Girls Rape Cilps Samples

Glitch Farm 0.3 

Glitch farm is a simple program allowing you to grab short samples from music files, filter them, and then assign them to keyboard or midi controller keys for use in live or recorded remixing.. Freeware download of Glitch Farm 0.3, size 3.83 Mb.


Handlebar sample manager 2.2.2 

Handlebar is a web based system designed to store data on individual barcoded samples in, for example, a laboratory environment. Freeware download of Handlebar sample manager 2.2.2, size 631.50 Kb.

HubbleView 1.0 

HubbleView is a monitor calibration program that converts Yxy samples received from the Xrite Hubble to D65 and displays them on an RGB bar graph. HubbleView is helpful for setting white balance on broadcast monitors and projectors.. Freeware download of HubbleView 1.0, size 337.85 Kb.

JRTutorialSamples 4 

Samples of my JasperReports Tutorial.. Freeware download of JRTutorialSamples 4, size 15.46 Mb.

midipiano_chung 1.0 

midipiano_chung is a standalone midi acoustic piano synthesizer/expander with samples based sounds and originals dsps, connected to the choozen midi input port (if any) of your computer. easily extensible by adding sound files in the /sounds/ folder.. Freeware download of midipiano_chung 1.0, size 13.85 Mb.

NINU Project 021403 

Currently all the samples are included in the Noir release found at One graphical sample of interest, is a BMPloader that loads 24bit bitmaps, written on only one page in using the Noir Framework. Noir is Not Useless (NINU). Freeware download of NINU Project 021403, size 44.01 Kb.

Open2Dprot 1.0 

Open2Dprot is an open-source proteomics project for the development of bioinformatic tools for n-dimensional protein expression data analysis of quantified protein expression across multiple samples from research experiments.. Freeware download of Open2Dprot 1.0, size 7.88 Mb.

OpenCryobank 0.1 

OpenCryobank is an attempt to develop a simple, free and open database system for frozen samples inventory in biological laboratories. It is mainly aimed at semen and embryo cryobanks, but it can be used for any kind of biological sample.. Freeware download of OpenCryobank 0.1, size 370.29 Kb.

Ouobpo 0.1 

This is a useful Java libraries/frameworks & code samples project provided by Ouobpo. Ouobpo stands for Ouvroir de Objet Potentielle, or a workshop of potential objects.. Freeware download of Ouobpo 0.1, size 24.74 Kb.

OWBLand (Oracle Warehouse Builder Land) 0.5.0 

Misc scripts and utilities related to Oracle Warehouse Builder ETL (Tcl scripts, OWB Expert, project samples, etc.). Freeware download of OWBLand (Oracle Warehouse Builder Land) 0.5.0, size 118.23 Kb.


The Patient and Sample System for Information Management (PASSIM) is a system for annotation and storage of data, associated with the collection of samples in biomedical studies.. Freeware download of PASSIM 2.1, size 24.05 Mb.

QTL Macro for SAS Software 2.1.00 

This is a SAS(r) Software macro package for performing multipoint QTL mapping using the DeFries-Fulker multiple regression approach to unselected and selected samples.. Freeware download of QTL Macro for SAS Software 2.1.00, size 23.54 Kb.

Research Genetic Algorithm Tool 1.0 

This easy to run and change program for developers, it contains several evolutionary based strategies allowing you try among some function samples. Freeware download of Research Genetic Algorithm Tool 1.0, size 121.56 Kb.

Sample Maker 0 

SampleMaker is a module sample maker mainly to produce sound samples that can be used in musical instruments.. Freeware download of Sample Maker 0, size 712.62 Kb.

satDNA Analyzer 1.0 

satDNA Analyzer is a tool devoted to the classification of Strachan Transition States in samples of satellite DNA. It performs several computations, including nucleotide diversity and transitions/transversions. It shows results graphically in html format.. Freeware download of satDNA Analyzer 1.0, size 740.27 Kb.

SpamStop: learning POP3 mail classifier 03 

After the presentation on CeBIT 2004 fair finally available: SpamStop works as a Proxy between your Pop3-Client and the -Provider, it uses a Support Vector Machine to classfy incoming mails and automatically learns classifiers from samples of your mails.. Freeware download of SpamStop: learning POP3 mail classifier 03, size 1.12 Mb.

Stereologist 1.0 

Stereologist assists the medical researcher in the classification of microscopic tissue samples captured as digital image files. The data collected can then be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis.. Freeware download of Stereologist 1.0, size 50.38 Mb.

SunOne Player 1.0 

SunOne Player is a music manager with the ability to play sound samples and video and can utilize the computers system beep to create music. The SunOne player team is trying to make Sunone one of the best media player in the world base on java.. Freeware download of SunOne Player 1.0, size 18.29 Mb.

The Phoenix Kit 11212011 

The phoenix kit is a collection of tools & working samples to create cross platform role playing games(RPG) of various types including massively multi-player online role playing games (MMORPG).. Freeware download of The Phoenix Kit 11212011, size 23.85 Mb.

TheCounter 1.0 

TheCounter was designed as a helping hand for people who need to count specificallylabeled cells in histochemically or immunohistochemically stained tissue samples.. Freeware download of TheCounter 1.0, size 125.56 Kb.