Free Mouse Over Translator In Urdu

TranslateIt Westlanguage version 8.1.3 RealSofts 

TranslateIt! ( ) offers a convenient way to translate words from German into English on the Internet and in other computer programs. The software incorporates mouse over translation so users simply move their mouse over the German words and the definition appears almost instantly. The program has big German-English. Free download of TranslateIt Westlanguage version 8.1.3, size 25.04 Mb.


Translate Words Under Cursor 7.5 Translate Words 

Translate Words Under Cursor ( ) offers a convenient way to translate words on the Internet and in other computer programs. The software incorporates mouse over translation so users simply move their mouse over the words and the definition appears almost instantly. Because the program is designed to work with popular. Free download of Translate Words Under Cursor 7.5, size 23.44 Mb.

PixelAlphaDetect 0.2 FoxAVideo 

PixelAlphaDetect is a handy and reliable application designed to detect the value of the alpha channels in photos.

PixelAlphaDetect also detects the RGB values of each pixel. Just move the mouse over the spot you are interested in.

. Free download of PixelAlphaDetect 0.2, size 0 b.

SV Bookmark 2.9 SmElis Technologies 

SV Bookmark is a visual bookmark manager that allows you to associate screenshots of a web site with each entry. Hovering your mouse over an entry displays a small popup screenshot of the site, making it easy to remember the content. You can quickly add new bookmarks, using the small floating toolbar and also organize them into custom categories.. Free download of SV Bookmark 2.9, size 3.73 Mb.

PhaseOut 5.4.4 PhaseOut team 

Flash Designed Skin Web Browser with all the latest protection shields: Anti Phishing PopUp Killer and CleanUp tools with extended options, Integrated Advanced Search Tool Bar and Tabbed web windows with Floating Preview on mouse over, SideBar History and Favorites extended tools, Skin Database for swapping interface Layout, Full Screen Real Mode. Freeware download of PhaseOut 5.4.4, size 2.73 Mb.

Work Log and Activity Timer 3.1 Robert Inventor 

Activity Timer is a computer activity, project or task timer. You can use it to track the time you spend using the mouse or keyboard. When minimized you can see the time so far by hovering the mouse over its icon. You can also set it to play or show reminders to look away from the screen for a few seconds from time to time as advised by eye doctors. Free download of Work Log and Activity Timer 3.1, size 2.49 Mb.

Aussie Pokies 3.0 Loryonix Limited 

Aussie Pokies is a 5-reel free slots game with 1, 5 or 10 winlines and real-to-life sounds. The gameplay is straightforward: choose how many winlines you want to play, spin and enjoy! To see the payout table, move the mouse over the Payout button.. Free download of Aussie Pokies 3.0, size 2.19 Mb.

Rubiks Snake 1.0.1 Novel Games Limited. 

In this game you will be given a picture of the shape to make, and then you will need to make it using the Rubik's Snake. To twist the snake, move your mouse over the snake and then press one of the arrows. You can also drag the snake to rotate it so that you can have a better view. There are a total of 5 levels and the levels will be harder and. Free download of Rubiks Snake 1.0.1, size 262.14 Kb.

Focus Genie 2.1 

Make any window stay on Top, automatically sets the focus of an application as your mouse passes over it. To disable Focus Genie, just hit Ctrl-Shift-F and hit Ctrl-Shift-F again to enable it. If you would like an application to Stay on Top then just hit Ctrl-Shift-T to stop it from Staying on Top just Ctrl-Shift-T again. Also has Mouse Wrap. Free download of Focus Genie 2.1, size 1.54 Mb.

The Meaning 3.0.0705.2000 Thai Com Center 

The Meaning is a simple and easy to use dictionary with many useful functions such as paragraph reader, language translator, unit conversion, currency conversion, etc. Available dictionary databases are as the following languages English, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Main program features : 1. No need. Freeware download of The Meaning 3.0.0705.2000, size 195.53 Mb.

Taglinator 4.0 SRT Enterprises 

Taglinator (tm), the easy to use random tagline generator with QuickPad (tm) Mode, GrabPad (tm), Stealth View, Tray View, command line interface, up to five custom signatures, and over 2,100 taglines. Works with any e-mail or newsreader software. Taglinator runs at the bottom of your screen or in the system tray. Swipe your mouse over the QuickPad. Free download of Taglinator 4.0, size 806.91 Kb.

Weather Widget 2007 2.1 

Desktop weather widget displays current weather conditions and allows users to view forecasts for over 140,000 US cities. This cool little widget can be dragged across your desktop and placed over any window or can be a part of your desktop background. The On Screen Display functionality gives you detailed weather conditions by just hovering your. Freeware download of Weather Widget 2007 2.1, size 1.73 Mb.

A spring is in the air 6.0 Jojoh 

Click mouse to place springs and try to avoid that the whole thing collapses. Build towers as tall as possible using springs!
- up/down to select level
- enter to start level
- esc to quit
Move mouse over existing active joint (orange joints have to be activated first) to select start for new spring.Move mouse to. Freeware download of A spring is in the air 6.0, size 643.07 Kb.

Islamic Diary Dawood Bohra Jamaat 

Islamic Diary the software that is being used by over 6,000 momineen all over the world. This program is absolutely FREE. Please use it yourself and give it to other momineen.
In this version, the Azaan icon appears in the Icon Tray on your desktop. You can either double click this icon or right mouse click and select "Configure" to. Freeware download of Islamic Diary, size 10.54 Mb.

SizeMeNow 1 4 Ketara Software 

As they are used over long periods of time, most computers accumulate large numbers of temporary, duplicate, and obsolete files and folders. These are often difficult to find using normal means, yet at the same time can waste gigabytes of space. SizeMeNow helps you easily find and visualize how your disk space is used, measure folder sizes, and. Free download of SizeMeNow 1 4, size 3.20 Mb.

Visual Tooltip 2 21 Chrsitian Salmon 

Visual Tooltip 2.21 is a program that shows a thumbnail of a window by putting the mouse cursor over a button of the taskbar.

That thumbnail can be later moved anywhere on the desktop, added in a dock bar or rotated.

The program runs, by default, in French, but can be easily changed to English or other seven languages.

MClickER 1.0 EVVAsoft 

Program MClickER used to display information about the number of clicks on the mouse buttons. If you choose "Save report", the report is saved as a file in the installed program folder (the folder name and the file will consist of a date at the time of the report). You can view saved reports. In the program settings you can choose to. Free download of MClickER 1.0, size 262.14 Kb.

HoverPage Web Browser 1.0.2 Rasmus Barringer 

A simple but powerful web browser for browsing web pages not suitable for a touch screen.

Unique features:
- Interact using both touch and a simulated mouse.
- Use javascript drop-down menus on web pages.
- Drag-and-drop (experimental, does not work on some sites).

HoverPage is the first browser to handle. Free download of HoverPage Web Browser 1.0.2, size 209.72 Kb.

Text Capture Component - GetWord 3.3 

GetWord is a professional library for capturing text on screen. It can help integrate the function of text capturing into your software product easily.Product Information:

OS Supported:
Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Vista

Development Environments Supported:
GetWord supports all the popular. Free download of Text Capture Component - GetWord 3.3, size 633.63 Kb.

Text Capture Component (SDK) - GetWord 3.4 

GetWord is a professional library for capturing text on screen. It can help integrate the function of text capturing into your software product easily.

Product Information:

Development Environments Supported:
GetWord supports all the popular development environments, such as Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio .Net 2003,. Free download of Text Capture Component (SDK) - GetWord 3.4, size 3.15 Mb.