Fuking Animals

Treasures Island 1.0 FullScreensavers.com 

Tropical island, pirate schooner in lagune, freeboters, treasurs, exotic birds, sharks, and of course animals and insects. All this you will find in the treasures island screensaver. It seems that pirates come from a forest to a bank of the sea with their famous song 'Fifteen men on the dead man's chest'. Install this colorful animated screensaver. Freeware download of Treasures Island 1.0, size 4.68 Mb.


Valentine Day Screensaver FREE 3.0 Altix Soft 

The screen saver fills your screen by colorfuls holiday images: hearts, beautiful flowers and butterflies, nice animals, and other pictures. Available such effects: flying, 3D box, date/time on top of the screen.
A calm music plays in background. All this do a mood of the Holiday of Love.
Get a romantic spirit of Valentine's Day! Saver. Freeware download of Valentine Day Screensaver FREE 3.0, size 1.28 Mb.

A Snake's Life 2.0 Twilight Games 

Pit yourself against many animals & dangers in forests, fields, deserts & other worlds in this modern arcade game. The classic snake / worm concept updated for today's computers. This game features stunning 3D rendered graphics, smooth animation, new concepts & multi-level scrolling gameplay. Face groundhogs, gators, fireflys, bad. Free download of A Snake's Life 2.0, size 6.34 Mb.

Zoo Tycoon 2 Microsoft 

Zoo Tycoon 2 is an economic simulation game designed to create a zoo accessible to the visitors and keeping your animals happy, to achieve that you will need to meet their needs and hire staff to care for animals, besides buying buildings and attractions to meet the needs of your visitors.

Gameplay: Zoo Tycoon 2, unlike his. Free download of Zoo Tycoon 2, size 0 b.

Worms 3D 1.1020 Team17 

Worms 3D continues the history of turn based strategy featuring a bizarre and outlandish array of deliciously explosive weaponry, mad animals, crazy speech and laugh-out-loud instances, in 3Dimensions!

The new demo features loads of new wormy things for you to get your teeth into - two new levels, a new weapon set, a 2 player game and. Free download of Worms 3D 1.1020, size 97.52 Mb.

Zoo Tycoon 2 - Marine Mania Blue Fang Games 

The most entertaining virtual zoo of all times increases its animals catalogue with the most beautiful marine creatures of the world. Blue Fang and Microsoft put the final flourish with this expansion to the second delivery of this management simulation game. Undoubtedly, the Zoo Tycoon series is one of the most successful franchises in this area.. Free download of Zoo Tycoon 2 - Marine Mania, size 0 b.

ZOODomino Vendel Games and MyPlayCity.Inc 

If you are fond of animals try this free zoo game! Join pairs of animals to save insects from chameleons in this dominoes game featuring 15 challenging levels, 3 great game modes and an inspiring music track. This free zoo game is a pure fun for everyone! Need a little help? Get it from the magic dragonflies!. Freeware download of ZOODomino, size 13.69 Mb.

World Riddles - Animals 1 1 Funny Bear Studio 

Have you ever imagined traveling around the world and learning about different animal species? This game allows you to do so in a very fun and entertaining manner. It features a series of numeric puzzles in which you need to discover the amount of globes hidden in a grid. As you advance through the different levels, the puzzles get more and more. Free download of World Riddles - Animals 1 1, size 24.02 Mb.

Dr. Daisy Pet Vet ValuSoft, Inc. 

Dr Daisy Pet Vet is a wonderful game in which you play a young veterinarian who must diagnose and treat a great variety of animals with different illnesses. As the animals come to the clinic, you must register them in the receptionist desk. Then, they wait in the waiting room until you assign them to an available bed in the examining room. After. Free download of Dr. Daisy Pet Vet, size 0 b.

Diego's Rescue Adventure 3-D 32.0 Nick Jr. Arcade 

Diego's Rescue Adventure 3-D is a platform game for little kids in which you have to help Diego find a variety of animals and rescue them by feeding them, giving them water, or put them a bandage in case they are hurt. There are two environments to choose from: Rainforest and South Pole.
The game includes two difficulty levels to choose. Free download of Diego's Rescue Adventure 3-D 32.0, size 6.63 Mb.

Farm Vet 1.0 Legacy Interactive 

Farm Vet is a funny 3D game based on a farm environment where you should take care of animals. You should treat and feed them to become the best vet. There are horses, calves, bunnies, ducks, sheep, chickens, etc. To begin playing you should choose your player, you will be able to select the gender, hair style, hair color, skin, shirt, pants and. Free download of Farm Vet 1.0, size 0 b.

Funky Farm 2 Sortasoft 

Funky Farm 2 is a game where you will run a farm and will raise all kind of animals there. Piper the cat, your assistant person, has given you a mission - to turn an abandoned farm into a profitable business. He has organized a party in that farm by the end of the month, so you will have to provide enough animals to make it a success and keep the. Free download of Funky Farm 2, size 17.13 Mb.

Animal Rehouse 1.0 MyPlayCity.com 

Your mission is to rehouse all animals of the Funny Islands. Drag animals into matching slots. Fill the screen before time runs out. You need to put an animal matching the shape and color on the right strip so that all strips are filled. The gameplay has several modes. Enjoy beautiful hand rendered graphics, two exciting game modes, and great fun!. Freeware download of Animal Rehouse 1.0, size 12.21 Mb.

Barnyard Sherlock Hooves 32.0 Sarbakan 

Barnyard Sherlock Hooves is a wonderful hidden-object game for kids in which you have to help Otis solve the mystery of the disappearance of the animals in the barn. Like in all hidden-object games, the goal is to find the objects that are on the list. There are five types of objects: common objects, broken objects, time-sensitive objects, special. Free download of Barnyard Sherlock Hooves 32.0, size 41.54 Mb.

Wild Thornberrys 3D Chopper Chase 32.0 Nick Arcade 

Wild Thornberrys 3D Chopper Chase is an action game for kids in which you have to rescue exotic animals in the given time before the poachers ruin your mission. You can play as one of your favorite characters (Eliza, Debbie, Donnie, Nigel and Marianne) from the cartoon "Wild Thorberrys" in a full 3D world. To rescue the animals you just. Free download of Wild Thornberrys 3D Chopper Chase 32.0, size 12.33 Mb.

Chocolate Castle 1 9 Lexaloffle Games 

Munch your way through 120 rooms of delicious puzzles with a team of hungry little animals! Chocolate Castle offers a variety of hand-designed puzzles made out of turkish delight, snakes, ice cubes, magic walls, sliding blocks, and of course chocolate. The object is to clear each room of chocolate by arranging them into large connected blocks and. Freeware download of Chocolate Castle 1 9, size 2.46 Mb.

CompliCat Four Rivers Demo CompliCat.com 

CompliCat Four Rivers is a version of the Chinese Shihen Sho. The traditional tiles and symbols were replaced with beautiful images with Cats, Animals, Flowers, Birds, Fruits&Vegetables.
The goal of the four rivers game is to eliminate all the tiles on the board and to achieve a high score to enter to Hall of Fame. The beautiful tiles are. Free download of CompliCat Four Rivers Demo, size 1.11 Mb.

Sonic DL Adventure 3.0.241 SonyTheHedgehog 

Sonic is the cool blue porcupine, who has to run around in a 2D world to collect rings, kill robots by jumping over their heads and, most important of all, gathering up the furry animals you meet during the game to free them. Chose Sonic Tails or Knuckles and go on your quest to stop Metal Sonic from blowing up the planet. After completing the. Freeware download of Sonic DL Adventure 3.0.241, size 7.55 Mb.

My Exotic Farm Bigfish Games 

My Exotic Farm is a 3D farm simulation with 5 categories of animals that produce eggs, meat and milk. To expand and develop your farm, you have to build new elements: fences, berry bush, drinking trough, etc. Buy new animals at the Great Market! Take on the challenge and build the richest and most beautiful farm in the country!. Free download of My Exotic Farm, size 34.22 Mb.

Wonder Pets Join The Circus 3 2 Nick Jr. Arcade/Smashing Ideas Inc 

Wonder Pets Join The Circus is an entertaining game for little kids in which they must help certain animals carry out their daily activities at the circus to obtain resources that can later be traded for prizes. This game will help kids understand different activities at the circus, learn to play new games, learn new words, learn math, among other. Free download of Wonder Pets Join The Circus 3 2, size 43.39 Mb.