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Polar Studio (free version) 6.35 Blue Polar B.V. 

Do your web-based applications cost too much time and money to create?Do you spend too much in keeping your web-based applications up to date?Would you implement more key business functions in applications if you could do it quickly and cheaply? Yes? Then you need Polar Studio. Polar Studio is a FREE Software Development Tool for web-based database. Freeware download of Polar Studio (free version) 6.35, size 9.18 Mb.


TS Man 3 Blanchesoft 

Intuitive service and repair software, using a fast and royalty free database server for multi user connectivity, a simple and almost self explanatory graphical user interface, through which you, the end user, will complete the daily service and repair tasks with ease and accuracy.

Key Features

Project/Job Management

Autoroute SMTP 1.1 Elcom Soft Co. Ltd. 

Autoroute SMTP (ARS) is designed for automatic switching between SMTP servers depending on what network you are currently working in. E.g. you have two Internet service providers - FIRST and SECOND. Normally, IP address authorisation is used for SMTP servers, therefore when you are connected to the FIRST ISP you can send mail to any e-mail address. Freeware download of Autoroute SMTP 1.1, size 113.66 Kb.

MoonRO 4 1 Moon Ragnarok Online 

MoonRO is a well balanced sever keeping the setting well-established and the competition high. Custom items are not overpowered unlike other servers, you can get any item without even donating.

So, what are you waitng for? Join now and see you in-game!

With over 200 players online on two different server rates, you will. Free download of MoonRO 4 1, size 85.11 Mb.

Offtype.Net Painter 0.27 Offtype.Net 

Offtype.Net Painter is a fast, fun, free and easy way to create and share your own images online. It allows to draw sketch or road map, to create graffiti, pixel art, drawing, to paint ecard, handwrite message or note. The resulting image will be saved on the free web server and can be used anywhere on the Web. You can share it in your. Freeware download of Offtype.Net Painter 0.27, size 0 b.


BizFAX allows consumers to save greatly on resources such as paper, electricity, time and money.

Benefits :
- Cost reductions : BizFAX delivers a significant reduction in fax and document delivery costs by eliminating the need for paper-based delivery, stand-alone fax machines and associated maintenance, supply, equipment and. Freeware download of BizFax, size 5.34 Mb.

CyberCafePro Client 6.0.269 OneRoof Inc. 

CyberCafePro is the most trusted name in the Internet cafe software market since 1999 and reliably used in over 175 countries. CyberCafePro Client 6 is free and effectively & easily manages all timed public access computing environments (cyber & Internet cafes, gaming centers, telecentres, schools, libraries, community and business. Freeware download of CyberCafePro Client 6.0.269, size 11.01 Mb.

DriveHQ FileManager with FTP Service x64 5.0.335 Online File Storage & Backup 

DriveHQ FileManager 5.0.335 (x64) is the best Online Storage, Sharing, Publishing, Synchronization and FTP software. It is extremely reliable, efficient and secure, up to 3 times faster than regular FTP/HTTP; it supports drag-n-drop thousands of files or gigabytes of data. It supports advanced file caching, encryption and compression, can resume. Freeware download of DriveHQ FileManager with FTP Service x64 5.0.335, size 14.18 Mb.

HS TFTP .NET Class Library 1.1 Hillstone Software 

HS TFTP .NET class library is a .NET component which implements TFTP server and client functionality over UDP socket layer according to RFC 1350 (Trivial File Transfer Protocol). HS TFTP .NET is designed for use from Visual C# .NET (C Sharp). The use of HS TFTP .NET class library is royalty free.* TFTP server and client * Defaults to 100 concurrent. Free download of HS TFTP .NET Class Library 1.1, size 587.20 Kb.

Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO 4.9 FlexibleSoft Co. 

Flexiblesoft develops Internet-related software. When developing Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO, the company sought to address typical dialup connectivity issues such as lost Internet connections, idle time "bumping" and monitoring of fluctuating connection speeds. Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO tackles these issues and provides users with other. Free download of Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO 4.9, size 2.21 Mb.

Freedomizer Guard- 1 SLU Corp. 

Freedomizer Guard-1 is a New and unique Program. For the first time ever, FG-1 is dedicated to protect mail traffic transmitted via SMTP and POP3 protocols. It easily communicates with all known mail clients, such as Outlook, Mozilla, etc. The program provides traffic protection with the help of SSL protocol by establishing a secure connection. Free download of Freedomizer Guard- 1, size 1.36 Mb.

UseBestMail Personal Edition Signal Trading LLC 

Immediately Block 100% of spam from your inbox. Uses whitelist, challenge-response and preview. Keeps email born viruses, spyware and malware on the server where they can do you no harm. Has a spam-free channel nobody else offers. Any UseBestMail equipped user can communicate with any other in a spam-free channel. All messages transmitted in this. Free download of UseBestMail Personal Edition, size 5.47 Mb.

Astral Masters 1.2 apus software 

Apus Software welcomes all card players and invites you to challenge your brains and hone strategic thinking skills in a new turn-based strategy card game Astral Masters. The game builds on the success of its massively popular predecessor - Astral Tournament that won the hearts and minds of thousands of card players around the world. Take a. Free download of Astral Masters 1.2, size 7.80 Mb.

Abot Group Mail Professional 5.0.0 

Abot Group Mail is high-speed, targeted email marketing software for advertising, targeted newsletter marketing, and keeping in touch with clients. It has a professional and simple user interface so that you can set it up in just a few minutes.Mailing list address import and export: email ids? can be imported from both text files and excel files.. Free download of Abot Group Mail Professional 5.0.0, size 2.59 Mb.

Advanced Email Locator 1.62 Tweak Marketing Inc. 

AEL is designed for processing e-mail address lists to obtain detailed information, including country of e-mail address registration (and state for addresses in USA), domain owner's name, address, and some other data. With AEL you can find out if an e-mail is hosted on a "Free email" server (server that provides free e-mail addresses,. Free download of Advanced Email Locator 1.62, size 1.17 Mb.

Outlook TabCal 1.50527 Inc. 

Have you ever wanted a way to make your Outlook calendar data more accessible? What about a way to integrate your calendar with the same look and feel into your web site?Outlook TabCal takes care of it all. As the name suggests, TabCal reads tab formatted calendar files. From Outlook, click File, Import and Export, Export to a File, then Tab. Free download of Outlook TabCal 1.50527, size 8.19 Kb.

MZ Manager 2.4.003 Code Construction ApS 

MzManager is a tool to get the best out of the game.

Main features:

- Track the training progress of your players and know when they are bout to gain an extra ball.
- Determine the optimal training path for each player.
- See per player at what position on the field they are best.
- Set. Freeware download of MZ Manager 2.4.003, size 6.20 Mb.

MailEnable Professional Edition 5 11 MailEnable Pty Ltd 

MailEnable™ Professional Edition includes all features of MailEnable™ Standard Edition plus additional functionality such as webmail and web administration, 3rd party antivirus scanning, enhanced anti-spam features & IMAP4. Professional Edition provides the features and flexibility to make it the ideal mail hosting solution. Free download of MailEnable Professional Edition 5 11, size 0 b.

Screen Shield 2. 5. 2004 Vibersoft 

OK, so you decided to make your own business. You know about Internet and PCs, so you mounted a small cybercafé with a couple of computers. After you have installed the appropriate 'base' software (OS and basic apps) you realize that you need something to control them while people come to visit your premise. So it's time. Freeware download of Screen Shield 2. 5. 2004, size 2.99 Mb.

Smartlaunch Client 4.1.363 Smartlaunch Systems 

Smartlaunch Client is the client component of the multilingual application called Smartlaunch, a powerful program designed for your cyber cafe or online gaming center. This program, which is delivered on a shareware basis, runs in conjunction with the free Smartlaunch Server/Administrator module. This application enables customers to connect to the. Free download of Smartlaunch Client 4.1.363, size 14.34 Mb.

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Free English Games

Free quiz-type game rotated each month. Topics covered include vocabulary, spelling, reading, listening and grammar. Requires Macromedia Flash Player.


Offers free ringtones for various brands of phone.


Provides a free onlne eye test to determine prescriptions for vision products for sale.

Cyndi's Sugar Free Heaven

Offers sugar free and low carb chocolates.

Free Energy and Perpetual Motion

An account of Johann Bessler and his perpetual motion machine. Includes new theory on free energy machine, plus description of secret code, containing full details of construction of his...

Selection of free machine translators and dictionaries.

Free Energy Propulsion

Magnetic free energy propulsion system theory.