Forms Of Front Office

FreeBar Colin Finck 

FreeBar is an open-source shortcut bar with the style of the Microsoft Office shortcut bar.
This program behaves like the Microsoft Office shortcut bar; it docks on top of the screen and from there you can start your programs easily. With FreeBar you can customize your buttons, set the toolbar to display normal or flat buttons, and more.. Freeware download of FreeBar, size 1.85 Mb.


OrangePokerClub 3 23 OrangePokerClub 

Orange PokerClub offers the most popular forms of poker.
Texas Hold’em is the easiest poker game to play at Orange PokerClub. At this game 5 community cards are dealt to the center of the table, visible for every player, and 2 secret cards for every player.
Omaha High is played with four hole cards for every player and five. Freeware download of OrangePokerClub 3 23, size 2.28 Mb.

CinemaPoker 3 27 CinemaPoker 

Cinemapoker offers the most popular forms of poker. Check out the complete rules of poker to get all the details on how each game is played. Texas Hold’em is the easiest poker game to play at Cinemapoker. At this game 5 community cards are dealt to the center of the table, visible for every player, and 2 secret cards for every player.

Numerix Portfolio 5.0 NumeriX LLC 

Numerix Portfolio is a powerful front-office application that provides a consistent valuation framework for pricing and hedging complex OTC portfolios.Numerix Portfolio can be easily scaled to meet your company’s needs, from a stand-alone installation to grid-enabled enterprise deployments.. Free download of Numerix Portfolio 5.0, size 78.64 Mb.

GoDocSync 1.0 Innovation Technology Inc. 

GoDocSync enhances the functionality of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) and provides Microsoft Office users the ability to seamlessly integrate with Google Docs online. GoDocSync enables users to create, collaborate and share documents between Microsoft Office Suite and Google Docs.

GoDocSync adds a helpful. Free download of GoDocSync 1.0, size 1.05 Mb.

Kingsoft Spreadsheets Professional 2012 8.1.0 Kingsoft Office 

Kingsoft Spreadsheets Professional 2012 is one of the major elements of Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012, used to make the analysis of data easier than before.
Not only is Kingsoft Spreadsheets fully compatible with Microsoft Excel (97/2000/2003/2007/2010), but it also includes a user interface that is highly. Free download of Kingsoft Spreadsheets Professional 2012 8.1.0, size 64.95 Mb.

HS POP3 (Demo Application) 2.0 Hillstone Software 

HS POP3 is a software library written in C (supplied with full source code) which implements the client side of Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) over TCP socket layer according to RFC 1939. Among other features, the library supports user authentication, reception of internet headers and text, message deletion and statistics.

HS. Free download of HS POP3 (Demo Application) 2.0, size 95.53 Mb.

Neebly 1.0.4 Neebly 

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is one of the oldest forms of text-based social networking and a real culture phenomenon when it initially appeared. In contrast to centralized social networking websites, the IRC network is comprised of thousands of community-supported IRC servers. Neebly is a modern IRC client that allows a user to connect to these. Freeware download of Neebly 1.0.4, size 1.56 Mb.

Forest Watermill Screensaver 3.0 

Watermills are one of the oldest forms of taking advantage of natural energy sources, and the sheer combination of the water and wheel motion and sounds creates a calm environment. The Forest Watermill screensaver features a 3D scene with one of such watermills. It also features an animation of the running water, which gives it a touch of realism.. Freeware download of Forest Watermill Screensaver 3.0, size 12.03 Mb.

SoftSpire DOC to PDF Converter 1 9 SoftSpire Inc. 

SoftSpire DOC to PDF Converter is a tool that converts MS Word documents (DOC files) to PDF files, allowing you to print content of Word files in the absence of MS Office, view, and open DOC files in PDF format. This application also converts unlimited DOC files to PDF in a single conversion cycle or in one batch and supports Unicode character. Free download of SoftSpire DOC to PDF Converter 1 9, size 5.76 Mb.

Athena Desktop Crawler Exbos Limited 

Our desktop crawler/spider is a Windows Application that you can run directly from one, or more, of your home or office computers. The Desktop Crawler can extract data from multiple sites and create well formatted Xml feeds or Html reports. This version of the spider can also download whole sites creating local copies for you to browse offline.. Free download of Athena Desktop Crawler, size 1.26 Mb.

Jungle Falls 2.0 

Do you want to make an unforgettable journey into the world of the jungle with their magnificent waterfalls from the comfort of your home or office? No problem, now it's real! Download and install our new colorful, beautifully animated screensaver and enjoy the magnificent views of the rainforest and its inhabitants. A black panther, leopard,. Freeware download of Jungle Falls 2.0, size 7.68 Mb.

arrayplex 1.0.3 

ArrayPlex integrates various forms of microarray data from diverse annotation and primary data sources. It provides a programmatic framework (API set) for collaborative development and deploys as easy to maintain client-server architecture.. Freeware download of arrayplex 1.0.3, size 96.43 Mb.

BlueSphere IF Authoring System alpha.2.0 

The goal of the BlueSphere Project is to build a flexible, expandable, and easy-to-use authoring system for all forms of interactive fiction. The present focus of this project is on the development of a new interpreted programming language.. Freeware download of BlueSphere IF Authoring System alpha.2.0, size 24.00 Kb.

Casino Sim 32 

Casino Sim simulates forms of gambling and entertainment at popular casinos, from card tables and slot machines to magic shows and bars. Features include an interactive menu, currency and statistics system, AI players, a loan shark, and cheat codes.. Freeware download of Casino Sim 32, size 99.20 Kb.

FAQ XML 0.1 

Project to create a unified FAQ XML format with all applicable software to convert it to various formats, such as multiple forms of HTML, TeX, PDF, text files, etc. Useful for most of "FAQ keepers" on various forums and discussion lists.. Freeware download of FAQ XML 0.1, size 25.32 Kb.

FOFScrape 1.0 

Utility to 'scrape' player information for Front Office Football. Freeware download of FOFScrape 1.0, size 42.88 Kb.

JavaGuard 1.0beta4 

JavaGuard is a general purpose bytecode obfuscator, designed to fit effortlessly into your regular build and testing process, providing peace of mind that your valuable Java code is more secure against decompilation and other forms of reverse engineering. Freeware download of JavaGuard 1.0beta4, size 204.08 Kb.

mediadbs 0.04 

mediadbs is a project to produce a flexible database system for tracking and searching for multiple forms of electronic media (eg mp3, divx, ogg) distributed on multiple servers in a local network. Currently only supports mp3.. Freeware download of mediadbs 0.04, size 19.92 Kb.

mpftools 0.5 

mpftools is a collection of tools for manipulating mpf files, Microsoft Media Package Files used by recent versions of Microsoft Office. Currently, the perl script mpfextract exists, allowing for individual file extraction from mpf files.. Freeware download of mpftools 0.5, size 7.33 Kb.

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