Ghost Evp Analyzer App Droid

HiPoint PPF Analyzer HR-350 1.0.0 UPRtek 

PPF Analyzer App is a lightweight, portable, easy-to-operate spectrometer with WiFi remote control operations and SD card data storage. This product has basic features for fast, easy lighting readings, as well as advanced light analytics, and efficient work-flow features for lighting production environments.. Freeware download of HiPoint PPF Analyzer HR-350 1.0.0, size 19.19 Mb.


Horror Ghost Stories 1.1 Krishna Kumar 

Collection of 200 Ghost Stories.

This app will tell you the paranormal activity which experienced by various people from various part of the world. If you not believe in ghost you should read this stories and decide there will be ghost presented in this world or not. Careful while read this stories.All are real.
In traditional. Free download of Horror Ghost Stories 1.1, size 1.68 Mb.

Lantern Ghost Tours AR 1.1 Lantern Ghost Tours 

Now are you ready to be transported back in time? Discover Melbournes 15 most haunted, historic sites with your smart phone or tablet. Lantern Ghost Tours AR App helps you peel away the existing street scapes and reveal what lies beneath, with the help of Augmented Reality. You can switch between ghost and history mode depending on what information. Freeware download of Lantern Ghost Tours AR 1.1, size 29.88 Mb.

Color Analyzer Abhinav S 

The Color Analyzer App can analyze parts of an image to identify colors within that image. Once analysis completes, this app lists the names of the colors within the selected area.

Total count of these occurrences is listed as well.

Images can be loaded via both the browsing option or by using the camera (if available) from. Free download of Color Analyzer, size 1.05 Mb.


The #1 Ghost Busters SOUNDBOARD App

Listen to carefully picked sound clips and quotes that bring all the laughs of the hit comedy GHOST BUSTERS into the palm of your hands!

About Ghost Busters:
Ghostbusters is a 1984 American supernatural comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman and written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.. Free download of GHOST BUSTERS SOUNDBOARD, size 9.44 Mb.

PTS Multimedia 0.1.2 PTS Multimedia 

Enter your domain name, and the FREE SEO Analyzer app created by PTS Multimedia will automatically generate a report for your given domain name. The SEO diagnostic analysis will help you pinpoint the areas of your website that need developing as part of your ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

The app will give you a full. Freeware download of PTS Multimedia 0.1.2, size 4.72 Mb.

Epicor Mobile Business Analyzer Activant Solutions, Inc 

An executive metrics app for wholesale distribution developed specifically for the iPad that reveals key business indicators for sales and booked orders in a clean, crisp dashboard view. Mobile Business Analyzer also reveals your top 25 customers by revenue and profit percent, with indications if their business with you is trending up or down at. Freeware download of Epicor Mobile Business Analyzer, size 1.99 Mb.

EMF Hunter 1.1 Derek Hoffmeister 

EMF Hunter
This app is intended for entertainment purposes only.

This app supports devices with an internal compass. This includes:

* iPhone 3GS
* iPhone 4
* iPhone 4s
* iPhone 5

User your phone as an EMF. Freeware download of EMF Hunter 1.1, size 1.89 Mb.

Ghost Finder CACL 

Have you wondered if you have a ghost in your house? Would you like to go on a ghost tour of hotels, old homes, castles, or historic sites that have been shown on TV, on ghost shows?
If you have, here are the tools all put together in one app to help you find out if there is anything you can catch, ghosts, EVP's, orbs and so on your tours, or. Free download of Ghost Finder, size 3.15 Mb.

10 Most Amazing Ghost Towns 1.6 LIME Developers 

Do you like spooky places?
In this App you will see many pictures and localize the most amazing ghost towns in the world!

Some abandoned ghost towns are now tourist attractions, while others might be dangerous or illegal to visit. Meet some of the most fascinating ghost towns from around the world.

Have fun and don't get. Free download of 10 Most Amazing Ghost Towns 1.6, size 19.08 Mb.

Haunted Houses, Ghost Tours, and More 1.1 MapMuse 

Like visiting haunted house attractions? Feel most at home on Halloween? What about ghost tours and real haunted houses? If youre looking for thrills and chills, whether carefully controlled or verified by paranormal investigators, this app can help you find a spooky location near any area! This app allows you to easily search an interactive map of. Free download of Haunted Houses, Ghost Tours, and More 1.1, size 1.99 Mb.

Haunted Universities - Real Ghost Stories 1.0 Flora's Secret 

Haunted Universities including Sororities, Fraternities, and Haunted Dorms!

Do you believe in ghosts? This app will convince you!

Real Ghost Stories From The Top Haunted Universities. Amazing Photos. Close Encounters From All Around The Country.

Weve also included a way for you to send us your ghostly experiences. Free download of Haunted Universities - Real Ghost Stories 1.0, size 12.69 Mb.

Zone System Analyzer 1.0.5 Daniel Vilas Perulan 

Simple App which displays a photo in Zone System.

With Zone System Analyzer you can view and highlight the zones of a selected photo.

The resulting image can be saved for further processing in other applications.. Free download of Zone System Analyzer 1.0.5, size 5.66 Mb.

10eLotto Analyzer RoCe Software 

10eLotto Analyzer, e una app per il gioco del 10eLotto tradizionale (Estrazione del Lotto classico), in grado di effettuare le piu accurate e complete ricerche statistiche al fine di produrre pronostici da porre in gioco.. Freeware download of 10eLotto Analyzer, size 1.05 Mb.

Audio Ghost Stories Joe Kwon, Inc 

Recent hauntings!

More than an hour's worth audio -- of the creepiest stories submitted to our extremely popular book app "Joe Kwon's True Ghost Stories from Around the World!"

These stories are presented by professional ghost-story tellers for your amazement, enjoyment, and thrills! Complete with background. Free download of Audio Ghost Stories, size 119.54 Mb.

Camera Ghost Radar KOUKIPLUS.NET 

Camera Ghost Detector is a new paranormal activity radar with camera ghost vision.
It is the very first ghost detector to use the camera on Android.
The ghost around you will be displayed on the camera area.

When the app detect a ghost move your smartphone slowly until you see it between the lines on the radar, then you will. Freeware download of Camera Ghost Radar, size 1.05 Mb.

EVP Old Dogs Tobit.Software 

Jetzt gibt es EVP Old Dogs als offizielle App fur's Smartphone! Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Veranstaltungen und Termine landen so direkt in der Hosentasche. Wann immer es etwas Neues gibt, klingelt's auf dem Smartphone. Und weil ein Smartphone eben auch ein Telefon ist, lasst sich per Knopfdruck gleich eine Verbindung herstellen. Die EVP Old Dogs-App. Freeware download of EVP Old Dogs, size 4.19 Mb.

Ghost of a Chance (by Simon R. Green) Folium Partners 

Expand your enjoyment of literature with GHOST OF A CHANCE by Simon R. Green (unabridged), presented by Recorded Books. This audiobook app was created with the Folium enhancedAudio™ framework, and contains a multitude of features and content to help take you beyond the words, including 5-star professional narration, background extras, and. Free download of Ghost of a Chance (by Simon R. Green), size 165.68 Mb.

SPL Spectrum Analyzer Pro PC Mehanik 

App measures and analyses sound pressure level (SPL) and sound frequency spectrum in real time (RTA) using FFT.

RTA analyzer can work on 2 separate channels. User can later compare SPL and frequency response charts between the channels. User can also enable "peak hold" function. Flat reference line is also shown to help you. Free download of SPL Spectrum Analyzer Pro, size 1.05 Mb.

SuperEnalotto Analyzer RoCe Software 

SuperEnalotto Analyzer, e una app per il gioco del SuperEnalotto, in grado di effettuare le piu accurate e complete ricerche statistiche al fine di produrre pronostici da porre in gioco.. Free download of SuperEnalotto Analyzer, size 1.05 Mb.