Graph Plotter With Shaded Region Area Freeware

Equation Graph Plotter - EqPlot 1. 3. 2006 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics 

Graph plotter program plots 2D graphs from complex equations. The application comprises algebraic, trigonometric, hyperbolic and transcendental functions. EqPlot can be used to verify the results of nonlinear regression analysis program. Graphically Review Equations: Equation graph plotter gives engineers and researchers the power to graphically. Freeware download of Equation Graph Plotter - EqPlot 1. 3. 2006, size 3.32 Mb.


Crispy Plotter 1.8 

Crispy Plotter is a function graph plotter for mathematical functions, featuring high drawing speed and an intuitive interface that is fun to use.. Freeware download of Crispy Plotter 1.8, size 1.51 Mb.

JSynoptic - A graphical sheet editor 1.0 

JSynoptic renders information graphically. It can be used as a simple graph plotter, or as a complex run-time monitoring environment. The user sets up shapes (like plots) on graphical pages, and uses data sources (ex: ASCII file) to render information.. Freeware download of JSynoptic - A graphical sheet editor 1.0, size 21.03 Mb.

QuillEdit 1.0 

QuillEdit is an enhanced notepad(maybe wordpad also) replacement. It includes all the features in notepad plus Math equation editor, Symbolic calculator, graph plotter, FireEdit syntax highlighter, spelling checker, word counter, and MDI interfaces.

QuillEdit 1.0 License - Educational Community License, Version 2.0; GNU General Public. Freeware download of QuillEdit 1.0, size 0 b.

PHPGraphs 1.0 Phpgraphs 

PHPGraphs is a set of graphing classes for php. The basic graph types are line, point, area, and bar. Also, an advanced TimeSeries graph is included. PHPGraphs supports large numbers of large sized data sets.

PHPGraphs 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of PHPGraphs 1.0, size 20.55 Kb.

Genius Maker 3.00 

Genius Maker contains 34 educational softwares covering the subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for High school students. It includes Graph plotter, Analytical geometry, Matrix algebra, Equation solver, Triangle solver, Unit converter, Refraction of rays, Lens and mirrors, Color theory, Transverse waves, Radioactive decay, Periodic table,. Freeware download of Genius Maker 3.00, size 3.55 Mb.

Veusz 1.15 Jeremy Sanders 

Veusz is a GUI scientific plotting and graphing package. It is designed to produce publication-ready Postscript or PDF output. SVG, EMF and bitmap export formats are also supported. The program runs under Unix/Linux, Windows or Mac OS X, and binaries are provided. Data can be read from text, CSV or FITS files, and data can be manipulated or. Freeware download of Veusz 1.15, size 10.70 Mb.

Nix Area Editor 1.0 Nix-ae 

Nix Area Editor is a visual area editor for MUDs using a graph to show the area map while editing.

Nix Area Editor 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Nix Area Editor 1.0, size 0 b.

JMagnifire New Biswajit Paul 

JMagnifire is a lightweight, yet handy application that displays a zoomed-in view of a desktop area.

The desktop magnifier follows your mouse cursor, displaying a larger view of the region you point at. In order to disable it, you have to press the 'ESC' key.

. Freeware download of JMagnifire New, size 0 b.

Curve Plotting 0.2.1 MathPad Software Corp. 

MathPad Curve Plotter is a web based application for data/function analysis, and plotting by use given functions. It can be used by scientists and engineers to analyze their mathematical functions into expression of graph. So they can get the trends of it and confirm whether the given function is right.


MathPad. Freeware download of Curve Plotting 0.2.1, size 10.48 Kb.

China Phone Area Code Lookup Tool 2009 Smart Internet Faxing Company 

Software to look up the phone area code of any city or town in China. You can type in PinYin or the English name of the city or town of your interest, and the software will let you know the exact area code for it. Reverse lookup feature is also available. All city and town names in Chinese are shown in pictures if you lookup the city name by area. Freeware download of China Phone Area Code Lookup Tool 2009, size 677.01 Kb.

Tibet Free Screensaver 1.0.1 SAVERS4FREE.COM 

Tibet is a mysterious area in Central Asia. It is the highest region on Earth and is commonly referred to as the 'Roof of the World.' The heart of Buddhism and the magnificent Potala Palace (residence of Dalai Lama) are there. Tibet shows to rare tourists the unusual culture, manners, architecture, environment, etc.

This screensaver. Freeware download of Tibet Free Screensaver 1.0.1, size 4.68 Mb.

DVD Region-Free 3 68 Fengtao Software 

DVD Region-Free enables you to watch and copy DVD from any region on all DVD drives! It fully supports region-protected (RPC2) DVD drives, and does not require any firmware modifications. It will work, even if you can not change the DVD drive's region anymore.

DVD Region-Free works in the background to make DVDs appear region free. Freeware download of DVD Region-Free 3 68, size 1.25 Mb.

CoSBiLab Graph 1.0 CoSBi 

Graph constructs, visualizes and modifies graphs as well as calculates measures and layouts.

CoSBiLab Graph can construct, visualize and modify graphs as well as calculate measures and layouts. CoSBiLab Graph can import and export data in a variety of formats, among which the reaction network generated by the beta WorkBench.. Freeware download of CoSBiLab Graph 1.0, size 3.30 Mb.

Veruela 2 1 Maplandia 

Veruela is a Google Earth utility which provides you images from Veruela geographical area. Original name of this place (including diacritics) is Veruela, it lies in Agusan Del Sur, Region 10, Philippines and its geographical coordinates are 8° 4' 21" North, 125° 57' 17" East.. Freeware download of Veruela 2 1, size 332.80 Kb.

Graph-A-Pin 1.0.10 Mataluis.Com 

Graph-A-Ping, allows you to visually see the ping latency between ping times. The bigger the gap between one ping to another allows you to spot possible network bottle neck. If you need to examine your network more thoroughly you can download more network diagnostics tools at homepage Graph-A-Ping, is actually an applet part of Glass Net Networks. Freeware download of Graph-A-Pin 1.0.10, size 1.02 Kb.

Graph Streaming Andre Panisson 

The purpose of the Graph Streaming API is to build a unified framework for streaming graph objects. Gephi’s data structure and visualization engine has been built with the idea that a graph is not static and might change continuously. By connecting Gephi with external data-sources, we leverage its power to visualize and monitor complex. Freeware download of Graph Streaming, size 167.94 Kb.

BitMeter 2 3.5.2010 Codebox Software 

BitMeter 2 is a bandwidth meter, it allows you to visually monitor your internet connection by displaying a scrolling graph that shows your upload and download speed over time. BitMeter is freeware - ie. it is given away completely free of charge, there is no trial period, no time-limited features, no spyware, and no adware, guaranteed. BitMeter. Freeware download of BitMeter 2 3.5.2010, size 1.04 Mb.

GraphBuilder 3.0.5 SPbU Software 

The program performs visualization of 4 most popular graph algorithms: Dijkstra, Floyd, Prim and Kruskel algorithms. It supports definition of color and width of edges, color and size of vertices, step delay time. It also has a convenient function of upload of the graphs to a remote server for futher storage and download on user's computer.. Freeware download of GraphBuilder 3.0.5, size 4.26 Mb.

Graph construction program 3.2.2000 S. Chepurin 

Graph construction program is a handy application that was created in order to offer you a simple means of building a graph from manually entered values or draw a graph based on values of certain time period queried from Access database.. Freeware download of Graph construction program 3.2.2000, size 503.81 Kb.

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