Hardware Assembling Freeware

Portable System Information Viewer 4.28 Ray Hinchliffe 

SIV (System Information Viewer) displays many OS, network and hardware-related information, including CPU, USB, PCI, sensors and others.. Freeware download of Portable System Information Viewer 4.28, size 1.99 Mb.


HWM BlackBox 2.2.3725.11091 hARDWAREMANIA 

HWM BlackBox is a useful tool created to offer you precise details on the hardware components of your computer to the maximum. As well as providing you with you with in-depth information about hardware such as the processor, memory modules, mainboard, hard drives and video card, it also offers the opportunity to assess critical parameters such as. Freeware download of HWM BlackBox 2.2.3725.11091, size 1.68 Mb.

common hardware recovery solutions b1 chdd.sourceforge.net 

Common Hardware Recovery Solutions by Ukrainian-Russian network from http://hardw.net/forum. Freeware download of common hardware recovery solutions b1, size 381.99 Kb.

Gameboy Hardware Plateforme 2 gbhardplate.sourceforge.net 

Enable user to create specific hardware to connect / control with / by the Gameboy.. Freeware download of Gameboy Hardware Plateforme 2, size 47.06 Kb.

Glide for 3dfx hardware 1.0 glide.sourceforge.net 

Glide is a library for using 3dfx hardware. This project will be the public repository for Glide.. Freeware download of Glide for 3dfx hardware 1.0, size 127.54 Kb.

GP2X Hardware Library 1.00 gp2xhwlib.sourceforge.net 

Library which allows developper to access the hardware features of GP2X (personal entertainment player created by a Korean company: GPH). Software emulation is provided on PC through SDL.. Freeware download of GP2X Hardware Library 1.00, size 17.18 Mb.

Hardware-ID 1.3 hardwareid.sourceforge.net 

Hardware-ID is a small Linux module providinga program by program assignment of certain hardwarespecific values. Useful for preparing masterhard drives, hardware independend backup/restoreand some exotic hardware.. Freeware download of Hardware-ID 1.3, size 24.62 Kb.

Hardware Assisted Visibility Sorting 1.0 havs.sourceforge.net 

The Hardware Assisted Visibility Sorting (HAVS) algorithm is a GPU-based, direct volume renderer for unstructured grids. The algorithm operates in both object- and images-space and includes a sample-based, dynamic level-of-detail algorithm.. Freeware download of Hardware Assisted Visibility Sorting 1.0, size 2.03 Mb.

Hardware Monitor and Protection System 1.0rc1 hwmps.sourceforge.net 

This project is aimed to develop an Hardware Monitor & Protection System for PCs using PICmicros. This project is divided into two branches: the first one involves microcontroller's firmware, the second one software used to manage the PIC via COM po. Freeware download of Hardware Monitor and Protection System 1.0rc1, size 29.66 Kb.

Hardware Random Number Generator 1.0 hardwarerandomn.sourceforge.net 

Hardware random number generator based on oscillator jitter. Freeware download of Hardware Random Number Generator 1.0, size 19.74 Kb.

Hardware Simulation & Virtualization Env 014 phsvm.sourceforge.net 

Hardware Simulation and Vitualization Environment: Unfortunately I have lost my source code in a freak accident (My roommate dropped a bed onto my laptop) for this project. Please be patient and visit http://devsoft.ath.cx/crisis for more information.. Freeware download of Hardware Simulation & Virtualization Env 014, size 7.87 Mb.

hprofile - Hardware and system profiles 2.0.beta2 hprofile.sourceforge.net 

A set of bash scripts implementing hardware and system profiles for linux. Configuration files may be switched and scripts run dependent on the state of things such as hardware configuration, power management, or network connections.. Freeware download of hprofile - Hardware and system profiles 2.0.beta2, size 32.08 Kb.

Jhwctl - Read/Write to hardware ports 1.00 jhwctl.sourceforge.net 

Jhwctl provides a textgraphical user interface to access the LPT hardware port. [In the making: LPT/COM, FileTransfer, PCSP, VGA font, libSIOS/libTMET]. Freeware download of Jhwctl - Read/Write to hardware ports 1.00, size 38.72 Kb.

Linux Kernel HardWare Detection tool hwd.sourceforge.net 

Linux Kernel HardWare Detection tool. Freeware download of Linux Kernel HardWare Detection tool, size 39.30 Kb.

No-Hardware MIDI Recorder 2012.1.9 imidiacy.sourceforge.net 

Record a melody as a MIDI file, right from the computer keyboard with no special hardware required. Current work on the project is aimed at music analysis. Rhythm and harmony have completed subroutines. A future version of the program will analyze MIDI files, rate their musical value, and recombine them to produce tunes.. Freeware download of No-Hardware MIDI Recorder 2012.1.9, size 124.26 Kb.

OpenEEG - EEG hardware and software 1.1.1 openeeg.sourceforge.net 

Working hardware has been built and is in a late beta stage. Software is also available.. Freeware download of OpenEEG - EEG hardware and software 1.1.1, size 252.16 Kb.

Partially Reconfigurable Hardware 0.10 .ensc.sfu.ca 

Linux Framework for Embedded Concurrent Control of Partially Reconfigurable FPGA Hardware.FPGA architectural tools and Linux OS modifications that aid in supporting Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration on FPGAs. These tools enable a hardware engineer to develop FPGA systems more effectively for rapid control system development.User Guide:. Freeware download of Partially Reconfigurable Hardware 0.10, size 177.44 Mb.

PSoC software for CFA-633 hardware 1.0 psoc-cfa-633.sourceforge.net 

Development of code to control the LCD display, keypad , communications and other aspects of the CFA-633 hardware from Crystalfontz. ( Based on PSoC processors from Cypress ). Freeware download of PSoC software for CFA-633 hardware 1.0, size 88.20 Kb.

Self Assembling Structure Simulator 1.0.0 sass.sourceforge.net 

The self-assembling structure simulator is a project to simulate the building of arbitrary 3D shapes from identical triangular components. Freeware download of Self Assembling Structure Simulator 1.0.0, size 53.29 Kb.

Signs - VHDL Hardware Developement 0.6.3 signs.sourceforge.net 

Signs is a development environment for hardware designs in VHDL and other hardware description languages. It provides synthesis and simulation tools which are fully integrated in an Eclipse plugin including graphical netlist and waveform viewers.. Freeware download of Signs - VHDL Hardware Developement 0.6.3, size 3.37 Mb.