Ghost Detectors Ghost Communicator

2D GForest Interactive Desktop 05 (Mac) 1.5 Enev Design & Consulting 

The fifth member of the Ghost Forest family (Mac) - a beautiful collection of hand-painted, children-safe desktop wallpapers (now interactive!). Based on Flash technology, these wallpapers offer the user a completely new experience. In fact, they can be used as small games, especially by younger users. Part of the Ghost Forest site, presenting the. Freeware download of 2D GForest Interactive Desktop 05 (Mac) 1.5, size 1.58 Mb.


2D GForest Interactive Desktop 06 (Mac) 1.5 Enev Design & Consulting 

The fifth member of the Ghost Forest family (Mac) - a beautiful collection of hand-painted, children-safe desktop wallpapers (now interactive!). Based on Flash technology, these wallpapers offer the user a completely new experience. In fact, they can be used as small games, especially by younger users. Part of the Ghost Forest site, presenting the. Freeware download of 2D GForest Interactive Desktop 06 (Mac) 1.5, size 1.59 Mb.

Ghost Forest - children's fantasy novel 2.5 Enev Design & Consulting 

Anne (Red) lives happily with her Mom somewhere at the end of town ... until, quite of a sudden, she gets into the mysterious, magic Ghost Forest. Looking for the way back home, she is forced to get through many difficult situations, to fight dangerous opponents and, what is most important, to learn how to make real friends. While she is struggling. Freeware download of Ghost Forest - children's fantasy novel 2.5, size 556.03 Kb.

used metal detectors 1.0 used metal detectors 

Used metal detectors shopping Internet Explorer toolbar for consumers and metal detector dealers. Allows you to search for all the major brands of metal detectors including Whites, Garrett, Tesoro, Bounty Hunter, Minelab, Compass and others. Finds old and new models. Many metal detectors that are used are older models that are no longer. Freeware download of used metal detectors 1.0, size 1.18 Mb.

Spam Ghost for cPanel 1.0 RC Media Services 

Spam Ghost is the answer to all of those forms you have to enter your e-mail address into, in order to gain information or access to services. We all know those addresses are used for spam, but yet we all have had to compromise the issue from time to time. Well, not any more.

Spam Ghost works directly with your cPanel account to create. Free download of Spam Ghost for cPanel 1.0, size 1.71 Mb.

Dynamic Mail Communicator 2.0 Apex Pacific Pty Ltd 

Dynamic Mail Communicator allows you to communicate with your clients and keep in touch with your customers in a more convenience way. It puts the world of the online email marketing on your desktop, gives you a powerful tool to promote your business in the Internet.

Dynamic Mail Communicator is the best email marketing software in the. Free download of Dynamic Mail Communicator 2.0, size 5.42 Mb.

NJStar Communicator 3.0.11918 NJStar Software Corp. 

NJStar Communicator is a very useful and convenient utility for Windows. This program is designed to help us input words in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) languages, without the need of installing extensions for the above-mentioned languages.. Free download of NJStar Communicator 3.0.11918, size 0 b.

Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 1.0.600 Microsoft 

Office communicator 2005 was the predecessor of the well known windows messenger which as the same time was based on the popular IM Client MSN Messenger. When Windows Messenger 5.1 was released, support for exchange and sip account were removed therefore only passport (hotmail) account, leaving the IM client useless for corporates environments with. Free download of Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 1.0.600, size 0 b.

GeoSurveyor 2.0 Accurate Locators 

Developed for the USA Discovery line of metal detectors, GeoSurveyor is a program that displays scans in standard 2D and 3D views and features advanced techniques to enhance images allowing better identification of targets. With this software you will be able to perform scans quickly and easily, and the program's live mode enables you to scan. Freeware download of GeoSurveyor 2.0, size 3.74 Mb.

ESTOS PhoneTools for Communicator ESTOS GmbH 

ESTOS PhoneTools for Communicator.

These innovative component features have been developed specifically for Microsoft Office Communicator. The optional ESTOS PhoneTools add comfort and simplify telephony with hotkey dialing and TAPI dial support.

Main features:

-Hotkey dialing
Working with Windows. Freeware download of ESTOS PhoneTools for Communicator, size 1.42 Mb.

Danny Phantom Ghost Sweep 32.0 Nickelodeon 

Danny Phantom Ghost Sweep is an action game for kids in which you have to help Danny catch the ghosts which have escaped though the portal Mr. Fenton left open. To catch the ghosts you must use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up. In order to get to the next level you must vacuum all ghosts in a room to continue with the next one. To catch a ghost,. Free download of Danny Phantom Ghost Sweep 32.0, size 5.63 Mb.

Ghost in the Sheet 5.0.5 CBE 

Ghost in the sheet is an adventure game developed by CBE and published by Tri Synergy Games. As the game starts, the player meets the character that he will control. Apparently, he had an accident and died, finding himself in the afterlife limbo, and meeting a strange boss (who is not very kind to him). That's when his new pal explains the. Free download of Ghost in the Sheet 5.0.5, size 0 b.

Super Mario Ghost 1.0 Softendo 

Super Mario Ghost is an entertaining game for those fans of traditional Mario games who want to experience a change in the environment and find new worlds plagued with new adventures. This particular game is much darker and more sinister than most of those you have seen before.

Similar to its ancestors, Super Mario Ghost is a classic. Freeware download of Super Mario Ghost 1.0, size 5.14 Mb.

Ashton International College Benoni 1.0 D6 Technology 

The d6 School Communicator is a lightweight application that runs on every parent's computer. Information is automatically updated every time the school adds new content, even when the Communicator is not currently running. The Communicator launches every morning, so parents see your school news at least once a day. This program will monitor. Freeware download of Ashton International College Benoni 1.0, size 6.34 Mb.

D6 Demo 1.0 D6 Technology 

D6 communicator is the ideal way to make sure your message reaches your audience. This software has a glance summary of latest news & calendar events, news archive,useful resources (downloaded directly to the user's computer),optional banner module (managed by the client) and much more. Free download of D6 Demo 1.0, size 6.12 Mb.

UPS Communicator 1 15 Meta System S.p.A. 

UPS Communicator is a suite of programmes providing a dual function:

- full diagnostics of any problems experienced by the UPS or by the power supply
- the monitoring of the operating status of the UPS and the implementation of set actions, when required, in order to safeguard the protection of the operating systems installed on. Freeware download of UPS Communicator 1 15, size 3.80 Mb.

Netscape Communicator Netscape Communications Corporation 

Communicator 4.76 is the Internet software suite from Netscape. In addition to the Netscape Navigator browser, Communicator includes a complete set of tools for effective, everyday communication. Features include Smart Browsing; a three-paned, integrated mail and news interface; roaming access; pinpoint addressing; and a scalable address book (to. Freeware download of Netscape Communicator, size 0 b.

Evermotion Communicator 1.0 Evermotion 

Evermotion communicator is brand new multicommunicator with support for own evermotion network and many other protocols like yahoo, icq, aim, msn, skype, tlen, gtalk and gg.
EC supports multilingual interface, file and image transfer ( with basic image editing ) and integration with forum.
Evermotion Communicator provides. Freeware download of Evermotion Communicator 1.0, size 4.52 Mb.

Express Communicator ACD Systems 

Express Communicator 2.0 is the perfect network solution for your corporate communication needs - providing you with all the network essentials of an instant messenger. It creates fast, reliable and secure instant messaging connections between network associates on local and wide area networks (LAN and WAN). Your messages are automatically private. Freeware download of Express Communicator, size 0 b.

Scooby-Doo (TM) , Showdown in Ghost 2.0.10 The Learning Company 

This version of Scooby-Doo adventure - Showdown in Ghost Town - invites the kids to uncover the mystery of the Faceless Rider! Los Burritos sounded like a great place to stop for a snack, but Scooby and the gang soon learn that the town is haunted! The "learning" players will have to help the gang search for clues, but bracing themselves. Free download of Scooby-Doo (TM) , Showdown in Ghost 2.0.10, size 0 b.