Game Hose Untuk Win Xp

Fix Win XP Logon 1.0.0 Doug Knox 

The Fix Win XP Logon application was designed to be a small tool that checks the Registry for the presence pf a 3rd party GINA [Graphical ldentification and Authentication ] DLL and if found offers the optipn to set Windows XP back to its
default value MSGINA.DLL.

This will not correct your problem if the 3rd party GINA. Freeware download of Fix Win XP Logon 1.0.0, size 10.48 Kb.


Space Quarry 2.11 Briggs Softworks 

Space Quarry is an asteroid blaster game for Windows 95-XP. Spin your ship around and blast passing space rocks with missiles before they collide with you. Each new round brings more rocks at an ever increasing pace to challenge your eye/hand coordination. Based on the video arcade game from the 70's but with better graphics and sound effects. 1 or. Free download of Space Quarry 2.11, size 700.42 Kb.

Quiz The Hardest Test Game In The Universe 1.8 Luke Pearce 

It's hard, Really hard. It's a test game, you can win or fail. It's for the brave ones only, the ones who like to brag about getting a high score, the ones who stay up all night trying to pass the game, the crazy ones. It's not flappy and you don't fly, This is The Hardest Test Game In The Universe.

You are about to get your FREE copy of. Freeware download of Quiz The Hardest Test Game In The Universe 1.8, size 9.86 Mb.

Pure Sudoku Deluxe 1.11 Mochek Interactive 

Pure Sudoku is the visually and intellectually stimulating sudoku puzzle game for your Windows XP PC. It is a high quality sudoku game with a style of its own. Download the Free Edition now.. Free download of Pure Sudoku Deluxe 1.11, size 8.79 Mb.

ACXtractor 3.20 MarvinTec 

ACXtractor (Audio CD Xtractor) is a fast, professional and user friendly CD ripper for Win XP/ 2k/ NT/ ME/ 9x (aka audio grabber, digital audio extraction). You can extract your AUDIO CDs very easily and save it as WAV (make a copy of your original CD), MP3 or OGG.Some other features are: freedb support, MP3 support with GOGO, LAME and BLADE, ID3V1. Free download of ACXtractor 3.20, size 790.53 Kb.

Dimelinepoker 2.0 Dimeline Sports 

Match your Gold Cards to October game board to win great prizes! Access the Match & Win game board through the Rewards section of the poker software.

Parlay your Gold Chips into big bucks with any of today's Gold Chip satellites, starting at only 2 Gold Chips.. Freeware download of Dimelinepoker 2.0, size 16.36 Mb.

Management System SYW95A 3 72 SYRIS Technology Corp. 

SYW95A software management is operating under Win98, WinMe, WinNT, Win2000 and
There are only A, B & E three types for R/O Reader, DIDO and Printer module at this
Each module must set in different ID.
All controllers and modules are required to set in the system.. Free download of Management System SYW95A 3 72, size 36.83 Mb.

The Dungeons of Neverending 32 

A very simple text based dungeon crawler, for Windows 32 bit (tested on Win XP). Fully playable though :) Written in python 2.7, as a way to learn the language. Everyone is free to use the code as they see fit.. Freeware download of The Dungeons of Neverending 32, size 1.86 Mb.

pktic 1.0 Pktic 

PKTIC is a game impossible to win, anyelse can test it, if you can win please, send me a ticket, and I will make it more impossible.

pktic 1.0 License - Affero GNU Public License. Freeware download of pktic 1.0, size 1.52 Kb.

Upcoming command line based MMORPG 1.0 Upcomingcmdmmo 

I am currently in the process of writing a win-XP cmdprompt based MMO. The server will be hosted on an encrypted text file on an ftp host. I am hoping to be able to support many user's simultaneously.

Upcoming command line based MMORPG 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of Upcoming command line based MMORPG 1.0, size 0 b.

Compare atalogs 007 Advance utilitys 

Compare atalogs utility. Free compare catalogs utility 60kb it need Win XP or Microsoft FrameWork. This utility helps to compare catalogs from your pc. Freeware download of Compare atalogs 007, size 52.43 Kb.

3 in 1 Match 1 PatoSoft 

Test and improve your memory with this addictive and FUN game.

Find all the matching cards in each of the three game modes to win.

All the cards are in a different place each game, see how quickly you can find them!


Support 3 play categories: Food, Animals and Toys

High Quality Sound. Freeware download of 3 in 1 Match 1, size 21.71 Mb.

Back Alley Bridge 1.0 Elliot Weimann 

Back Alley or Back Alley Bridge is a card game that originated from the military, probably sometime during World War II.

The game is similar to bridge and spades. The goal of the game is to win tricks, by which you score points. The idea is to bet the number of tricks you think you'll make, the more accurate you are without betting too. Freeware download of Back Alley Bridge 1.0, size 11.95 Mb.

Guess The Animal? FREE 1.01 Richard Buckingham 

Play the classic guessing game with animals! Win games to unlock even more animals.
24 animals + 5 bonus animals to unlock.
1 player mode - vs computer.
Retina graphics.
Universal app - download to all your devices!
Game Center achievements and leaderboard.
Got more than one device? No. Freeware download of Guess The Animal? FREE 1.01, size 19.29 Mb.

Guide for Card Wars - Adventure Time, Wiki Guide & Tips 1.0 Deying Hong 

Please note: This is NOT a Card Wars - Adventure Time game or an official guide.

Here is a guide for Card Wars - Adventure Time, a card war game! How to win a victory, how to get more cards or how to create cards, etc, Guide for Card Wars - Adventure will help you a lot. Master the game today with our Card Wars - Adventure Time. Free download of Guide for Card Wars - Adventure Time, Wiki Guide & Tips 1.0, size 14.37 Mb.

Hell Walks The Earth 1.2 bigeframe 

Hell Walks The Earth is a zombie film written and directed by Terence Muncy.

Play the zombie game. If you win you get to watch the movie trailer.

Game play is easy. Click on the zombies to shoot at them. Sometimes you miss. This is normal. Click on the hero to
reload a random gun. As the game progresses you'll get more. Free download of Hell Walks The Earth 1.2, size 20.97 Mb.

Pro Strategy Football 2013 2013.1319 Pro Strategy Games 

You've been waiting for a strategy football game, a game where you win by knowing football, not by having the twitchiest fingers, a game where you'?re not limited to canned plays in someone else?'s playbook, but where you can tweak any part of your offense or defense every single down!

If you love American Football strategy, welcome to. Free download of Pro Strategy Football 2013 2013.1319, size 48.34 Mb.

ConquestWars Demo Kajak Games Osk 


Conquest Wars is a real-time strategy game for all players. Do not panic, try it out
and you'll see how great this game is! To win your opponent you need to capture all
towns or the enemy castle.

- Real-time Strategy.
- 3 difficulty levels.
- Great. Freeware download of ConquestWars Demo, size 3.15 Mb.

Court Piece MSDOGRA 

Court Piece is a adaption of a popular classic card game by the same name. The game is played between 4 players in two teams. The purpose of the game is to win maximum number of tricks in every game.

Basic rules of the game are as follows:

1. The game is played with a full standard deck of 52 cards by four players in fixed. Freeware download of Court Piece, size 1.05 Mb.

Keyzard Saloon 

Keyzard Saloon is delivered worldwide, but it supports English and Italian languages.

Keyzard is a nice little game based on mathematical logic and skills. It's set in the Rupper Bridge's Saloon.
The aim of the game is to win the round one after the other, touching beer glasses following an order that is different for each round.