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Free Electric 0.3 Free Electric 

Free Electric Network Drawing Interface is a free graphical user interface used to draw electrical systems.

It will be used by a lot of kind of simulations engines like loadflow or short-circuit calculations, stability and transient simulations. Freeware download of Free Electric 0.3, size 125.83 Kb.


SLGallery 1.2 Stochastic Lab 

Computers, the restless machines with unprecedented precision are helpers to human beings at many tasks, these days. Almost any challenge involving heavy-calculation from predicting population growth to modeling complex space objects requires computing power of today.Math software is still the ‘king of software products’ as it allows. Freeware download of SLGallery 1.2, size 500.74 Kb.

ERACS 3 9 ERA Technology Ltd 

ERACS is ERA Technology's suite of power systems analysis software. It allows network design and planning engineers to simulate electrical power system networks quickly and easily to judge their correct, safe and timely operation under user defined, and sometimes arduous, situations. ERACS power engineering software is at the forefront of. Freeware download of ERACS 3 9, size 26.72 Mb.

SetPower SetPower LLC 

SetPower allows you to schedule your power consumption around your needs. This saves energy and money. It's important to note, too, that SetPower will not preclude you from using your machine at any time.

For instance, you might want to jump on your home machine on your day off. Even if you have SetPower scheduled to put your. Freeware download of SetPower, size 496.64 Kb.

Math Coloring Book: Grade 1 1.00.05 Dataware 

Discover a hidden picture on each page by coloring and solving first grade math concepts on 50 pages! The hidden pictures are revealed as the pages are colored correctly. The pages in this program focus on essential math skills children need to succeed in first grade. Skills include: counting by 2's, 3's, 5's, comparing and ordering numbers,. Free download of Math Coloring Book: Grade 1 1.00.05, size 2.03 Mb.

VBTheory Calculator Portable 4.0 VBTheory 

VBTheory Calculator Portable was designed as an easy-to-use and accessible software that allows you to perform math calculations. You can use the VBTheory Calculator Portable to perform additions subtractions, multiplications, divisions, find out the square root or get into trigonometry. Once you open up the calculator, you will see a lot of. Freeware download of VBTheory Calculator Portable 4.0, size 1.99 Mb.

SeQy Calculator 1.0 Thadeus Burgess 

SeQy Calculator is a small Java application designed to enable you to calculate math expressions easily.

It's got basic functions, such as sin, cos, cos, tan and offers you the possibility to view the results in radians or degrees. for WindowsAll

. Free download of SeQy Calculator 1.0, size 0 b.

Exporia Calculator Lexi Graya 

Exporia Calculator was created as a simple and easy-to-use piece of software that can help you perform math calculations.

The calculator can be used to execute various addition, multiplication, subtraction or division operations.

. Freeware download of Exporia Calculator, size 0 b.

Calcoboter 0.901 Alpha Robert Haberlach 

Calcoboter was developed as an easy-to-use and use-friendly tool that allows you to perform the math calculations you need.

Calcoboter is a math calculator that lets you perform additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions with ease.

. Freeware download of Calcoboter 0.901 Alpha, size 0 b.

Sigma Calculator 1.0 Anup pokhrel 

Sigma Calculator, also known as SigmaCalc was developed as a simple Command Line-based math calculator.

Sigma Calculator is a tool that's been written in C and can help its users perform additions, subtractions, multiplications or divisions with ease.

. Freeware download of Sigma Calculator 1.0, size 0 b.

MBar Calculator 3.1 Alpha Meghraj Baria 

MBar Calculator was created as a small, reliable and easy-to-use application for performing basic math operations.

You can use MBar Calculator to perform additions, subtractions multiplications and divisions in no time at all.

. Freeware download of MBar Calculator 3.1 Alpha, size 0 b.

TinyCalc New web linux 

TinyCalc was developed as a small, accessible and handy piece of software that allows the user to perform quick math calculations.

TinyCalc is a Python-based instrument, can be accessed from the Command Line and can help you perform additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions.

. Freeware download of TinyCalc New, size 0 b.

Java's Calculator New java.x.beast 

Java's Calculator is a simple, easy-to-use and accessible instrument that allows you to perform various math calculations.

You can use this software to perform multiplications, subtractions, additions and divisions in no time at all.

. Freeware download of Java's Calculator New, size 0 b.

Hirouter Routing System 8.1 Hi-Spider Network Technology Company 

HiRouter free routing software is a stand-along operating system based on the Linux x86 kernel, it can be installed on a PC and will turn it into a router with all the necessary features- routing, firewall, VPN server , QoS and more.These features cater to the network management of some groups , such as cafU bar , company , net bar , SOHO and. Freeware download of Hirouter Routing System 8.1, size 61.40 Mb.

AlgeWorksheets 4.3.2 EleMaths Software 

AlgeWorksheets is a useful program with the help of which you can prepare and print pre-algebra and algebra worksheets or test papers in minutes. With this program, you can easily generate math tests for your students.

The sums may be from any one or combination of the following topics: pre-algebra (integers), algebraic expressions,. Free download of AlgeWorksheets 4.3.2, size 0 b.

Loadcalc 2002 Trial Versio 2.1.1 Robert LaCapra 

Electrc 2011 NEC Calculator is a suite of tools that performs your most common electrical design calculations in full compliance with the 2011 National Electrical Code.

<b>Conductor sizing:</b>

User selectable 2008 NEC or 2011 NEC ampacities and ambient temperature ratings
Single or parallel (up to 12). Free download of Loadcalc 2002 Trial Versio 2.1.1, size 24.51 Mb.

Power Karaoke 1.2.28 DOBLON 

PowerKaraoke is a CDG Karaoke mastering tool. It allows to create a song from scratch or can import any KAR (MIDI Karaoke song). Advanced options allow to fine-tune the CD+G track (insert bitmaps, create duets and more). Free Power CD+G Player is also included.With PowerKaraoke it is easy to:Create CD+G songs from scratch - Use any MP3 or WAV files. Free download of Power Karaoke 1.2.28, size 4.56 Mb.

Unit Converter Pro 3.1 Elkens Software 

Unit Converter Pro is a handy utility for students, teachers, and practitioners in engineering, physics, sciences, and technical subjects. It can quickly convert more than 1500 different units in 78 categories.It contains the most important conversion factors for length, area, volume, mass, force, pressure, density, energy, power, temperature,. Free download of Unit Converter Pro 3.1, size 1.01 Mb.

Advanced Win7 Optimizer 3.5 Systweak, Inc. 

Advanced Win7 Optimizer is a power packed optimization tool which includes more than 20 utilities to optimize your PC easily, quickly and efficiently. This product is specially created keeping the novice users in mind. You don`t have to be an expert and dig through Windows to tweak your PC. Simply install Advanced Win7 Optimizer and you are good to. Free download of Advanced Win7 Optimizer 3.5, size 6.45 Mb.

PipeDrop G&P Engineering Software 

PipeDrop is an advanced hydraulic pressure drop calculator for liquids, gases, and 2-phase flow in pipes and ducts for Windows (tm) based computer systems. The pressure drop calculations can be in either a laminar or turbulent flow regime. Included are 3 powerful modules for calculating pressure drops for single lines, a pump network, and orifice. Free download of PipeDrop, size 0 b.

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Supplier of a wide range of power supplies including : open frame power supplies, wall mount adapters, enclosed power supplies, DC/DC Converters. Feature include: switch mode, linear, universal...

Northeast Power Systems, Inc. - NEPSI

Manufactures medium voltage capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks for power factor correction. Products, services, and technical information.

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Flash Card Math

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Power Distribution Panels Exporter

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Power Efficient Systems Ltd.

Power Efficient Systems is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of Energy Saving systems, power factor correction and voltage optimisation power savers for industrial and commercial...

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