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Touch China Magazine for iPad 1.0 China Daily 

Touch China Magazine App for iPad

Touch China magazine is the definitive in-depth magazine showcasing all facets of Chinese culture. With its newfangled design and thought-provoking content, Touch China has managed to encapsulate the Chinese subtle way of life as seen through a wide range of lenses, from classic pieces and fine art to. Freeware download of Touch China Magazine for iPad 1.0, size 7.13 Mb.


BonBonKnock Ideal Dimension Technology Co., Ltd 

It's a music rhythm game developed for touch screen mobile phone. This game has gorgeous picture and rich music. In the future, We will add community elements in order to offer better interaction for players.
BonbonKnock used traditional music games theme and funny background. Players touch the screen follow the rhythm. This game is divided. Freeware download of BonBonKnock, size 46.14 Mb.

Pairs memory game 2.3 

Pairs memory game for mobile Java enabled devices let's you play the popular card game for free on your mobile phone. Download now and see if you can make a high-score in our hall of fame. It is a very addictive game, be warned, you will find yourself spending hours playing it with your mobile, don't say we haven't warned you.

Our. Freeware download of Pairs memory game 2.3, size 206.85 Kb.

Finger Touch Guma 

It is simple game. You must touch the screen as fast as you can.
Good luck and hava a fun!

Version 2.0
*new skin
*live tile
*extra sounds

Version 2.1
*better quality. Freeware download of Finger Touch, size 3.15 Mb.

Premium Pool Iceflake Studios 

Premium Pool presents the ultimate pool game with smooth touch screen controls, stunning 3D graphics and real life sound effects. Play four different game modes in single player or in local multiplayer against your friends. Single player modes are 8-ball, 9-ball, 8-ball speed and 9-ball speed. Both 8 and 9-ball can also be played in multiplayer.

3D Simon 1.0 International Research 

The classic game of Simon Now in three dimensions!

Original 3d graphics and gameplay
Rotate the game with your touch screen. Multitouch support for pinch and zooming
Sound effects (Hear the doppler effect as you adjust the view) can be toggled in settings

. Freeware download of 3D Simon 1.0, size 22.86 Mb.

Avoid The 100 Balls 1.0 abs aslood 

Another awesome casual game is coming!

Touch and hold to move the ball.

Avoid the big balls!!

There are over 100 big circle balls running on the screen, do not crash into them!

How far can you make it ?!

Have fun!. Freeware download of Avoid The 100 Balls 1.0, size 6.61 Mb.

Avoid The Rings 1.0 Linhong Zhao 

Another awesome casual game is coming~

Touch and hold to move the ball.

Avoid the Rings in circles!

There are over 100 big circle rings running on the screen, do not crash into them!

How far can you make it ?!

Have fun!
. Freeware download of Avoid The Rings 1.0, size 7.44 Mb.

Chabu Throw 2.1 Eagle Inc. 

Mr. Chabudai takes part in the athletic sports.
He wanted to be the world champion of hammer throw. But he couldn't.
So, he started throwing the Chabudai instead of hammer!

This app is a simple game.
You just touch the screen and move your finger in a circular motion to charge ENERGY.
Next, touch again to throw the. Freeware download of Chabu Throw 2.1, size 4.61 Mb.

TouchThePawsP 1.0.6 Shinichi 

Touch the paws of the cute cats!!

For people who love paws!!

In this version , you can play the game in a large screen so you can reduce miss touches!!

This game is designed for people who love paws so much. In this game ,players could touch so many paws. Your scores will indicate the time you touched the. Freeware download of TouchThePawsP 1.0.6, size 11.74 Mb.

TouchSoccerGame 1.0 Elmar Coray 

Touch Soccer Game - The Air Soccer Game for the whole family
Move and navigate the blue and red stick with the finger on the screen, touch the ball with the stick and try to kick the ball in the goal of your competitor.

On the Main Page you can select the following Menu Items:
- Start Game Single Play (play against the. Freeware download of TouchSoccerGame 1.0, size 11.01 Mb.

FastRush SharmaTarun 

Fast run app is action game for kids to play its like Mario game where you have to help Mario in crossing different stages , going though different obstacles

# Help Mario is crossing the path
# Use screen touch to start game and tap screen to jump Mario man to cross obstacles
# Collect coins to raise your score
Added. Freeware download of FastRush, size 1.05 Mb.

Goldfish in the Sewer Add Inspiration 

Goldfish in the Sewer is a fast and addictive game, where you compete against time in 2D cartoon style.

Goldfish in the Sewer features:
• Various methods to steer the Goldfish: Tilt phone, virtual pad or full screen touch controls.
• Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay
• Handcrafted levels
•. Free download of Goldfish in the Sewer, size 16.78 Mb.

Pool Pro Free choulet 

Pool Pro Free is a realistic pool simulation game with smooth touch screen controls, physics engine, and real life sound effects.

Through the 20 levels it guarantees a tough challenge from beginners to pro players.

You have also a 2 player mode for exciting challenge with your friends.

Features :

Premium Pool Pro Iceflake Studios 

Premium Pool Pro presents the ultimate pool game with smooth touch screen controls, stunning 3D graphics and real life sound effects. State of the art AI with adjustable difficulty settings guarantees a tough challenge from beginners to pro players.

You get 9-ball and 8-ball for single and multiplayer, and two speed game modes for single. Free download of Premium Pool Pro, size 14.68 Mb.

Reverse Birdy Joe Schuchman 

Like a challenge? Try to fly the bird in reverse through the obstacles! While setting a high score along the way!

Game Features:
- Simple touch controls, touch anywhere on the screen to flap the wings
- Challenging game

How to Play:
- Tap anywhere on the screen to fly!. Freeware download of Reverse Birdy, size 5.24 Mb.


Sperminator is a simple, addicting end playable game available almost on all mobile platforms. Simply use you finger to tap on enemies to smash them before they reach the egg, use skills and challenge on many stages.
How to play:
- Touch to kill
- Tap to use skill
Pollution of the world caused disequilibrium in nature.. Freeware download of Sperminator, size 13.63 Mb.

HotField (Bullets time shooting game) 1.11 c2matrix 


HotField is a 2D/3D vertical scroller shooter game, splendid graphics effect with amazing and addictive gameplay!

The game utilize multi touch feature, you can play the game use your fingers or virtual keypad.

Double tap the screen(or Pressing the virtual A key) allows your ship to enter. Free download of HotField (Bullets time shooting game) 1.11, size 9.86 Mb.

Touch! Cute Panel - AVengers 2.1 ZERO ONE STYLE,Inc. 

They are famous and popular girls in Japan!

This app is a game app that touch on the panel of the same facial expression.
If you are able to clear within 20, 30, 40 seconds, you can get wallpaper of a girl.

*** NEW FEATURE! ***
Every character came to be able to carry out a Free to play using Game Hearts.
The. Freeware download of Touch! Cute Panel - AVengers 2.1, size 41.63 Mb.

3D Yahtzee Unlimited 1 TLK Games 

Invoke Lady Luck and roll the dice in this exciting 3D Yahtzee game, a new version of this classical game, probably originating from China. You can play three times the five dices, saving at each time the dices you want to keep to form some advantageous or obligatory figures, you look at them while they are in the air and listen as they roll on the. Free download of 3D Yahtzee Unlimited 1, size 2.97 Mb.