice Recorder beta zibon 

This is a very simple app for storing your personal recording .

Features :
-- Able to record your voice
-- save a recording
-- play saved sounds
-- preview a sound before saving

Supports Win phone 8 . May glitch in 8.1

for any concerns regarding the app please mail at :
zibon@outlook.com. Freeware download of Voice Recorder beta, size 1.05 Mb.

Voice FlashLight WP7 MaG 

finally , the first voice-operated flashlight on wp8. to use, after the first run of application you can hold start button and say (you must have installed speech module onyour phone)

"flashlight Run" or some other commands. Free download, simple interface, ads free, uses a built-

in LED flash from your phone. You. Freeware download of Voice FlashLight, size 1.05 Mb.

Voice 2 Mail MaSta Software 

Note taking on a touch keyboard is difficult if you are on the go.
Why not just talking to your phone?
Pin the Voice2Mail tile to the start screen and click it to take a voice note.
One more click and this voice note is saved, by automatically sending it to your email inbox. There you can read your text and hear your voice.
No. Free download of Voice 2 Mail, size 2.10 Mb.