Free Maktaba Shamila Library

Free Pascal Gfx Library 1.0 Fpgfx 

The Free Pascal GFX Library is a framework to quickly develop cross-platform GUI software. It is light weight, and connects directly to the underlying system, allowing for the creation of small and fast graphical applications.

Free Pascal Gfx Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Free Pascal Gfx Library 1.0, size 0 b.


Free Pascal Programmer Library 1.0 Paslib 

The Free Pascal Programmer Library is a comprehensive collection of components for use with the free pascal compiler, making use fpc 2.2's new generics capabilities. Includes collections, iterators, XML parsers, and a GUI library.

Free Pascal Programmer Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Free Pascal Programmer Library 1.0, size 0 b.

FLISP-J: Free Lisp Library for Java 0.1 

Free & Compact Lisp Library for Java 5.0 and later. Freeware download of FLISP-J: Free Lisp Library for Java 0.1, size 23.35 Kb.

JFreeChart 0.9.2 Simba Management Limited 

JFreeChart is a free Java class library for generating charts (GNU LGPL). Support is included for: pie charts, bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, time series charts, candlestick charts, high-low-open-close charts and more. Use in applications, servlets, JSP or applets. Export to PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG and HTML image maps. Complete source code is. Freeware download of JFreeChart 0.9.2, size 870.40 Kb.

DocktorUI 1.0 Synved Ltd. 

DocktorUI focuses on providing an highly customizable and lightweight docking framework in a compact, efficient and hassle-free UI component library. It tries to meet everyday's developers needs by being unobtrusive and small while still fulfilling one of the major needs in UI construction with its highly efficient layout and rendering engine.. Free download of DocktorUI 1.0, size 1.80 Mb.

JFreeChart Demo 1.0.13 Object Refinery 

JFreeChart Demo is a demo of another product, JFreeChart, that is a free Java chart library for program developers. By using JFreeChart, the Java developers will be able to include professional quality charts in the applications they build. JFreeChart Demo just demonstrates the charts that are included in that .class file. You will be able to. Free download of JFreeChart Demo 1.0.13, size 867.33 Kb.

BIT Everest DigitalTV 1.0 

BIT Everest is a free open source library that supports some popular mobile digital TV demultiplexer (Demux). It is expected to support Japan 1-Seg (1seg, oneseg), Korean and China T-DMB (TDMB), CMMB and Europe DVB-H (DVBH).. Freeware download of BIT Everest DigitalTV 1.0, size 742.73 Kb.

JGraphT 0.8.3 

JGraphT is a free Java class library that provides mathematical graph-theory objects and algorithms. JGraphT supports a rich gallery of graphs and is designed to be powerful, extensible, and easy to use.. Freeware download of JGraphT 0.8.3, size 1.27 Mb.

MathGL 2.0 

A free cross-platform library of fast C++ routines for the plotting of up to 3-ranged data. It can export to bitmap and vector EPS/SVG files. There are window interfaces (GLUT/FLTK/Qt) and console tools. MathGL can be used from C/Fortran/Python/Octav. Freeware download of MathGL 2.0, size 4.03 Mb.

Open Dynamics Engine 0.12 

A free, industrial quality library for simulating articulated rigid body dynamics - for example ground vehicles, legged creatures, and moving objects in VR environments. It's fast, flexible & robust. Built-in collision detection.. Freeware download of Open Dynamics Engine 0.12, size 1.81 Mb.

PoDoFo 0.9.0 

The PoDoFo library is a free, portable C++ library. It can parse and modify existing PDF files and create new ones from scratch. It also includes several tools to work with PDF files.. Freeware download of PoDoFo 0.9.0, size 1.08 Mb.

PTCPas 0.99.12 

PTCPas is a free, portable framebuffer library, written in Free Pascal. It allows low-level high-speed graphics access on multiple platforms.. Freeware download of PTCPas 0.99.12, size 603.02 Kb.

OpenSLA4J 1.0 

Free Java monitoring library to easily instrument apps to measure performance detail over time with minimal overhead. Has dashboard, SVG graphs. Extends Jamon and its statistical data, same usage. JMX, SNMP planned.

OpenSLA4J 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of OpenSLA4J 1.0, size 0 b.

JavaScript Visual Components 1.0 Jsvc 

A free JavaScript component library for ASP. It provides so many useful components.It like ROR's simpleness, and ASP.NET's celeriry.

JavaScript Visual Components 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of JavaScript Visual Components 1.0, size 2.45 Kb.

FDCLib 1.0 Fdclib 

FDCLib - Free Delphi Class Library. A collection of low-level easy to use / re-use classes to use as basic building blocks in new projects. Mostly standalone non-visual classes that don't have any external dependancies.

FDCLib 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of FDCLib 1.0, size 0 b.

pycpp 1.0 Pycpp 

pycpp is a free C++ class library that will help you to easily write C++ code for both, embedding and extending C++ and Python. It comes along with a code generator that uses Python itself as interface language between C++ and your Python code.

pycpp 1.0 License - Artistic License; GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of pycpp 1.0, size 0 b.

.Net Widget Toolkit for Asp.Net 3.4 Kalitte Information Technologies 

Why buy an expensive dashboard and data visualization software bundle instead of combining dynamic dashboards framework with any free data visualization library such as Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET or Kalitte Gauges for Asp.Net to create digital dynamic dashboards ? Dynamic Dashboards also includes rich open-source Asp.Net widget. Free download of .Net Widget Toolkit for Asp.Net 3.4, size 20.15 Mb.

MP3 EZlib 2.5 NewBiTrix 

EZlib is a Free MP3 Music Library and Playlist Manager.rnFeatures:rnrnCustom-Query on 14 ID3v2 tag fields and file dates to create a Working ListrnSingle and mass ID3v2 Tag UpdaternFour user-defined, Custom ID3v2 tag fieldsrnFour user-defined Music Rating Fields plus TempornSongwriter´s aidrnPlaylist creation and maintenancernPlaylist. Free download of MP3 EZlib 2.5, size 2.47 Mb.

ButtonBar Component 1.00 Priyatna Codes 

ButtonBar is a free Visual Component Library (VCL) for Delphi. It is a button bar that takes a list of strings as its captions and accepts an imagelist as its glyphs. It shows the currently selected button in down state. It can show buttons horizontally or vertically. It is an alternative to toolbar or speed buttons.

I forgot the reason. Freeware download of ButtonBar Component 1.00, size 251.66 Kb.

(SocketCoder) Free RTP VOIP Library 0.2 Rtpvoiplib 

Is a Free Open Source RTP VOIP Library. Contants For R.0.2: 1- RTP/UDP Multicasting & Unicasting Voice Transmission 2- RTP/UDP Client/Server Using Reflector service Unicast-->(Talker to Reflector Server) and Multicast--> (Reflector Server to Clients)

R0.2: Add Reflector Server For UDP, R0.2: Fixed Infinity sending bug in. Freeware download of (SocketCoder) Free RTP VOIP Library 0.2, size 148.96 Kb.

Free Maktaba Shamila Library Web Results

Opuzz Royalty Free Music Library

One of the largest royalty free music library. Music that is royalty free and no cue sheets submission required. You may use the Opuzz royalty free background music library for broadcasting,...

Free HL Iconlib

A free and opensource Java library for extracting icons and GIF-images from the hotline.dat file of the Hotline software provided by Hotsprings, Inc.

Theft Library

Offers free on-line electronic library of theft reports submitted by anyone who has had something stolen from them.

Koha - Open Source Library System

Free Open Source Library System, which has a full catalogue, opac, circulation, member management and acquisitions package.

Royalty-Free Vector Graphics Library

We offer Royalty-Free Vector Illustrations. Fast and inexpensive way of direct purchase for designers. It's hard to believe, but we're the authors of every illustration you'll see in our store. We...

Online community of cross stitchers, each has their own free gallery to display cross-stitch projects. Also, provides free patterns in the Pattern Library.


A free/open-source library for quantitative finance, written in C++ and exported to different languages such as Python, Ruby and Scheme.