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PG Social Networking Package 2008 Pilot Group Ltd 

If you wish to start your own professional Social Networking or Personals site, then PG Social Networking is a way to go! It offers you Social Networking Software - a ready made social networking script for establishing an online presence. With this PG Social Networking Software, you can create a high-impact networking site within the shortest. Free download of PG Social Networking Package 2008, size 24.35 Mb.


Find a Wife Find a Husband Toolbar Find a Wife Find a Husband 

Wife for me online dating is a free singles romance personals and marriage dates social networking site where you find single men and single ladies in your local area to date for Romance or Even Marriage. Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. Choose from thousands of free apps for your browser. Check out all of our favorite. Freeware download of Find a Wife Find a Husband Toolbar, size 2.12 Mb.

FlightFeather Social Networking Platform 2 flightfeather.sourceforge.net 

FlightFeather's goal is "social networking for everyone". This means that anyone should have a chance to run a popular social networking site -- on minimal hardware, and without wasting bandwidth.. Freeware download of FlightFeather Social Networking Platform 2, size 40.72 Kb.

eXTweet 1.0 exTweet 

eXTweet is an application for online promotion on the social networking site - Twitter. With it, you can get thousands of followers with using the software's build in features - feautres like autofollowing, autounfollowing and more! There are more options included, such as the option for handling multiple Twitter accounts, and as well as the option. Free download of eXTweet 1.0, size 625.66 Kb.

Lamebook 1.2.1 Lamebook 

This is the official iPhone App for the hilariously entertaining website, Lamebook.com. Now you can marvel at the funny, ridiculous, and outright crazy posts that can be found on your favorite social networking site straight from your iPhone. The app features content from the website that ranges from family members sharing too much personal. Free download of Lamebook 1.2.1, size 3.25 Mb.

MyGamesterLife 3.3 Jerry Lutzen 

Join Us at MyGamesterLife.com and keep connected with the mobile app!
This app will help you stay connected anywhere you are with your phone. MyGamesterLife.com is a Social Networking site made for GAMERS by the GAMERS. If you are looking to get to know other Gamers like you, or are you looking to join a gaming clan with other members that are. Freeware download of MyGamesterLife 3.3, size 14.89 Mb.

Punjabi Chat 1 Inderpreet Singh 

PunjabiJanta.com is a popular Punjabi social networking site. Punjabi Janta Chat lets users chat with each other about topics, such as Punjabi Bhangra, Aashiqi, Masti, Pangey, Punjabi Movies and other hot Punjabi topics.

We want to ask users to be polite and courteous to users, especially chat moderators and administrators (who can be. Freeware download of Punjabi Chat 1, size 3.04 Mb.

AB devillers desaiAbhi 

This app gives full details about gambhir like his childhood ,international career ,daily activities ,recent videos ,Facebook post etc...It enable the user to read and share app into social networking site...... Free download of AB devillers, size 2.10 Mb.

Guide Smurfs Village App Tutorials 

This game was developed by Capcom Interactive and gameplay resembles time-activated FarmVille. Given the the latter success on social networking site Facebook, other gaming companies have followed suit and this is one another attempt but appearing to be a successful one given its response making its way into top 10 grossing AppStore grossing. Freeware download of Guide Smurfs Village, size 3.15 Mb.

PG Community Software 2008 Pilot Group Ltd 

Start your own professional Community site with PG Community Software! Its a ready made social networking package for establishing an online presence. Multi-level administration system! New Design! With PG Community Software, you can create a high-impact site within the shortest possible time and at a fraction of costs. Fully customizable script. Free download of PG Community Software 2008, size 32.04 Mb.

Akeni Social Networking Software 3. 1. 2021 Akeni Technologies 

Akeni Social Networking Software, Intranet Portal and Collaboration Software for Business. Integrated instant messaging, forums, blogs, file upload, channel, in/outboard, bookmarking. The main difference between Akeni Space's Chat and a public instant messaging systems such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk and AOL Messenger(AIM) is. Free download of Akeni Social Networking Software 3. 1. 2021, size 6.40 Mb.

PG SocialPrise July.2011 Pilot Group Ltd 

Start your client based or corporate community site with PG SocialPrise software today!
3 designs: Corporate, Business and Niche social networking templates!

You can launch a high-impact site for educated professionals, your company employees, your brand or your customers. Save money and time on setup and monthly fees: we offer a. Free download of PG SocialPrise July.2011, size 199.23 Kb.

PG Community Pro NOV.2010 1.0 Pilot Group Ltd 

Start your own professional networking site with PG Community Pro Software today! Moderators, extended users/payment stats, attractive Design! There are dating aspects for your special community to create a mix of dating and social networking features for active community! With PG Community Pro Software, you can create a high-impact site within the. Free download of PG Community Pro NOV.2010 1.0, size 5.81 Mb.

Hiitch (The Social Networking Platform) 1.0 hiitch 

Hiitch is a secure and advanced desktop social networking platform. It allows you to build a focused and private network of communities for your family, friends, company and etc. It gives you total control and freedom for your social networking needs.. Free download of Hiitch (The Social Networking Platform) 1.0, size 32.37 Mb.

Social Camera 2.0 SteelSoft 

Easy to record and share video to your social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr Google+ and so on. Front - facing camera can be used, also can be used back- facing cameras to shoot.While recording. It is very easy to use, press button and talk, you can record video and audio. After recording is complete, the video is. Freeware download of Social Camera 2.0, size 1000.00 Kb.

PG Community Pro JUL.2009 Pilot Group Ltd 

Start your own professional Social Networking site with PG Community Pro Software today!!!

Dating aspects for your special community to create a mix of dating and social networking features for active community! Multi-level administration system, extended user/payments statistics and attractive Design! With PG Community Pro Software,. Free download of PG Community Pro JUL.2009, size 49.09 Mb.

Social Networking Sherlock 1.0 JADsoftware 

Social Networking Sherlock (SNS) is a desktop program that will allow you to recover deleted conversations from social networking sites, instant messaging applications, and email programs that are left behind on the hard drive of a computer.
SNS is being utilized in a number of scenarios including, but not limited, to the following:
. Free download of Social Networking Sherlock 1.0, size 2.83 Mb.

Social Networking POC 1.0 Opennetwork 

A networking site on the lines of Orkut.Right now we plan to build it on Jboss seam and use a Java content management system like apache Jackrabbit as the backend. It would be more of a POC than an actual commercial app. Later on mabe it can be enhanced

Social Networking POC 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of Social Networking POC 1.0, size 0 b.

Hiitch 1. 2. 2015 Quadedge 

Hiitch is social networking software that allows you to create your own private community for anything that interest you.
Hiitch is about personalizing your community. It offers you an entire open sourced desktop social networking platform that allows you to spin off your own personal community just for your family and friends.
Start. Free download of Hiitch 1. 2. 2015, size 32.38 Mb.

Feedbook Feedbook 

With feedbook you can bring most popular social networking services Twitter & Google Buzz to your desktop. Subscribe to any RSS and Atom news feed and watch your favorite podcasts.
Feedbook also recognize # @ & as special keywords, so that you can subscribe to feeds of any on going topic on twitter like #download, #movie or #cricket.. Freeware download of Feedbook, size 42.95 Mb.