Giga Sampler

Excuses Begone Sampler - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer 1.09 Oceanhouse Media 

The Excuses Begone Sampler app contains the 18 most common excuses as identified in Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's best-selling book "Excuses Begone!" and 18 affirmations to defeat them.

Let go of your excuses, retrain your thinking, and create the life you want! Put into daily practice, these affirmations will help align your thoughts. Freeware download of Excuses Begone Sampler - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer 1.09, size 6.29 Mb.


Hay House Card Sampler 1.09 Oceanhouse Media 

The Hay House Sampler card app is an easy way to experience a wide variety of apps from your favorite Hay House authors -- for free! The app is comprised of sample uplifting cards created by inspirational authors and artists.

Feel free to browse through the sample cards and find images and/or messages that resonate with you. Learn more. Freeware download of Hay House Card Sampler 1.09, size 10.28 Mb.

I am Sampler 1.0.5 DETUNE Ltd. 

Who are you? I am Sampler!

the simplest and most powerful sampler app ever!

i have no knobs,no technical terms but just only cute icons waiting for your tap and flick.

-up to 10 sec sampling via mic
-4 sample banks
-Lo-Fi effect
-LFO for pitch : sine,saw,pulse,noise
-envelope for amplitude :. Free download of I am Sampler 1.0.5, size 838.86 Kb.

Action Sampler FX lomographic society 

This is Action Sampler Toy Camera Lenses Filter Application. It simulates the 4 frames which the Action Sampler Film camera takes in consecutive progression.

Unlike the Super Sampler, the Action Sampler Toy Camera takes 4 uncropped pictures at different intervals.. Freeware download of Action Sampler FX, size 1.05 Mb.

GIGA-Bus Tobit.Software 

Jetzt gibt es GIGA-Bus als offizielle App fur dein Smartphone! Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Veranstaltungen und Termine landen so direkt in deiner Hosentasche. Wann immer es etwas Neues gibt, wei?t du es als erstes. Und weil ein Smartphone eben auch ein Telefon ist, lasst sich per Knopfdruck gleich eine Verbindung zu uns herstellen. Die GIGA-Bus-App. Freeware download of GIGA-Bus, size 4.19 Mb.

Live 8: The Sampler Explored 

Ableton Live's Sampler is extremely powerful. In this hands-on tutorial Dance music performer and sound design expert Olav Basoski shows you how he uses Sampler to create the original sounds that elevate and enhance his productions...

So join Olav Basoski in this informative Sampler sound design tutorial and see how you can release the. Free download of Live 8: The Sampler Explored, size 232.78 Mb.

Live 8: The Simpler Sampler 

Have fun learning the basics of sampling using Ableton Live's Simpler sampler with Ableton-Certified Live Trainer and electronic music performer, Laura Escude.

In this “sampling-for-beginners” tutorial renowned violinist and electronic music performer Laura Escude takes you through the very basics of sampling using Ableton. Free download of Live 8: The Simpler Sampler, size 186.65 Mb.

South Beach Sampler - Various Artists 

This is the South Beach Sampler Vol. 1 from independent label Flavorite and This app brings you a mix of some new and previously released full length tracks.

This e.p contains music from Label Boss Lori J. Ward, T.Orlando, Sebastian Reza, Andrew Wickes and More! Enjoy the debut of the first single from Da'Flave from the. Freeware download of South Beach Sampler - Various Artists, size 25.17 Mb.

South Beach Sampler - Various Artists Vol.3 

This is South Beach Sampler Vol. 3. It contains 4 full length Tech and House tracks from artists Lori J. Ward, T. Orlando, Patrick K, and Jonathan David. Deep groovy tech house and techno. This app also includes info about the artists and the label as well as links where to find the tracks in this app as well as many others from flavorite.

Super Sampler FX lomographic society 

This is Super Sampler Toy Camera Lenses Filter Application. It simulates the 4 frames which the Super Sampler Film camera takes in consecutive progression.. Freeware download of Super Sampler FX, size 1.05 Mb.

SampliTron 1 Zeta Centauri, Inc. 

SampliTron is a virtual software sampler instrument designed for live play. It can be controlled via the computer keyboard or with an external MIDI device. It includes a library of high-quality .WAV samples.. Free download of SampliTron 1, size 40.07 Mb.

Wusikstation VSTi V4.1.8 Wusik Dot Com 

Wusikstation is one of the most popular Sampler/Rompler out there. Since it started, it got more and more features asked for by users, a new interface, easier way to load presets and much more. Its been rated by users the number one choice when creating songs. It can cover pretty much any style of music. From NewAge to SoundTracks, from Dance to. Free download of Wusikstation VSTi V4.1.8, size 19.46 Kb.

FREE Martial Arts Ebook Small Dojo Big P 1.1 Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 

Free sampler of Small Dojo Big Profits for the ethical martial arts school business owner who wishes to share his or her art with even more students. Mike Massie covers all aspects of starting and managing a successful martial arts school. As a martial artist and successful school owner himself he openly shares both his business and personal. Freeware download of FREE Martial Arts Ebook Small Dojo Big P 1.1, size 7.17 Kb.

Megaman X Rebellion 1.0 Mario Games 

Our heroes X, Zero, and newcomer Shadow under the Commander Redips are given the mission to infiltrate Giga City, an island city built around the impact of the Force Metal meteor, once the initial team is assumed to be perished. A Maverick and Rebellion Army Commander named Epsilon has been able to overrun the city's Force Metal factory and poses a. Freeware download of Megaman X Rebellion 1.0, size 11.94 Mb.

Hauptwerk Crumhorn Labs 

Hauptwerk is a generic computer simulation of a pipe organ. It is a computer program into which you can load different pipe organs and play them using a MIDI keyboard or keyboards. In place of, or in addition to MIDI keyboards, you can use a sequencer to control the organ. It is a specialised form of 'virtual sampler', some other examples. Free download of Hauptwerk, size 0 b.

Speedsoft VSampler SpeedSoft 

Speedsoft VSampler 3.5 is a program that turns your PC into a polyphonic sampler. You will be able to use any recorded sound as a musical instrument, through this 255 voices sampler. When you start VSampler for the first time, it will allow you to perform a scan for installed plug-ins. You will then have to specify the interface, driver and audio. Free download of Speedsoft VSampler, size 0 b.

Robotronic 1.0 Sugar Bytes 

Robotronic is a superb sounding and easy to use vocoder which can process mono and stereo input signals, includes sampler and synthesizer and contains quite useful features like the Frequency Focussing and Formantshifting.


- Carrier: Stereo Input or Mono R/L Gate, Compressor, 12db Gain Stereo Sampler (wav,. Free download of Robotronic 1.0, size 12.77 Mb.

Lexicon PSP 42 VST DX 1.0 Lexicon 

Lexicon PSP 42 is a digital stereo delay and a phrase sampler plug-in which includes VST and RTAS. The tool has high quality signal processing algorithms along with a continuous control of delay time. It features up to 9600 ms of delay time which depends on the internal sampling frequency.

For high absorption modeling the program has. Free download of Lexicon PSP 42 VST DX 1.0, size 0 b.

discoDSP HighLife 1 22 discoDSP 

HighLife is a VSTi plugin freezer and sampler that includes five effects, flexible modulation route and morphable scheme.This version has an in-built library of capacity 260 MB and a free ware version of this software is also available. However that works as a demo tool. The library browser in this software is based on disk program managing. There. Free download of discoDSP HighLife 1 22, size 0 b.

SynthFont 1.602 Kenneth Rundt 

SynthFont is a software synthesizer ("MIDI-to-WAV" tool, “Midi Expander”) for playing standard midi files using SoundFonts ("SF2" files) or other sound files in formats like DLS, GIGA, 404, GUS, SFZ. SynthFont is intended to mimic the behavior of SoundFont compatible hardware/sound cards like SoundBlaster. Freeware download of SynthFont 1.602, size 7.53 Mb.