Format Of Daily Sales Report

EZ Retail POS 1.2.99 CG Design 

EZ Retail POS makes it possible for smaller businesses to take charge of their daily sales. It is designed for the company looking for a simple, yet professional way to complete transactions, without the complexity of the big-name titles.. Free download of EZ Retail POS 1.2.99, size 8.85 Mb.


Factura Simple for MS-Access 2000 1.0 

Factura Simple is an easy software to create invoices, it is a database created in MS-Access 2000 that include a customer and products/services catalog, you can change the format of the invoice and print a daily invoice report.. Freeware download of Factura Simple for MS-Access 2000 1.0, size 221.00 Kb.

Sales Report Spreadsheet for Excel 1.0 SpreadsheetsBuilder 

This is a series of pre-configured and customizable Excel spreadsheets template for sale management purposes.

The worksheet tracks your sale data from products, sales person, customer, quarter revenues, commission, and product cost. We generate all the reports by using Excel Pivot table based on these source sales data; you can easy to. Freeware download of Sales Report Spreadsheet for Excel 1.0, size 28 b.

Inventory Bookkeeping Software Data Theft Protection 

Billing accounting software generate various accounting reports including final report (Balance sheet report, Profit and loss report, Trial balance report) along with stock report, sales report, purchase report and production report for the better user interaction and ease to use. Billing invoice software facilitates to validate the company user to. Free download of Inventory Bookkeeping Software, size 31.04 Mb.

Software Administration Kit 1.8 Lobstersoft 

The Software Administration Kit (SAK) is an unique all-in-one solution for customer and order tracking, form letter and e-mail submission, sales report generation, version management and order fulfillment. SAK can import your customer information directly from any other customer database, or from the e-mail client records that you receive from most. Free download of Software Administration Kit 1.8, size 2.43 Mb.

cel2fr 1.0 Cel2fr 

cel2fr is a perl script that can be used to convert Affymetrix CEL files into a format matching an Illumina Final Report. The primary use of this tool is to work in concert with the CNV analysis tool CNVision (, but its use is ideal for meta-studies combining multiple datasets.

Current version is not yet functional.. Freeware download of cel2fr 1.0, size 0 b.

FutureWare Personal HypertensionTracker FutureWare SCG 

The FutureWare Personal HypertensionTrackerr application for PC and Palm maintains a history of daily blood pressure readings, which are displayed in a set of color-coded bar charts, which can be printed in tabular form, which can be faxed to a prescribing physician office, and optionally can be sent over a secure Internet connection to a. Free download of FutureWare Personal HypertensionTracker, size 2.56 Mb.

HealthChecK 1.51 Kutchka Limited 

Got a problem with the format of your Word document? Wish you had an expert at your shoulder who could point to all the errors and then tell you how to fix them? HealthChecK is that expert. It will scan your document and then guide you to each problem. At the click of a button, it will explain the problem in more detail and provide advice on how to. Free download of HealthChecK 1.51, size 5.22 Mb.

AheadBy 1.0 Brigsoft 

It allows a user to change the output format of the System Tray Clock. Standard format looks as HH:MM. This application allows controlling time format, showing calendar, changing text color and etc. Some persons like set their watches little ahead. Especial for them the program can shift output time ahead by some minutes. This option does not. Free download of AheadBy 1.0, size 641.02 Kb.

Instant Leads Generator 1.90 Instant Leads 

This Lead Generation software is a complete software solution that handles all aspects of live sales leads for any industry. Including the capture, analysis, filtering and custom delivery of live leads to your clients as well as a comprehensive auto-responder system to automatically introduce your customers or sales agents to the leads you. Free download of Instant Leads Generator 1.90, size 550.91 Kb.

Apex SQL Report 2008.04 Apex SQL tools 

Apex SQL Tools has released new version of Apex SQL Report. Apex SQL Report is a web solution crafted for SQL developers. Apex SQL Report is a SQL tool that generates HTML and graphical reports. New Apex SQL Report includes fusion charts, multi column sorting, grouping & filtering using Janus web grid, export PDF, Excel & XML, Office 2003. Free download of Apex SQL Report 2008.04, size 7.70 Mb.

Easy Cash Manager Moor Computer Productions 

Easy Cash Manager is an easy to use freeware utility that will allow you to keep track of your daily expenses and income. Its quick and after using the software you will notice that it is really a breeze to enter new transactions and view reports. Simplicity also lies at the heart of the software, so you will be using all its features in no time,. Freeware download of Easy Cash Manager, size 0 b.

Lock Poker 5.0 Lock Poker 

Texas Holdem is the most popular format of poker. It is played worldwide and is featured on TV with such tournaments as the WSOP and WPT. It is played in two common formats - ring games and tournaments. Ring Games or cash games are tables that players can select their stakes and can come and go as the please.

Lock poker has many ring. Freeware download of Lock Poker 5.0, size 0 b.

ADInstruments Circadian Analysis 1.1.400 ADInstruments 

The MLS395/7 Circadian Analysis Module for Windows analyzes data with a daily pattern, and generates graphical and tabular views of the daily and averaged circadian data. This module is useful for analyzing data with a daily pattern. The Circadian Analysis Module should be used with the latest version of LabChart.. Free download of ADInstruments Circadian Analysis 1.1.400, size 5.60 Mb.

Libro de Obra 11. 9. 2027 Bauskript Software 

The Site Journal for Windows is a software for the daily contruction report (building journal).

It is intended to help site-supervising architects, engineers, and construction companies document site inspections.

The construction diary is one of the most important tool, to head off a quarrel, and furthermore it. Free download of Libro de Obra 11. 9. 2027, size 14.89 Mb.

Rays of Hope Screensaver 1.0 RateMyScreensaver 

Are you too stressed because of all the problems of the daily life?
Have you ever felt that there is no hope in living a good life?
Do you need something that will really help you to relax?

Rays of Hope Screensaver will bring peace and tranquility to your desktop.

This awesome screensaver will definitely help. Freeware download of Rays of Hope Screensaver 1.0, size 0 b.

Binary Format Description Language 1.0 Bfdl 

An xml based format that describes the format of binary files. Provides an engine and API system to access files based on a simple XML "plugin".

Binary Format Description Language 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Binary Format Description Language 1.0, size 0 b.

svoktrainer 01 Svoktrainer 

I heard about a method where you can learn 1000 words in a year with 10 minutes of daily effort.
This program does organize, and divide the words in daily chunks.
It is a module for Lepton-CMS or WebsiteBaker

10 Minutes Training a day, 3 new words each day, a total of not more than 24 words , CSV import, export, CSV in. Freeware download of svoktrainer 01, size 359.82 Kb.

Postfix e-mail report 1.0 Postfixmailrep 

Daily Quota report on Postfix/MYSQL accounts for system administrators

Postfix e-mail report 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Postfix e-mail report 1.0, size 0 b.

Pdf Splitter Professional PDF Splitter 

Sharing & distributing large size multipage pdf is very cumbersome task for any user if it is the part of daily work. If you need to send individual report to multiple clients, pdf splitter professional edition is easy to use solution which helps to break each pages of a pdf. Pdf split merge professional application is all in one combined. Free download of Pdf Splitter Professional, size 1.49 Mb.

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