Hcl Me Laptop B38 Driver For 32 Bit Freeware

Leader Book 1.0 Daniel J. Wojcik 

LeaderBook is a very small 32-bit Windows application. With it, a supervisor can keep track of subordinates' data: APFT, Weapons Qualification, DOR, DOB, etc. The entire application, including the database, will fit on one floppy disk if the number of subordinates does not grow too large. (But floppies are so passdoTe. Use your thumbdrive.). Freeware download of Leader Book 1.0, size 377.49 Kb.


Delete Tree NetworkDLS 

A quick and easy 32-bit console application that deletes an entire directory structure and all files that it contains. Very useful in batch files.
. Freeware download of Delete Tree, size 41.94 Kb.

Decode Unicode 5.00 EmuraSoft Inc 

Decode Unicode plug-in (32-bit) Decode HTML/XML Character Reference or UCN

Install: Run and extract files to the PlugIns folder.. Freeware download of Decode Unicode 5.00, size 136.31 Kb.

Paste Files 0.01 EinSeul 

Paste Files plug-in (32-bit) Plug-in to paste file path

Install: Extract files to the PlugIns folder.. Freeware download of Paste Files 0.01, size 20.97 Kb.

MoveEd 1.00 Artem Zankovich 

MoveEd plug-in (32-bit) Navigates by sentences, paragraphs and functions

Install: Run and extract files to the PlugIns folder.. Freeware download of MoveEd 1.00, size 83.89 Kb.

BySoft InternetPal BySoft 

InternetPal is 32-bit win95/98/NT/2000/XP program for monitoring Internet connection. Automatically monitors calls and detects connection types. It runs in the system tray. Detailed information about the connections is stored into the log file, and it can be showed in table or graphical form. Statistics shows number of connections, upload,. Freeware download of BySoft InternetPal, size 913.41 Kb.

V-Mailer 1.2.1 Virdi Software 

V-Mailer is 32-bit command-line and batch mailer and supports SMTP authentication. It is a console application, which means that it can only be run from the DOS prompt or from inside a batch file. It will send a message to any single email address. . Freeware download of V-Mailer 1.2.1, size 204.80 Kb.

Music Playlist Utility 1 Kool Kidz Group 

Music Playlist Utility is an Internet-ready 32-bit music playlist utility for Windows. Many people are now downloading and recording MP3 compressed music files as well as the standard audio CDA formatted files to CD media. A big problem is that when you create and burn your playlist to CD/DVD the titles are sorted alpahbetically but your player and. Freeware download of Music Playlist Utility 1, size 387.07 Kb.

ErezPP1LTR Print Preview ActiveX Control for VB6 1.4.1 Erez Business Softwares Ltd 

ErezPP1LTR OCX is a FREEWARE Print Preview ActiveX Control-Left To Right direction for Visual Basic 6, which will work on any platform of Windows 32 BIT. The control gives developers an easy tool to make print and preview of their softwares, especially for business softwares!! More features included: previewing clearly mixed languages, print. Freeware download of ErezPP1LTR Print Preview ActiveX Control for VB6 1.4.1, size 998.40 Kb.

Windows Vista codecs pack basic 10.04 freemediacodecs.com 

Free codec pack for Windows Vista, all the audio codec & Video codecs you need for Windows Vista for free, 32 bit & 64 Bit codecs. Windows Vista codec pack is the most complete free codec pack on the web and supports all video and audio file formats you need. Easy installation & upgrading your audio and video codecs. for more info check. Freeware download of Windows Vista codecs pack basic 10.04, size 15.20 Mb.

MSN Font Color Editor 1.577 Web Solution Mart 

Choose the font color you like for your MSN from 32-bit true colors.

Tired of MSN?s fixed font colors? Use this tiny application to change it to the color you love. It is easy and fun to use. You may need to restart MSN for the changes to take place.. Freeware download of MSN Font Color Editor 1.577, size 349.18 Kb.

ModPlug Player 1 46 Olivier Lapicque/MODPlug Central 

A freeware 32-bit digital sound player that supports well over a dozen digital sound formats. Besides the .mod format you'd expect by the program's name, you can open and play the .669, .far, .it, .med, .mdl, .mol, .mtm, .nst, .s3m, .stm, .ult, .wow, .xm, and .wav formats along with all flavors of zipped .mod files. ModPlug Player's. Freeware download of ModPlug Player 1 46, size 0 b.

RealSpeak Solo Direct Alexandros Freedom Scientific 

Nuance® RealSpeak™ Solo Direct voices work exclusively with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of JAWS 10 or later, MAGic 11 or later, OpenBook 9 or later, and WYNN 6 or later. These voices are available at no charge and will also work with demo versions of JAWS, MAGic, OpenBook, and WYNN that support the RealSpeak Solo Direct. Freeware download of RealSpeak Solo Direct Alexandros, size 0 b.

RealSpeak Solo Direct Madalena Freedom Scientific 

RealSpeak Solo Direct Voices for Freedom Scientific Products

RealSpeak Solo Direct voices work exclusively with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of JAWS 10 or later, MAGic 11 or later, and OpenBook 9 or later.

This is the Madalena Portuguese voice RealSpeak file.. Freeware download of RealSpeak Solo Direct Madalena, size 0 b.

MZ-Tools for VBA 3.0 MZTools Software 

MZ-Tools is a freeware add-in for Visual Basic and the Visual Basic For Applications editor (provided by a 32-bit VBA-enabled application such as those in Office 2000-2010) which adds several productivity features to the IDE.

MZ-Tools is very easy to use. It provides a main menu, a toolbar, handy context menus and customizable. Freeware download of MZ-Tools for VBA 3.0, size 1.17 Mb.

CC386 LadSoft 

CC386 is a general-purpose 32-bit C compiler. It is not an optimizing compiler but given that the code generation is fairly good. There are two versions; one is for MSDOS/DPMI and one is for Win32. The Win32 version has a full-blown IDE capable of editing, building, and debugging windows programs included with it. However at this time debugging. Freeware download of CC386, size 0 b.

Manpwin Paul de Leeuw Computers 

Manpwin is a free program based loosely on FRACTINT but is a full 32 bit program with true colour support. MANPWIN now offers animation scripting. Several new fractals have been added.
Manpwin is a powerful and easy to use freeware fractal generation program. I especially like its coloring system.. Freeware download of Manpwin, size 1.24 Mb.

ColorPicker Gadget 1. 1. 2002 Andreas Zimmermann 

ColorPicker Gadget is a Gadget for Microsoft Windows Vista and Seven (32-bit editions). It was developed to return the hex decimal value of any given color on the screen. It can be useful for extracting the color value of a certain part of a photo, so you can use it in your graphics editing application. It can also be useful for web designers as. Freeware download of ColorPicker Gadget 1. 1. 2002, size 691.20 Kb.

SpecPlot 1 2 Klaus Eichele 

This is a 32-bit program that runs under MS Windows 9x, NT 4, 2000, and XP to plot NMR spectra
An NMR spectrum can be read in one of the following formats: Bruker XWinNMR/TopSpin, Bruker WinNMR, Bruker WinNMR ASCII, Chemagnetics Spinsight, and a native ASCII format.
Output is a Postscript or HPGL file that can be imported into many. Freeware download of SpecPlot 1 2, size 1.17 Mb.

File Commander/W 2 40 Brian Havard 

File Commander/W is a 32 bit text mode file manager and shell that allows you to locate, copy, move, delete, view, edit and execute your files in a quick, convenient and customizable manner.
Its main display provides dual directory view panels that may serve as source and destination of a copy or move operation or just two different views of. Freeware download of File Commander/W 2 40, size 556.03 Kb.