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Bad Dude 1.2 Wireless Worx, LLC. 

This is an awesome game. You want to play it. If you ever liked any sidescroller type action games, in the style of Metal Slug, then you want it. Plus its free. So you have no excuses.

Play this game and tell your friends. For every 1000 downloads I will make a new level, and it will still be free for you and all your friends!!!. Freeware download of Bad Dude 1.2, size 72.04 Mb.


EDP Playtime 1.0.2 EDP - Energias de Portugal, SA 

Save some energy, and the planet.

Use memory, logic and shooting skills to save energy, navigate mazes and keep the rabbits (and planet) healthy! EDP Play combines four games in one app that will test a range of your skills from easy to challenging; you'll have to fight to stay green. Combine your problem-solving skills with. Freeware download of EDP Playtime 1.0.2, size 20.34 Mb.

Elk Murder 2.7 Duffy Games 

FREE (ad-supported) version of Duffy Games' "Super Elk Murder 2017"!

Arcade-style shooting gallery fun influenced by current and classic hunting-type shooters.


- Cute, harmless, loveable wapiti to shoot at
- 10 levels of increasing difficulty
- Photo-realistic artwork (outdoor scenes. Freeware download of Elk Murder 2.7, size 19.61 Mb.

Enchanted in the Moonlight 1.2 Voltage inc. 

Voltage Romance Games for Girls: Over 22 million downloads worldwide!
The prologue is free. The main stories cost $3.99 and contain 13 episodes each.
The story saves automatically at the end of every chapter.
Check out the video here:. Freeware download of Enchanted in the Moonlight 1.2, size 45.40 Mb.

Guess? With Buddies 1.1 Deepak Demiwal 

Over 200,000 downloads of the guess series games.

New question bank version 1.1 is updated.

This is a quiz game which displays partial photos and you have to guess the correct answer from the options given.

Guess? With Buddies - 5 in 1 game
1.) Movies
2.) Celebrities and famous people
3.) Cars. Freeware download of Guess? With Buddies 1.1, size 36.60 Mb.

GUNS SHOOTER ELITE 3D 1.2 Frederico Miller 

Guns Shooter Elite 3D is a shooting games simulator, that's right, here you control all sorts of first-person-shooter guns: Pistols, Sub-Machine guns, Rifles, Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, Shotguns and many others.

This is the most advanced Guns Shooter simulator to date, all guns have effects, real sounds and are fully animated, you. Freeware download of GUNS SHOOTER ELITE 3D 1.2, size 71.41 Mb.

Honey Hoops 1.0 

Tired of the conventional basketball shooting games? Why not play Honey Hoop" and let our B-Ball Honey accompany you in battling through all the famous tourist destinations in Taiwan.

Game Features:
? Two control modes - ?Touch Gaming Mode?and the? Motion Gaming Mode ?. You will have a real workout by. Freeware download of Honey Hoops 1.0, size 81.16 Mb.

Hula Ball 1.1 Carlos Garcia 

Rodinia Games, more than 3,000,000 downloads.

One of the most addictive games * - Rodinia Games

Simple but hard turn.

*****The Game*****

Bounce the ball with a touch of the screen. Find the platform to jump or lose the game.
Every time you jump it will add a point. You have to get the. Freeware download of Hula Ball 1.1, size 27.79 Mb.

Learn The French Alphabet for Toddlers and Preschoolers 2.1 Tapfun Inc. 

- More than 400,000 downloads of our educational apps!
- 26 mini-games for each letter of the alphabet!
- Clear pronunciation and professional design suitable for children

This application is designed for toddlers and preschoolers. For each letter of the alphabet, play a mini-game and see how special buttons affect the game.. Freeware download of Learn The French Alphabet for Toddlers and Preschoolers 2.1, size 15.62 Mb.

Learning Tots Animals Free 1.3 Pixel Interactive 

Top 100 downloads in US (Topappcharts)(is/was)
Top 50 downloads in 24 iTunes stores (
Featured in Games>Educational>What's Hot section in iTunes (SG, AU, UK)(is/was)

This is the FREE version which has an internal non-clickable ad. Future content updates will be limited. For more content (extra. Freeware download of Learning Tots Animals Free 1.3, size 17.41 Mb.

My Diamonds Free 5.1 bad monkee 

* One of the most successful iPhone games in 2013
* Millions of downloads throughout the world
* Only positive reviews

"My Diamonds" is the TOP APP that everyone is playing now!
Help your alien to get his missing diamonds out of the pipes. Collect bagful of diamonds and watch out for hidden bombs everywhere. Push. Freeware download of My Diamonds Free 5.1, size 43.94 Mb.

My Forged Wedding 4.9 Voltage inc. 

Voltage Romance Games for Girls: Over 22 million downloads worldwide!

For just one month... please, pretend that were married.

A sudden proposal to enter a fake marriage. Pretending to be newlyweds started out as a dreadful task, but as you spend each day together, you slowly become drawn to his charm. Will what started as a. Freeware download of My Forged Wedding 4.9, size 13.63 Mb.

ABC Letters and Phonics for Pre School Kids KidZone Studios, Inc. 


Best educational app in the App Store -Over one million downloads across Windows, iOS and Android devices!

"ABC Letters and Phonics" delivers five most essential skill games in a single app for parents to share with kids -

**ABC Letters and Phonetics
**Numbers and Counting

Air Soccer Fever Dangling Concepts 

The only online multiplayer soccer game on Windows Phone, with over a million downloads and 4+ star rating.
Winner of Microsoft Windows 8 & Windows Phone competitions. Reviewers have rated it as Exceptional and one of the best games on Windows Phone. Air Soccer Fever lets you enjoy hours competing against anyone in the world or you. Freeware download of Air Soccer Fever, size 38.80 Mb.

Arrow Shot Entertainment Apps 

Want to train a bit of archery skills and looking for some cool sniper shooting games with bow and arrows? Try then Arrow Shot - an addictive archer shooter with high quality 3D graphics in minecraft style.
You should hit the targets standing in the lovely place in pixel forest. Prove yourself as a professional archer and don't miss!

Asterism Heroes By Design 

A fun and addictive physics-based puzzle game that gives new meaning to the words 'shooting stars'! If you like bubble games, you'll love Asterism.

Coloured star patterns have appeared in the galaxy...they must be destroyed!
Choose your angle, fire your shot! Hit the right star to rebound through space. Watch as your shot hopefully. Freeware download of Asterism, size 9.44 Mb.

Balloon Islands Rune Solberg 

Balloon Islands fits adults and children of all ages from 3 years and up. You will solve challenging puzzles and fun through 4 different types of games. Everything from shooting balloons, finding the right shadow to the right balloon, challenges on the slopes and find two alike. 40 levels with lots of fun!. Freeware download of Balloon Islands, size 8.39 Mb.

Carroms Lite DuIT 

Carrom Board is one of the most popular board games and played by more than 20 million people all over the world.

With 2900+ downloads, Carroms Lite is even more popular on Windows Phone. For sure it is the best companion on your Windows Phone and packed with lots of long fun hours!

The objective of play is to use a striker. Freeware download of Carroms Lite, size 1.05 Mb.

GamesWithFriends Mc Aulay Studios 

***Over 25,000 downloads!***

Games With Friends is like Wordament with some of your favorite Minigames (think Taptitude)! You all play the same minigame with the same exact pattern and at the end of the minigame you compare your scores against EVERYONE currently playing the game! If you liked Wordament you will LOVE this game!

HammerDice Andrew Schofield 

HammerDice is a dice-rolling application for playing table-top war games like Warhammer 40,000. In a Warhammer 40,000 battle, the accuracy of shooting, the amount of damage done and so on are all worked out by rolling six-sided dice, often several at a time to represent the actions of a squad of figures. As a turn progresses, the number of dice. Freeware download of HammerDice, size 1.05 Mb.