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MSU StegoVideo 1 Graphics&Media Lab Video Group 

Free program for hiding information in video. Data that you hide can be recovered even from compressed video, or if the video was compressed again by another codec! We smartly change video with understanding how codecs works, introducing small amounts of noise. You can hide not so big files, but for cipher communication or video secret marking it's. Freeware download of MSU StegoVideo 1, size 175.10 Kb.


MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool 0.81 Graphics&Media Lab Video Group 

Free program for video quality measurements. Supports different inputformats (AVI, AVS, YUV, BMP) and metrics (PSNR, Delta, VQM, SSIM, MSU Blurring /Blocking, MSE, MSAD). Main features: results are saved in *.CSV (can be openedeverywhere), all metrics are visualized, comparative analysis (comparison ofthree files: original, and twoother, for. Freeware download of MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool 0.81, size 235.52 Kb.

Twister 2.3.2 Twister MP3 

Twister is a free program for finding and downloading MP3s and other music files on the Internet. Twister doesn't use a peer-to-peer network such as Gnutella, Kazaa, or WinMX. Instead, it uses the best search engines available on the Internet. Just enter the name of an artist or song and then click the Search button. In just a few seconds the found. Freeware download of Twister 2.3.2, size 1.38 Mb.

MeasureMe 1.1 Jummfa Software, Inc. 

MeasureMe is a software which can save you a lot of time and improve your productivity, one word: help you earn more $:-) One more good news: FREE upgrade for life!Simply, it is a software dealing with all kinds of units conversion derived from metrology, such as "100 degrees(F) = ? degrees(C)" (i.e. How many degrees Centigrade do 100. Free download of MeasureMe 1.1, size 2.04 Mb.

WindowShade 1.2 Edge Beyond 

WindowShade lets you hide the windows that are obscuring your view temporarily -- completely hassle-free and unobtrusive for your eye. Just by double-clicking the window titlebar, or pressing the Shift or Control key twice, the window will roll into just the window title bar, letting you see and interact with the windows located below the current. Free download of WindowShade 1.2, size 320.51 Kb.

Alagus Printer Installer 1 Alagus Software Company 

Alagus Printer Installer (API) is a free tool for remote installing/uninstalling network printers. Runs in Microsoft Widows Networks. The program is determined to help the system administrators. The API s main function is to make the process of installing and uninstalling the printers in your LAN easier.Generally Alagus Printer Installer is a. Freeware download of Alagus Printer Installer 1, size 420.86 Kb.

ConfigInspector 1.1 Softvoile 

ConfigInspector is a free utility for system information analysis. ConfigInspector displays the most important information about you system. The application possesses the same features as Windows XP task manager and much more! Key features of ConfigInspector - Displays list of working applications; - Displays list of working processes; -. Freeware download of ConfigInspector 1.1, size 187.39 Kb.

Christmas Bound 1 Blueskied 

A free game for the christmas holidays.The Bugs have stolen all christmas parcels from Santa Claus.Yello the little bouncing tennis ball tries to bring them back.This addicting game has elements of Arkanoid (the brick busting game) but combined with puzzle solving and more hands on arcade action.Christmas Bound requires both dexterity and logical. Freeware download of Christmas Bound 1, size 915.46 Kb.

HiYo IncrediMail Ltd. 

HiYo is a free add-on for Windows Live Messenger, offering the best quality graphical content available on the net. HiYo offers a wide variety of Winks, Animations, Emoticons and Sounds that suit every mood, emotion and style. It upgrades the Instant Messaging experience making it a lot more fun and exciting than before. HiYo is very user friendly;. Freeware download of HiYo, size 3.83 Mb.

Wider Desktop 1.0 SysDevSoftware Ltd. 

This application is designed to make your desktop wider by adding much virtual free space for your windows.Have many windows opened? Want to easy compare two or more documents opened by looking both? Simply open them in your new virtual desktop space and easy scroll desktop to see them!How it works?It takes your current desktop resulution,. Free download of Wider Desktop 1.0, size 448.51 Kb.

College Study Skills 1 College Study Skills 

Improve your Study skills is a free ebook for College and High School students to develop and improve your study skills. Includes, Doing Assignments, Taking Notes, Memorizing, and how to memorize, How to Read textbooks, How to study if you have to cram, How to write exams and prepare for tests, Creating Effective Study Space, Stress Management for. Free download of College Study Skills 1, size 628.74 Kb.

CMS SAPID File-flat Edition 1.2 Red Graphic Systems 

Do you need free software for web-site building? If so, you probably checked out a lot of open source CMS. Some of them are very hard to understand, others are limited in their capabilities. Now you can try to work with free ware CMS SAPID, and, possibly, this software will delight you. First of all, SAPID is an open source CMS, which is easy to. Free download of CMS SAPID File-flat Edition 1.2, size 854.02 Kb.

CTSCameraDetector 1.0.3 

CTSCameraDetector - unique and absolutely free program for motion detection and surveillance. When motion is detected the program can send the image received from the web camera to e-mail, save the given image on a disk or execute any application. The program is absolutely free, reliable and possesses the simple and clear user interface.. Freeware download of CTSCameraDetector 1.0.3, size 3.30 Mb.

Xstar Radio Extreme 4.6 XSTAR.RU 

Free software for listening to Internet Radio. It is possible to record the selected channel radio to mp3 file, folder 'XRadio_sound' with the recorded files automatically created in the same where you run the program 'Xstar Radio'. You can save your favorite radio station in the Favorites menu, which is called the button marked with an asterisk.. Freeware download of Xstar Radio Extreme 4.6, size 9.43 Mb.

Stopmotion 0.3.3 Bjoern Erik Nilsen 

Stopmotion is a free application for creating stop-motion animations on GNU/Linux. The users will be able to create movies from pictures imported from various video4linux devices (or simular). It also has a set of tools which makes it easy to get the movements smooth and precise. Grabbing of images and video export is plug-in based, so it's easy to. Freeware download of Stopmotion 0.3.3, size 3.48 Mb.

Mar-Kov Recipe Manager Express 7.7.3 Mar-Kov Computer Systems Inc. 

Free tool for creating and managing formulations. Specify ingredients, processes, costs, safety information, and tests. Supports the development and maintenance of batching recipes, and automatically generates batch sheets. Industry specific versions for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Paint and Coatings, Chemicals, Food and Beverage, and Feed.,. Freeware download of Mar-Kov Recipe Manager Express 7.7.3, size 52.67 Mb.

CCCalc 1.9 Excelsior, LLC 

CCCalc is a free calculator for Windows, designed to be an ideal tool for everyday calculations, either professional or occasional.

Imagine a desktop calculator which prints all your calculations to a paper tape. Imagine also that you are able to correct any printed character, and the tape will instantly recalculate everything itself.. Freeware download of CCCalc 1.9, size 661.50 Kb.

great pyramids of giza 1.0 great pyramids of giza 

internet browser free download for you to use. Information also on the best the great pyramids of Giza. For more information, go to Freeware download of great pyramids of giza 1.0, size 1.01 Mb.

Stalactite Caves Screensaver 1.0 Screensaverfine 

Stalactite Caves Image screensaver is free distribute for every body. This is completely free of any charge. This is good combinations of high quality caves image with nice effected. Download and enjoy your best from today.

Stalactite Caves Screensaver Features:

Your own setting opportunity
Nice Slideshow
. Freeware download of Stalactite Caves Screensaver 1.0, size 1.78 Mb.

MailLib 0.1 Silviu Lita 

MailLib is a free component for sending and receiving e-mails using SMTP/POP3.
The component can be used in Windows scripting, ASP or any other client application that supports COM. Freeware download of MailLib 0.1, size 51.20 Kb.

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GprMax - Numerical Simulator for GPR

GprMax 2D and 3D numerical simulator for Ground Penetrating Radar. Free to use for research and teaching purposes and can be used to create synthetic GPR responses from complex targets.

Free Software for Planetary Science

Image processing browers for Mariner 6, 7, 9, 10, Venera 15/16, and Viking Orbiter.

Mole Calc

Free software for Windows for the calculation of molecular weights. Also available in French.

Marathon Flat-Free Tire

Marathon manufactures flat-free tires for the roofing industry. The solid Marathon tire is lightweight and eliminates downtime caused by flats!

Free software for engineers and quantity surveyors

A growing selection of free to use online programs, including management, measurements, and estimation tools. Horses For Sale

Fee based horse classifieds with photo. Advanced search for horses for sale, and stallions at stud. Free classifieds for tack, trucks, trailers, and real estate.


Free software for Windows and Linux. It produces photo-realistic skies in real time with openGL.