Flash Browser Plug In

A4Desk Flash Gallery Builder - Professional Pack 1.0 Avanquest Software 

* User-friendly Tool
Easy tool for all users, no flash or coding skills is required. Creates photo gallery for your website and CDROM in minutes.
* Various photo album style
Flash photo albums in different style and function (group into categories, slideshow etc) to suit different user's need.
* Simple Steps to Create Your. Free download of A4Desk Flash Gallery Builder - Professional Pack 1.0, size 8.92 Mb.


Free SWF to GIF Converter 2.0 SWFtoGIF.com 

This software allows you to turn SWF format into animated GIF image. Just load your Flash file and click "Convert"! You will get tiny GIF animation image, which may be used on your site instead of hard Flash. Another advantage of GIF files is plug-to-plug compatibility with any browser on any system. Unlike GIF format, SWF requires Flash. Freeware download of Free SWF to GIF Converter 2.0, size 1.62 Mb.

MeadCo Neptune Plugin 2.0 Mead & Co Ltd. 

MeadCo's Neptune is a 100% Netscape-compatible plug-in which hosts Microsoft's WebBrowser control. It will work when embedded in documents rendered by WebKit-based browsers such as Safari for Windows 3.0 and Google Chrome, Opera 4.0 – 10.x and any Gecko-based browser such as Firefox and Mozilla, running on any Windows platform. Free download of MeadCo Neptune Plugin 2.0, size 16.98 Mb.

GEOe-View 6.0.3021 SDC Software Ltd. 

Using the free GOEe-View program as a plug-in to your Internet Explorer web browser will provide you with an extra toolbar menu that gives you additional functionality from within your Internet Explorer interface, although it can be run as a standalone application. The program will allow you to load streamed in VUF update files, open and view ODF,. Freeware download of GEOe-View 6.0.3021, size 0 b.

Portable Crazy Browser 3.0 RC2 CrazyBrowser.com 

Crazy Browser is a powerful Web browser filled with features that make surfing the Internet more comfortably. It has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task. This Web browser also has a Smart Pop-up Blocker - it blocks all the annoying pop-ups automatically.

Here are some key features of "Crazy. Freeware download of Portable Crazy Browser 3.0 RC2, size 713.03 Kb.

Flash Sound Buttons 3 Reutera 

Add Voce and mp3 audio to Your website right now! Buyers need to hear Your voice and listen Your music!Speak to Your customer, as if they are right there. Use mp3 Audio to Your website or email right Now! Flash sound Buttons is easy wey to publish your music and voice!Flash Sound Buttons can be placed on web pages, e-books, and auction listings.. Free download of Flash Sound Buttons 3, size 1.39 Mb.

WireFusion Professional 4.0 Demicron 

WireFusion is a professional authoring tool for interactive plugin-free Web3D presentations. Development is done by visually connecting preprogrammed objects or by coding in Java. Flash is supported and can be combined with 3D models. Add-ons for MPEG video, MP3 sound, Zoom and more are available.General Features:- No browser Plug-in needed to view. Free download of WireFusion Professional 4.0, size 32.13 Mb.

Sothink SWF Catcher for IE - Free 3. 3. 2001 Sothink Flash Software 

Sothink SWF Catcher for IE is a free and useful extension to Internet Explorer that enables you to save multiple Flash based charts, presentations, e-cards, games and Flash movies in it at one time. The small size allows it embedding in IE by just adding a new button. With only few clicks you can store your favorite Flashes easily. Now supports. Freeware download of Sothink SWF Catcher for IE - Free 3. 3. 2001, size 1.06 Mb.

iMapBuilder Starter 2 52 iMapBuilder Interactive Map Software 

iMapBuilder is an easy-to-use, powerful, WYSIWYG Flash map building tool. It is an all-in-one software that creates professional Flash maps quickly and easily without any programming skills or additional software. iMapbuilder is for Webmasters and anyone else who want to build professional Flash maps, but is just too busy to learn Flash,. Free download of iMapBuilder Starter 2 52, size 6.29 Mb.

Flash Movie to Image Converter v2.0 verypdf.com Inc 

Flash Movie to Image Converter is some kind of movie player. When you do the conversion, you can enjoy the added movie files. Features of Flash Movie to Image Converter: 1.Support all the Windows system both in 32 bit and 64 bit. 2.Support the variety movie file format to image file formats like,SWF to PNG. 3.Allow previewing the original flash. Free download of Flash Movie to Image Converter v2.0, size 2.50 Mb.

Xippee Firefox Extension 2.5 Xippee 

This free Xippee browser plugin works on all of your favorite search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), with versions for IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Xippee 60 second Demo: homepage. Freeware download of Xippee Firefox Extension 2.5, size 124.93 Kb.

Xippee for Opera UserJS 2.5 Xippee 

This free Xippee browser plugin works on all of your favorite search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), with versions for IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Xippee 60 second Demo: homepage. Freeware download of Xippee for Opera UserJS 2.5, size 52.22 Kb.

Xippee Windows All-in-one Installer 2.5 Xippee 

This free Xippee browser plugin works on all of your favorite search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), with versions for IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Xippee 60 second Demo: homepage. Freeware download of Xippee Windows All-in-one Installer 2.5, size 231.42 Kb.

FindFlash 1.6 cutecoder computing 

FindFlash is a professional software solution for downloading, viewing, finding, organizing and sharing your flash movies. With its Web page analyzer, you can find out most Flash movies hidden in a page. With the Flash browser you can efficiently find, organize, and preview Flash movies. You can search by name, modified time, size, with case. Free download of FindFlash 1.6, size 1.12 Mb.

Creative MovieFX 1.0.0 Extend Studio 

Add easy and fast professional effects on any kind of MovieClip. Every effect is customizable and gives endless possibilities to create and customize. Using a FLASH component has never been easier because now our components have an intuitive FLASH like interface. It gives you easy access to over 70 customizable effects + gives you freedom to create. Free download of Creative MovieFX 1.0.0, size 7.08 Mb.

Palm webOS PDK Build 54 Beta Palm Inc 

The Plug-In Development Kit (PDK) is a new component of the webOS SDK that lets developers use C and C++ alongside the web technologies that power the SDK, and even mix them seamlessly within a single application. The PDK brings new functionality to webOS, including immersive 3D graphics, and gives developers who have built games for other. Freeware download of Palm webOS PDK Build 54 Beta, size 21.02 Mb.

Xippee for Opera (Windows Installer) 2.5 Xippee 

This free Xippee browser plugin works on all of your favorite search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), with versions for IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.. Freeware download of Xippee for Opera (Windows Installer) 2.5, size 53.00 Kb.

Learn Spanish Lesson 1 - Intro (All OS) 1.0 Download Spanish.com 

Spanish multimedia lesson with audio recordings narrated by native Spanish speakers. Assumes no prior knowledge of Spanish language. This lesson covers the very basic topics of Spanish language: overview, alphabet, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and common phrases.7 Free chapters and 4 locked chapters are included. All locked chapters can be. Free download of Learn Spanish Lesson 1 - Intro (All OS) 1.0, size 1.85 Mb.

StatPlus 2008 Portable AnalystSoft 

No need to carry a mainframe computer to perform a complex statistical analysis when you visit a remote lab. Even a notebook computer is no longer necessary with StatPlus Portable 2008. You only need a light and extremely compact USB flash drive. Plug it into any PC in the lab, and get your customary workplace in a matter of minutes!Have the full. Free download of StatPlus 2008 Portable, size 17.03 Mb.

FreeFixer 0.41 FreeFixer 

FreeFixer is an anti-malware program helping you to remove potentially unwanted software, such as rootkits, spyware, adware, trojans and viruses. FreeFixer scans locations on your machine where unwanted software has a documented record of appearing or leaving traces. The scan locations include your home page settings, the processes running on your. Freeware download of FreeFixer 0.41, size 700.00 Kb.

Flash Browser Plug In Web Results

SoftSource LLC

Makers of the Vdraft drawing editor compatible with AutoCAD files, as well as viewer software and browser plug-ins.

Jacksonville Lizard Kings

Fan site for Lizard Kings. [Introductory animation may require browser plug-in.]

Ethics in Advertising

Editorial asking "How far should advertising go?" Examines eZula's browser plug in as a specific example of unethical advertising.

Virtual Solar System

Fly-by 3D tour or 2D tour of the sun and each planet in its orbit, with close-up views of the planets and weather patterns. Requires a Viscape SVR browser plug-in for the 3D tour.

Volvic Natural Mineral Water

Pure natural mineral water from France. [Requires Flash 3 plug-in.]

Boowa and Kwala's Christmas Fun

A christmas song, tree and decorations game, advent calendar, plus a surprise visit from Santa Claus. [Flash 4 plug-in required]

Flash Saver

Internet Explorer plug-in to save Flash animations, games, MTV, Movies, Flash ads, and other flash files from web page easily.