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Hypnosis Screensaver 1.0 Liquid Mirror Enterprises 

A fun, free hypnosis screensaver from! Look into the hypnodiscs... if you dare! In ancient times, hypnotists used to use spinning discs painted with spirals to fixate the eyes of their volunteers. Now, these classic props are recreated on your computer with the free Hypnosis Screensaver by Transform Destiny. Try staring. Freeware download of Hypnosis Screensaver 1.0, size 1.75 Mb.


The art of covert hypnosis 2.0 The art of covert hypnosis 

The Art of Covert Hypnosis is comprised of 15 audio chapters with over 8+ hours of audio instruction. There is also a comprehensive 322 page course guidebook and exercises manual too.

Be confident in knowing that even a complete novice can start right from chapter one and then gain the skills, knowledge and power necessary to become a. Freeware download of The art of covert hypnosis 2.0, size 1.37 Mb.

Black Ops Hypnosis 3. 2. 2002 Black Ops Hypnosis 

Black Ops Hypnosis is a simple piece of software designed to help you learn hypnosis. You'll discover what hypnosis is and how it is used, as well as get access to a video allowing you to hypnotize yourself. Included also is a list of the main hypnosis courses available online. This program is free to download and distribute.. Freeware download of Black Ops Hypnosis 3. 2. 2002, size 0 b.

MB Hypnosis 1 45 

MB Free Hypnosis is a free and interactive self hypnosis program. With the help of this program, one can learn to hypnotize themselves or anyone else in an easy and stress free manner. MB Free Hypnosis is a simple and easy-to-use self help software. The software helps ypu to reprogram your subconscious mind easily and quickly. The aim of MB Free. Freeware download of MB Hypnosis 1 45, size 2.47 Mb.

Self Hypnosis Videos 1.0 Hypnosis Gallery 

Self Hypnosis Video is (as the name suggests) a video that puts you into a hypnotic trance. Stare at the center of the screen for one minute, and you'll find yourself hypnotized and your vision distorted. When you look around the room after watching the video you'll get a very fuzzy output. This software is not suitable for epileptics.

Feminization Hypnosis 1.02 Feminization Hypnosis 

In our Feminization Hypnosis 1.02 you will have two feminization hypnosis sessions for free, along with supportive material We have given you access to 1. Self-Hypnosis Templates allowing you to induce your own desired suggestions2. The Action Guide 3. The mp3 file dedicated to hypnotic relaxation All of our audio files have been produced in mp3. Free download of Feminization Hypnosis 1.02, size 40.18 Mb.

Underground Hypnosis 1.0 Hypnosis Gallery 

Underground Hypnosis is an interactive tool to help you learn hypnosis. Choose a free or premium resource, and you'll be taken to pages of powerful information on how to use hypnosis on others. Included is a particularly interesting 15 page document on how to get the truth out of others. This is free to download and distribute.. Freeware download of Underground Hypnosis 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

Hypnosis Wheels Toolbar 1.0 Hypnosis Wheels 

Hypnosis Wheels Toolbar For Internet Explorer. Learn everything you've ever needed to know about Hypnosis Wheels with this toolbar. Find out how hypnosis wheels are used in hypnosis techniques to induce a state of mind control.. Freeware download of Hypnosis Wheels Toolbar 1.0, size 912.26 Kb.

Conversational Hypnosis eBook 1.0 Underground Hypnosis 

Conversational Hypnosis eBook teaches you all about hypnosis. You'll learn how to influence others, get them to follow your lead, how to tell if someone is lying to you, the process of hypnosis and more. This is very powerful if you use it properly. The program is free to download and distribute.. Freeware download of Conversational Hypnosis eBook 1.0, size 2.04 Mb.

Hemi-Sync Hypnosis Tussle With Insomnia 1.11 Interaura 

Hemi-Sync Hypnosis Tussle With Insomnia. Obtain instant freedom from physical, mental and emotional tensions. Maintain a state of calmness and think clearly while coping with stress. Interaura hypnosis programs can help you experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states, by combining video sequence and audio effects with the binaural. Freeware download of Hemi-Sync Hypnosis Tussle With Insomnia 1.11, size 90.59 Mb.

BrainWave Accelerator 2.1 Subliminal Messages 

Stimulate your brain using audio sound waves, meditate, try self-hypnosis or develop extremal abilities. This software is a part of the Subliminal Messages Flash package- the most popular software for self-hypnosis and self-esteem building.You can easily reach altered states of your mind, all you need is stereo earphones.Just download this free. Free download of BrainWave Accelerator 2.1, size 411.65 Kb.

Subliminal studio lite 2.2 Subliminal message software. 

Application for hypnosis with subliminal messages. Includes a huge number of subliminal affirmations for different purposes, includes such categories as: self-esteem, weight loss, motivation, skin improvement, etc. Works with micro time intervals. (10-100 milliseconds).. Free download of Subliminal studio lite 2.2, size 512.00 Kb.

SHARM 2.6.1 CyberTeam Ltd. 

SHARM [Self Hypnosis And Relaxation Machine] is a software tool that helps you explore and experience relaxation, self-hypnosis and altered states of consciousness.Select from many predefined sessions, or define your own sessions to suit your needs and preferences.Use our innovative sound technologies with other familiar sounds for mind. Free download of SHARM 2.6.1, size 25.09 Mb.

HypnoSoft 2.0 Thinkwell Corp. 

Create a custom self hypnosis mp3 online. 40 topics plus any custom topic. Most hypnosis CDs, tapes, and mp3 downloads are mass produced copies of a generic hypnosis, yet each person is unique. Your hypnosis should be as unique as you are. Now, thanks to computer technology, you can instantly create a custom hypnosis to fit your exact needs. This. Free download of HypnoSoft 2.0, size 819.20 Kb.

Self Hypnosis Ebook 1.0 Subliminal messages forum 

This electronic book is a complete guide to self hypnosis techniques, autosuggestion and subliminal messaging techniques. In 3 chapters of this book you will find the complete information on techniques of self hypnosis, affirmations and subliminal messaging. This book was written by Evgheny Stivenson, professional psychologist, Ph. D., author of. Freeware download of Self Hypnosis Ebook 1.0, size 293.89 Kb.

LGBT Pride 1.08 WebGoblin 

LGBT Pride is a simple and fast way to find out all the latest information about pride events near you, find out where LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans) friendly bars, clubs restaurants are and find new friends.

Using your GPS enabled mobile phone the app will identify your physical location so that you can chat and meet with people. Free download of LGBT Pride 1.08, size 471.86 Kb.

Learn Hypnosis 1.0 Learn Hypnosis 

+oOeC+oOne and a half years ago I was sitting alone in my crummy old apartment. I had recently finished a hypnosis training and was slowly getting in to Neuro Linguistic Programming.Much like You, I was sitting at my computer surfing the internet for something interesting when chance struck and I caught wind of this +oOeC+oto good to be true+oOeCTL. Free download of Learn Hypnosis 1.0, size 440.40 Kb.

6 Self Hypnosis Courses 1.0 WebLantis 

Self-Hypnosis; is a naturally occurring state of mind which can be defined as a heightened state of focused concentration (trance), with the willingness to follow simple or complex instructions.

Are you troubled or just stressed out with the fast pace of today's world? You are not alone! Join thousands of other men and women who have. Free download of 6 Self Hypnosis Courses 1.0, size 154.14 Mb.

Exercise & Fitness Hypnosis Motivation by Glenn Harrold 4.0 i-mobilize, inc. 

Create a powerful and lasting desire to become super fit and healthy with this superb, high quality hypnosis relaxation audio app. Glenn Harrold has sold over one million CDs and MP3 downloads and is one of the worlds best selling hypnotherapists.

Glenn's highly acclaimed hypnosis techniques and state of the art production have helped. Free download of Exercise & Fitness Hypnosis Motivation by Glenn Harrold 4.0, size 48.02 Mb.

Exercise and Fitness Motivation Subliminal Hypnosis appVideo by Glenn Harrold 4.0 i-mobilize, inc. 

This superb high quality subliminal hypnosis video by best selling hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold, combines powerful visual and audio hypnotherapy techniques, flashing subliminal imagery and state of the art digital recording technology. Glenn has sold over 1,000,000 hypnosis CDs and MP3 downloads and is well established as one of the worlds best. Free download of Exercise and Fitness Motivation Subliminal Hypnosis appVideo by Glenn Harrold 4.0, size 1277.75 Mb.