Fishing Game Freeware

3D Fishing Game 1.1 digiaquascr 

3D Fishing Game shows many virtual fish swimming around your desktop where you have to use your rod to catch as many fish as you can. The Demo version includes one different species of fish and the unlimited version includes 25 different species of fish. These fish are actual 3D Models, each one has its own unique character. You can use your arrow. Free download of 3D Fishing Game 1.1, size 3.85 Mb.


Fortune fishing game 1.0 

Fortune fishing game 8.0 is a free arcade fishing simulator game. The installation is very easy and during it you can add the freegamesway bar that can give you direct access to hundreds of free games. At the main screen you can choose between two different game modes: action and campaign mode. In the campaign mode you have to catch similar fishes. Free download of Fortune fishing game 1.0, size 0 b.

FlySim 1.53 FlySim 

Fly fishing game with 3D graphics and realistic fish behavior. Nine rivers filled with ten different species of fish. A large selection of flies and the ability to "match the hatch". Learn different fly fishing methods including roll casting and mending. Physics-based rod and line models accurately simulate real world casting.. Free download of FlySim 1.53, size 4.87 Mb.

Fishing Time 2 1.0 

A new fun fishing game. You are in your boat trying to catch the fish, score enough points (before time runs out) to complete the level. Enjoy this fishing game and show your fishing skills. Use the mouse to drop the line, see the symbols in the game for extra time. Hope you have fun!. Freeware download of Fishing Time 2 1.0, size 1.01 Mb.

Challenge Fishing 2000 ABC 

It's the Champ versus the Challenger in this multimedia fishing game for Windows. The two fishermen (the computer and the user) compete by scoring points for the fish they catch in a six round fishing match. The nine fishing scenes; three coldwater, three warmwater, and three saltwater, provide a variety of sights and sounds, as well as more. Free download of Challenge Fishing 2000, size 0 b.

Kuma Fishing! COLOPL, Inc. 

Go fishing with Captain Kuma! Catch everything from well-known fish to crazy creatures! Intuitive controls make this realistic fishing game a blast to play!

Try for the biggest fish of all! Here comes a new fishing game from Kuma the Bear. Team up with Captain Kuma to travel the world in search of new fish! Intuitive controls makes this. Freeware download of Kuma Fishing!, size 40.27 Mb.

AE Lucky Fishing Lucky Game 

***What's new in V2.2***
- Add share, you can share to you friends with Facebook,twitter or weibo.
- Bug fixes.

An interesting fishing game ‘Lucky Fishing' is free at your phone now!

Any feedback please emails us, because we can't reply on comments. Thanks very much for all your support in our games!

Fisherman's Warmwater Challenge 1.0 Jacobson Software Enterprises 

In this multimedia fishing game for Windows, one to four players compete by scoring points for the fish they catch and the bonuses they earn as they travel around Lake Katchem and by avoiding certain penalties along the way. Managing their limited supplies of time, energy, and equipment is a crucial part of the game. And they need avoid the. Free download of Fisherman's Warmwater Challenge 1.0, size 0 b.

Bait Master 1.0 Glinkie Games Inc. 

Free until October 28, 2010.

Bait Master is a clever gag app, disguised as a fishing game. Test your skills! Are you a true Bait Master? Compete with your friends, achieve ultimate glory, and post your score on the world-wide Wall of Shame!

This is a great way to spice up a waning social situation.
. Free download of Bait Master 1.0, size 2.62 Mb.

Happy FishPond 1.0 smile sky 

Happy fish pond is a relaxed, sweet, leisurely fishing game. Players in the game can not only catch the ornamental fish, but also to catch the big fish. If you are brilliant, you can capture the sharks.
When you succeed to catch these fish, these fish will be reduced to a never-failing gold and rolled in your cabin.
The operation is. Free download of Happy FishPond 1.0, size 31.14 Mb.

Great Catch Max Walter 

Catch fish in pairs to score. Cash in your catch for a high score. Observe all of the activity in the ocean. A fun fishing game anyone can enjoy.. Free download of Great Catch, size 13.63 Mb.

iFishing Rocking Pocket Games 

Welcome to iFishing, the mobile fishing simulator by Rocking Pocket Games. This is THE MOST REALISTIC AND IN-DEPTH fishing game. This is not an arcade game like the other fishing games... it's a fishing simulator written by an avid fisherman.

This blows the other fishing games away in terms of realism and gameplay depth! In iFishing,. Free download of iFishing, size 103.81 Mb.

iFishingSW Rocking Pocket Games 

Welcome to iFishing : Saltwater Edition, a new fishing game by Rocking Pocket Games.


- 10 tournaments with unlockable locations will keep you playing for a long time

- Variety of lures with different actions (jigs, topwater, spoons, divers)

- Many species of saltwater fish to catch (blue. Free download of iFishingSW, size 45.09 Mb.

Petri Heil 3 - Gold Online 3.11 Switlle 

It's is NEW fishing simulator. Is it possible to meet a person who didn't feel in his childhood the anxious feeling having caught a fish! Heavy, wide, majestic fish - this is your trophy!Interesting actions, fascinating game process and realistic wather are implemented in this fishing game! None of the free fishing games does not give You this. Free download of Petri Heil 3 - Gold Online 3.11, size 13.70 Mb.

New Fishing Filmulator 2 - Sea Dream 2.7.1051 Switlle Media Company 

Fishing Simulator - Sea Dream it's the simulator of lake and SEA fishing, which will permit you to relax from daily vanity. Beautiful landscapes, relaxing music, pipe of untiring birds will give you lotL of impressions and will cheer you up even during a short term. All the music, presented at the game, is approved of principal psychiatrists and is. Free download of New Fishing Filmulator 2 - Sea Dream 2.7.1051, size 172.18 Mb.

Fishing Simulator 2 Sea Dream 3.1.1072 Switlle Games Company 

Fishing Simulator - Sea Dream it's the simulator of lake and SEA fishing, which will permit you to relax from daily vanity. Beautiful landscapes, relaxing music, pipe of untiring birds will give you lot of impressions and will cheer you up even during a short term. All the music, presented at the game, is approved of principal psychiatrists and is. Free download of Fishing Simulator 2 Sea Dream 3.1.1072, size 38.88 Mb.

Salmon Shooting 2.0 Lucky Legend Games 

Salmon Shooting is a free game where you need to catch some Salmon. You are standing at the end of a dock with your harpoon all sharpened up and ready to catch some Salmons. They are jumping high out of the water but they are extremely fast. The moment they jump out they turn in the air and fall right back into the water. You have to catch them. Freeware download of Salmon Shooting 2.0, size 1.57 Mb.

Fishing Tournament 2.0 Free Sports Games 

You are participating in a harpoon fishing tournament. Your goal is to shoot as many fish as possible with your underwater harpoon. The bigger wish you catch more money you make. You need to earn a certain amount of money to get to the next round. So you have to be really focused, quick and precise. Now get that harpoon, get under watter and earn. Freeware download of Fishing Tournament 2.0, size 1.68 Mb.

BattleTanks II 1.0 GamesTrend 

Sometimes you run across a game that just makes you say "Wow". Battle Tanks II is one of these. The effects, graphics, sound scheme, fluidity of gameplay, and design of this game is simply astounding! On the main menu, you choose whether to play a quick game (no setup options) or a normal game where you can choose the landscape,. Freeware download of BattleTanks II 1.0, size 16.27 Mb.

Leap'n'Croak 1.7 

Leap'n'Croak is a cool arcade game with infinite number of game levels, and different skill levels. Your playing strategies can vary from simple to very elaborated. It is suitable for all ages.Both installer and uninstaller are included.Now, how do you like playing a little green frog? Your lovely home pond has become quite a dangerous place. Free download of Leap'n'Croak 1.7, size 1.45 Mb.