Free Install Project Igi Game

Framework for Game Related Research 1.0 

The aim of this project is to develop a framework to be used in the study of certain aspects ofgame theory (in particular how accurately game theory can be used to predict coalition formation.). Freeware download of Framework for Game Related Research 1.0, size 922.42 Kb.


Galmast Space Strategy Game 1.5rc1 

This project is a SuperWaba/Java based Space Strategy Game. Is is based on Master Of Orion (r) and has many similarities in play. The main target is Palm Pilot, though due to the cross platform nature of waba, it is possible to run it on PC. Freeware download of Galmast Space Strategy Game 1.5rc1, size 74.52 Kb.

Game Programming Engine 1.0 

The GPE (Game Programming Engine) project is my attempt to program a game engine from scratch in C++ and Lua using the OGRE, CEGUI, and OIS libraries. I am currently using the GPE to power my computer game Abaddon.. Freeware download of Game Programming Engine 1.0, size 61.02 Mb.

General Adventure Game Engine 

This project's goal is to create a generic adventure/RPG game engine. GAGE will be C++ source, whereas CGAGE will be C source.. Freeware download of General Adventure Game Engine, size 26.12 Kb.

glAnts-mech - An Ant game simulation 32 

glAnts-mech - This project is a combination mech game and simulation that will allow you to interact with simple artificial ants. Once you provoke them, they will send fire ants out to protect the nest. Kill the ant mech bots.. Freeware download of glAnts-mech - An Ant game simulation 32, size 524.41 Kb.

inda-project-09 1.0 

A multiplayer tank game developed in Java as a first-year project for Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.. Freeware download of inda-project-09 1.0, size 2.53 Mb.

Java Solitaire Project 1.0 

Klondike solitaire game written in Java Swing/AWT by two first year computer science/engineering students for a school project.. Freeware download of Java Solitaire Project 1.0, size 1.74 Mb.

Java Tile Based Role Playing Game rc 

This project is intended to be a tile-based role playing game maker. That is, it will include both tools for creating the content of an RPG, and an engine that will parse that content and actually make it playable. Essentially, it is an RPGMaker2K clone.. Freeware download of Java Tile Based Role Playing Game rc, size 104.61 Kb.

JvS Calculator Project 1.0 

This is a calculator project for the JvS text based role playing game. We use VB to run it. This is a windows form application.. Freeware download of JvS Calculator Project 1.0, size 12.01 Kb.

JXFire - A Java Multi User Dungeon Game 1.0 

JXFire is a Multi-User Dungeon Game written in Java, based on Project RedDwarf, a java gaming server framework.. Freeware download of JXFire - A Java Multi User Dungeon Game 1.0, size 337.08 Kb.

Last chance project 1.0 

Last chance project is a free fps game based on the Fps creator engine.Please visit for more information. Freeware download of Last chance project 1.0, size 93.48 Mb.

Last Hope, A medieval Web Game 1.0b 

Last Hope, are a project of a web-based game .The context : heroic / fantasy game wih a \"classic\" medieval context, You can start as many positions : you are a poor boy-farmer, your farm need to grow up, because the king and their subjects ne. Freeware download of Last Hope, A medieval Web Game 1.0b, size 240.19 Kb.

Left 4 Dead: Serenity Project 11.2010 

The Left 4 Dead: Serenity project gives fine grained ability to filter objectionable content from Valve's popular PC game 'Left 4 Dead', while maintaining interoperability with unmodified copies of the original game.. Freeware download of Left 4 Dead: Serenity Project 11.2010, size 41.33 Kb.

MAD - Adventure Game Engine 200 

The MAD Project is an attempt to create a powerful, flexible game engine, which is specifically designed for graphical adventure games.. Freeware download of MAD - Adventure Game Engine 200, size 1.86 Mb.

Magic Master Project 32.20040707 

Magic Master Project is aimed to be a lightweight game development toolkit, based on Python and PyGame, for making strategy and RPG games (single and multiplayer). First goal is a remake of the famous Master of Magic game with multiplayer support.. Freeware download of Magic Master Project 32.20040707, size 3.44 Mb.

NaruGo Go Game Java AI beta.0.9.48 

NaruGo is game AI project. Current targets are GO board game and Texas Holdem poker. It investigates Genetic programming to build game AI logic. Also EA/GP simulations for TSP, Graph layout and Prisoners Dilemma problem.. Freeware download of NaruGo Go Game Java AI beta.0.9.48, size 6.72 Mb.

NASZ Project 

NASZ Project: a crpg game with graphical interface based on HGE.. Freeware download of NASZ Project, size 1.65 Mb.

OBSE Plugins Project 

The aim of this project is to develop plugins written in compiled languages for Oblivion (a role-playing game) through the Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE).. Freeware download of OBSE Plugins Project, size 163.23 Kb.

Open 3D Game Engine 1.0 

This project started as my own work learning and cultivating my skills developing a highly efficient, open source 3D game engine for Windows systems. Benchmarking and code efficiency are the corner stones of the project.. Freeware download of Open 3D Game Engine 1.0, size 11.87 Kb.

Open Game Studio 

The Open Game Studio is a project that targets game developers (mostly hobbyists). The goal of this project is to create a development environment that focuses on developing the game content. An engine that can run the created games is in work too.. Freeware download of Open Game Studio, size 11.66 Mb.