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Argunet 1 2 Argunet Project 

The latest version of Argunet features new tools that make it easier to organize the debates and to search through debates located on the Argunet-server or on your computer. To help you organize your work you can label the debates using private and non private tags and search for existing debates using a search-engine.

The. Freeware download of Argunet 1 2, size 30.83 Mb.


Traceless 1.16.0065 Vantarakis Software 

The latest version of this popular, free and easy-to use privacy application!
Clear your internet tracks away with ease from the taskbar or simply press
a key combination and they're gone. New features include the ability to
remember and restore your homepage - never have it changed by unauthorized
and annoying websites. Freeware download of Traceless 1.16.0065, size 0 b.

Total Visual Agent 2007 12 1 FMS, Inc. 

Total Visual Agent 2007 is the latest version supporting Microsoft Access 2007 and all prior Access database format.
Total Visual Agent 2007 requires a copy of Microsoft Access 2007 to be installed on the same machine.
Main features:
- Microsoft Access 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97, 95, 2.0, 1.1, and 1.0.
- Jet Databases and. Free download of Total Visual Agent 2007 12 1, size 0 b.

Panoramio Photo Wizard 1.0 MichaelGraphics 

Photo viewer providing a quick access to the Panoramio Photo Database (normally accessible through Google Earth®)
- Choice of 4 different photo sizes: 1=thumbnail (max. 100 px), 2=small (max. 240 px), 3=medium (max. 500 px), 4=original (as uploaded by the user)
- Mode 1: Access by photo index and display of the photos only (very. Freeware download of Panoramio Photo Wizard 1.0, size 102.91 Mb.

FreeFalcon 5 55 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. 

The FreeFalcon Team is proud to announce the release of this latest version. This version unites all the work of the past 14 months and will complete the FreeFalcon.

Some of the highlights contained in this version are a secure installer, freeware high tiles included, elevated terrain for the Korean Theaters, an integrated Season. Freeware download of FreeFalcon 5 55, size 930.41 Mb.

Ais Decoder Neal Arundale 

Ais Decoder accepts AIS data from an AIS Receiver, the Internet or a Local Network connection, decodes the data and presents the decoded data in a form suitable for display and analysis by mapping program (eg Google Earth or Google Maps), or for analysis using Excel, or by a database (eg MySql).
The decoder will decode all the NMEA content of. Freeware download of Ais Decoder, size 2.96 Mb.

BioNumerics 6. 5. 2001 Applied Maths NV 

With BioNumerics latest version , Applied Maths presents an upgrade that is ready for the “next generation” of biological data types and analysis methods. A highlight is the Power Assembler, a new powerful tool for preprocessing and assembling data from NextGen sequencers. The tool uses a concept of operators and actions from. Free download of BioNumerics 6. 5. 2001, size 163.47 Mb.

CIMCO Software 6. 1. 2007 CIMCO Integration 

DNC-Max 6 is the latest version of the most trusted CNC communication software on the market, providing end-to-end functionality designed to make every aspect of CNC communications more reliable and efficient.
CIMCO Edit 6 includes graphical simulation of 3/4/5-axis milling and 2-axis turning programs, including solid visualization (milling. Free download of CIMCO Software 6. 1. 2007, size 14.78 Mb.

Bing Maps 4.0.903 Microsoft 

Bing Maps is Microsoft flagship earth viewer product, designed to compete with the more popular Google Earth. Previously named Live Search maps, Bing maps is browser based, allowing users to watch the maps on Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. For 3D viewing an additional plug-in available for free on Microsoft site is required. Bing maps offers. Freeware download of Bing Maps 4.0.903, size 0 b.

TheMatrix Screen Saver 1 14 Meticulous Software 

This is the latest version of the Matrix Screensaver emulating the introduction to the movie and the code.
The screen saver supports multiple monitors, so this time the Matrix really will have you...
The screensaver will run on older and slower computers (e.g. 2Ghz.) Everything is so much better. The animation is more intricate and. Freeware download of TheMatrix Screen Saver 1 14, size 48.28 Mb.

Catfood Tracker 1.30.0025 Catfood Software 

Use your GPS equipped Windows Mobile device to create a Google Earth compatible KML file and track log. Also tracks total distance, elevation gain and average speed.. Freeware download of Catfood Tracker 1.30.0025, size 62.46 Kb.

Excel File Recovery Solution 2 5 Excel Recovery 

The latest version of SysTools Excel Recovery 2.5 has come with fast and accurate recovery of corrupt Excel file. Its new technique makes it more stable and powerful. Its amazing speed recovers data more quickly in compare of the pervious version. To complete the Excel Recovery process, you have to follow the following steps: 1. Browse the file 2.. Free download of Excel File Recovery Solution 2 5, size 1.34 Mb.

The Curtain V2 1 Flash Components 

This is the latest version of the curtain component. This can be used in your website intro page or index page or other presentation projects. It is a nice effect for banner also. Features Included seperate FLA, SWF for each color. 100% vector. Re sizable to full screen. Change speed using fps. Change curtain color Change frill color Add more. Free download of The Curtain V2 1, size 102.40 Kb.

PiXCL Advanced Imaging 10.0 PiXCL Automation Technologies 

PiXCL 10 is the latest version (see the development history here ) of a complete suite of scanner and digital camera image acquisition and advanced image processing APPLICATION development tools, designed for the imaging professional or power user like you. Based on a high level interpreted language, or built as an EXE with the included compiler,. Freeware download of PiXCL Advanced Imaging 10.0, size 37.96 Mb.

WashAndGo 2011 15.15 Abelssoft GmbH 

The latest version of WashAndGo, the PC "scrubbing brush" software, enables users to simply and easily clean their PC hard disk, freeing disk space and speeding access to important data. WashAndGo removes garbage files that fill up the hard disk and do nothing except slow down the PC. Garbage files that can be removed by WashAndGo. Free download of WashAndGo 2011 15.15, size 22.54 Mb.

WashAndGo 2010 12.0.0 Abelssoft GmbH 

The latest version of WashAndGo, the PC "scrubbing brush" software, enables users to simply and easily clean their PC hard disk, freeing disk space and speeding access to important data. WashAndGo removes garbage files that fill up the hard disk and do nothing except slow down the PC. Garbage files that can be removed by WashAndGo. Free download of WashAndGo 2010 12.0.0, size 22.54 Mb.

PublicPIM Website Database App 0.5.3 ASAP Telesis technologies 

Latest version 0.5.3 can be automatically Uploaded and Installed using our 3 Part Process found at the OpenDB website. A Website Database application created with Javeline Framework over an open MySQL db. Free ppContact widget available that interacts with database from web page. Can be run from internet or web page hyperlink to the (pp dash index. Freeware download of PublicPIM Website Database App 0.5.3, size 861.18 Kb.

Mapwel Build-9.6-2012 1.0 BALARAD, s.r.o. 

All-in-one software for creation of custom GPS maps compatible with Garmin GPS units. Mapwel supports routing, ESRI shapefiles, OpenStreetMap OSM, Google Earth KML and KMZ, cGPSmapper MP and GPX files. Mapwel custom GPS mapping capability and user icons editor are often used in forestry, electrical engineering, geology and geodesy. Creation of a. Free download of Mapwel Build-9.6-2012 1.0, size 17.64 Mb.

Pro Evolution Soccer(PES) 2012 Konami Digital Entertainment 

PES 2012 is the latest version of the popular soccer game for Windows and consoles. The game makes some significant improvements over PES 2011, boasting better gameplay and graphics than the previous version. PES 2012 has everything to prove. The series is currently languishing behind EA's FIFA, and has a lot of ground to make up to have any hopes. Free download of Pro Evolution Soccer(PES) 2012, size 1258.29 Mb.

CEarth 1.0.8 

C# rich client, displaying the data of a free towns database in a Google Earth component, a Tree Table visualization component and showing Bing image results of these data.. Freeware download of CEarth 1.0.8, size 6.26 Mb.

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Microsoft Commerce Server Home

Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 is the latest version of MS Site Server. If your site is MS based, this is a powerful set of linked components for marketing and e-commerce optimization.

CodeGen, Inc.

Makes SmartFirmware, a portable, easily customized ANSI C implementation of IEEE-1275 Open Firmware standard. Designed to be very easy and fast to port. Demonstration version download.

OS-9 World Wide Archive

Comprehensive set of OS-9 resources, including latest version of OS-9 FAQ, companies list, FTP archive; maintained by Allan Batteiger.


IBM home page for zSeries/Virtual Machine (z/VM). Information on the latest version with links to an overview, recent announcements, news, events, products and features, downloads, technical...


IBM home page for the z/VM implementation of Resource Access Control Facility. Information on the latest version with links to an overview, news, downloads, user groups, past and future...


IBM home page for zSeries/Operating System (z/OS). Information on the latest version with links to an overview, recent announcements, software, migration and installation, news, support, downloads,...

The LaTeX Home Page

The latest version of LaTeX and information on the LaTeX3 project, with documentation and experimental code.