Hangul To Romanization Translation

Learn Hangul 2.0 PortZero 

Learn Hangul makes it easy to learn and master the Korean alphabet. No more studying at home or carrying books onto the plane, train, office or wherever you want to learn - now you can quickly and comfortably study all the Jamo (particles) that complex Korean syllables consist of. Study Hangul wherever you want, whenever you want. Right on your. Free download of Learn Hangul 2.0, size 104.86 Kb.


DC Form Translator 1 EgyFirst Software , inc 

Form Translator is a COM based component that allows you Support MultiLanguage Application , by populate form labels with predefined translation automatically . Free download of DC Form Translator 1, size 1.04 Mb.

Projetex Project Management Server 2005 AIT Project Management 

Projetex 2005 is Project Management Software for Translation Agencies. It tremendously simplifies task of corporate and freelance workflow management, data and files sharing within company and provides multiple benefits for each team member. System Administrator, General Management, Sales Representatives, Project Managers, Human Resources Managers,. Free download of Projetex Project Management Server 2005, size 8.98 Mb.

TransLite Spanish - English Dictionary 8 TransLite 

TransLite is a fast, easy-to-use dictionary:In Internet Explorer and Outlook, just point to the word with the cursor and the translation will appear. To get translations in other programs, just select the word (for example, by double click).TransLite provides you with full, clear translations:TransLite contains over 3.500.000 terms in its. Free download of TransLite Spanish - English Dictionary 8, size 6.00 Mb.

CATCount: Computer Assisted Translation 1 Advanced International Translations 

CATCount is useful software tool for translation industry professionals. It greatly eases task of accounting of Computer Assisted Translation jobs. CATCount does this by translating complex CAT Scheme into one easy number, i.e. CATCount. Additionally, it provides great features for printing and export of used CAT Scheme together with original. Freeware download of CATCount: Computer Assisted Translation 1, size 1.47 Mb.

@promt Expert Translator GIANT PACK 8.0 PROMT 

@promt Expert 8.0 Transaltor is designed for professional translators and translation agencies.English to/from French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and English to Italian languages translation included plus general, specialized and custom dictionaries; integrates with Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Mirabilis ICQ,. Free download of @promt Expert Translator GIANT PACK 8.0, size 355.47 Mb.

IdiomaX Translation Suite 5.00 IdiomaX LLC 

This suite of translation software tools lets you translate virtually anything that crosses your desk: web pages, emails, documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets, databases and more. Throw Out Those Language Textbooks. No more language classes, memorization and conjugation... IdiomaX Translation Suite does it for you, whether at the office or. Free download of IdiomaX Translation Suite 5.00, size 18.10 Mb.

IdiomaX Mobile Translator 5.00 IdiomaX LLC 

The IdiomaX Mobile Translator converts your Pocket PC or Smartphone into a mobile translation device that goes everywhere you do. Translate text, consult dictionaries, and conjugate verbs in five different languages without missing a beat in your busy schedule. Translation Software You Take With You. It takes years to master just one language. The. Free download of IdiomaX Mobile Translator 5.00, size 18.10 Mb.

IdiomaX Translation Assistant 5.00 IdiomaX LLC 

You'll never be stuck for words again with this translation software installed on your computer. It's like having a multilingual assistant at your side at all times, instantly translating words, phrases and segments of text– regardless of what application you happen to be using. Whether you need a translator for business, school, language. Free download of IdiomaX Translation Assistant 5.00, size 11.91 Mb.

TranslationExpress 2009 Javvin Company 

TranslationExpress, a Kingsoft product, is designed for people who need to do instant online translations. It includes 6 translation engines to perform multi-directional translations: Chinese ->English, English ->Chinese, Chinese ->Japanese and Japanese ->Chinese, with a simple click. Once installed, the software is integrated with the. Free download of TranslationExpress 2009, size 250.00 Mb.

MultiTranse European 6.4 TialSoft software 

If you seek for a way to quickly understand a number of European languages and get your words translated into them, then MultiTranse European is the right solution. This handy software uses internet connection to translate words and phrases from any supported language. You will be able to swiftly render your words into 22 European languages, as. Free download of MultiTranse European 6.4, size 2.64 Mb.

Projetex Translation Agency Workstation 7.0 AIT Project Management Translation 

Projetex 7.0 is Project Management Software for Translation Agencies. It tremendously simplifies task of managing in-house translators and freelance translators, data and files sharing within translation agency and provides multiple benefits for each in-house translator and freelance translator. System Administrator of Translation Agency, General. Free download of Projetex Translation Agency Workstation 7.0, size 12.00 Mb.

Projetex - Project Management Software for Translation Agencies 7.0 AIT Project Management Software 

Projetex 7.0 is Project Management Software for Translation Agencies. It tremendously simplifies task of managing in-house translators and freelance translators, data and files sharing within translation agency and provides multiple benefits for each in-house translator and freelance translator. System Administrator of Translation Agency, General. Free download of Projetex - Project Management Software for Translation Agencies 7.0, size 10.87 Mb.

Felix 1.3.1 Ginstrom IT Solutions (GITS) 

The Felix translation memory system can help you be a more productive and consistent translator. Translation memory can give tremendous productivity boosts; our goal is to deliver these benefits without a steep learning curve or the need to make drastic changes to your workflow.Use Felix to translate documents right from Microsoft Word, Excel, and. Free download of Felix 1.3.1, size 5.27 Mb.

AbcThai 6.03 Axel Blume 

AbcThai for Windows is an alternative Thai text editor with translation help for those with basic knowledge of Thai writing. To type Thai you can use the standard keyboard in a unique way or one of the on-screen keyboards. The Thai keyboard (Ketmanee layout) is supported as well. You don't have to install Thai fonts if you use the built-in. Free download of AbcThai 6.03, size 471.04 Kb.

Coolexon Dictionary 1.2.0006 Coolsoft (Sweden) AB 

Coolexon is a dictionary and multi-language translation software providing results in over 60 languages. It offers users a variety of free dictionaries and translation tools in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and other major languages in the world.Coolexon is a powerful translation software with two key features: cursor. Free download of Coolexon Dictionary 1.2.0006, size 3.46 Mb.

Caterpillar - HTML Extractor 1.2 Stormdance 

Caterpillar rapidly extracts all the text requiring translation from multiple web pages to a single output file - so you can process/translate the extracted text segments in any way you like using other software. Then with another click of the mouse, your processed text is integrated back into the web pages. By generating a single output file. Free download of Caterpillar - HTML Extractor 1.2, size 1.34 Mb.

IE Translator 3.0 SteelSoft 

It is an intelligent translation software. When you look at foreign language Web pages, it is useful. It is very easy to use. And it is freeware.
I often view some foreign language Web pages, using IE browser. Some of the sentences or words, I did not understand. I need a quick and simple way to translate them. We have developed this. Freeware download of IE Translator 3.0, size 1.70 Mb.

WinAgents EventLog Translation Service WinAgents Software Group 

WinAgents EventLog Translation Service is a server that monitors the Windows event logs and forwards the events for further processing. The program can forward the events to SYSLOG server or to SNMP management station. EventLog Translation Service allows you to forget about manual checking of the event logs. From now on, you can use your favorite. Free download of WinAgents EventLog Translation Service, size 2.54 Mb.

English into plain English M Translation 2.0 Langsoft 

English into plain English machine translation. English text interpreter. Translates the English text using simple, more widely used words. Substitutes the synonyms with one pre-chosen synonym, depending on context, while preserving the meaning of the text. Uses up to 10 times less different words to interpret the meaning of the original english. Free download of English into plain English M Translation 2.0, size 5.61 Mb.