Hindi One Act Play

Change Realmlist 11 changerealmlist.sourceforge.net 

A small program to quickly browse your World of Warcraft realmlists and choose one to play on.. Freeware download of Change Realmlist 11, size 1.16 Mb.


Little Cyber War 1.0 Littlecyberwar 

Little Cyber Wars (LCW) is a computer program thatallows one to play his favorite miniatures game on theinternet, either connected live, or its also playablethrough email.

Little Cyber War 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Little Cyber War 1.0, size 0 b.

WildTangent Games App WildTangent 

Keep all your games in one place. Play online or offline--itd-deOaos your choice. And itd-deOaos free of course!

Game Player
Discover, add, play your favorite games, compete with friends, and more.

Game Service & Store

The best, newest and most popular games of all types. Wed-deOaoll keep bringing them. Free download of WildTangent Games App, size 975.17 Kb.

Tams11 Domino Toe Tamera A Shaw-McGuire 

Domino Toe is similar to Chicken Foot. Play starts with a double (the spinner,) then you build off of that double. When another double bone is placed, the bones are cleared and the new double becomes the spinner. Play ends when someone is out of bones or when no one can play a bone. Players receive points equal to the total sum of dots on all. Freeware download of Tams11 Domino Toe, size 1.63 Mb.

Free Poker Texas Holdem (Easy) 1.0 Free poker 

Free poker game, texas holdem, is an online poker game for one player--play online free. This is free poker, so no need to bet. Learn the odds of poker for free all by yourself by playing free poker with up to 5 different AI poker players. Free poker game is automatically saved every time you play online. Just show up, learn the odds of texas. Freeware download of Free Poker Texas Holdem (Easy) 1.0, size 2.59 Mb.

JMStella Atari 2600 Emulator for J2ME 1.0 jmstella.sourceforge.net 

JMStella is a J2ME Atari 2600 VCS emulator based upon JStella 0.95. It allows one to play Atari 2600 games on a java-enabled mobile phone.. Freeware download of JMStella Atari 2600 Emulator for J2ME 1.0, size 67.72 Kb.

JStella Atari 2600 Emulator 0.95 jstella.sourceforge.net 

JStella is a Java-based Atari 2600 VCS emulator. It allows one to play old Atari 2600 games in an operating system independent manner. It also supports web page based applets. Its emulation core is based on Stella-Atari 2600 Emulator.. Freeware download of JStella Atari 2600 Emulator 0.95, size 377.28 Kb.

tichulog-ng 1.0 tichulog-ng.sourceforge.net 

tichulog-ng is an application to replay a previously played tichu game on www.brettspielwelt.de from a log file. It allows the user to view a logged game with open cards as if one would play the game by itself.. Freeware download of tichulog-ng 1.0, size 296.84 Kb.

Cantrip 1.0 Cantrip 

Cantrip is a client for connecting to Multi-User Dungeons/Domains/Dimensions, otherwise known as MUDs. MUDs are, put simply, online multiplayer text-based adventure games. There are hundreds of MUDs that one can play, most of which for free.

Cantrip 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Cantrip 1.0, size 0 b.

HanoiME 1.0 Hanoime 

HanoiME is a popular game "Tower of Hanoi" for mobile (javaME). At different level one can play with increasing number of disks. The game play helps to master the technique of solving tower of hanoi problem.

HanoiME 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of HanoiME 1.0, size 0 b.

Platinum Play Online Casino EU Edition PlatinumPlay OnlineCasino 

Platinum Play online casino offers a unique online gambling casino experience with great graphics and a new look and feel that is different from any other internet casino out there. The online casino software at PlatinumPlay Internet casino lets you fully customize the casinogames to suit you and make make your on line casino gambling experience a. Freeware download of Platinum Play Online Casino EU Edition, size 460.80 Kb.

Act! Password 15.0 Build 9219 LastBit Software 

Act! Password is a tool to recover lost or forgotten passwords to password-protected Act! files (*.blb, *.mud). It also comes very handy if someone password protects your vital information that you absolutely need to obtain.

The database structure was significantly changed in recent Act! versions. Old Act! versions keep all user and. Free download of Act! Password 15.0 Build 9219, size 0 b.

LastBit Act! Password Recovery 12.0.9123 LastBit Password Recovery 

Act! Password is a tool to recover lost or forgotten passwords to password-protected Act! files (*.blb, *.mud). Such situation may also occur if someone who does not work with you anymore password protects your vital information that is absolutely necessary to retrieve. The database structure was significantly changed in recent Act! versions. Old. Free download of LastBit Act! Password Recovery 12.0.9123, size 2.01 Mb.

SuningDVD 1.2 suningsoft 

SuningDvdSuningDvd is a run on the Windows platform, the performance of super-powerful, highly intelligent and easy to use audio and video entertainment platform in support of Windows2000, WindowsXP, Windows2003, Vista, and Windows7 operating system.Smart Play-core, highly efficient and smooth playback- Intelligent recognition, intelligent play,. Free download of SuningDVD 1.2, size 29.35 Mb.

Bigasoft ASF Converter for Mac 3.4.4 Bigasoft.com 

Bigasoft ASF Converter for Mac converts ASF file, HD ASF to any video and any audio to play ASF anywhere as well as convert various video to ASF or HD ASF. It optimizes ready video for many portable devices and media players. You can easily enjoy and play ASF, HD ASF on Mac, QuickTime, iPad, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phones, Apple TV, PSP,. Free download of Bigasoft ASF Converter for Mac 3.4.4, size 23.42 Mb.

Greedy Spooks 2.0 MyPlayCity.com 

The game Greedy Spooks - a brave captain is going to a mysterious island to find the ancient treasures.
The action of the game takes place in those times when wind-driven frigates were plowing the seas, and the life was full of adventures and surprises. Once a brave captain John Tailor met an old man in a port tavern who told him the legend. Freeware download of Greedy Spooks 2.0, size 31.51 Mb.

Xtreme Paintball Network 3.0 Vortex Revolutions in association with Xtreme Paintball Development 

Xtreme Paintball Network is a two dimensional online paintball game. You can play multi-player paintball games with players from around the globe! This game is rather simple so you can have the most fun without the hassle of repetition to move up. There are so many different game types you will really feel like you are out on a real paintball. Freeware download of Xtreme Paintball Network 3.0, size 0 b.

FreeGames Confectionary 2.3 Download Free Games 

A thrilling adventure in the course of which you are going to cross urban streets collecting necessary details for restoring the confectionary. Colorful graphics, realistic sound background and captivating plot will leave no one indifferent. Play this and download more free games from myplaycity.com.. Freeware download of FreeGames Confectionary 2.3, size 85.13 Mb.

Stream Movie Plus! 1.0 RAF Creations 

Imagine you have 20 5MB movie clips and you want to watch them all at once. If you use a conventional Viewer you would have to wait for it to buffer the stream and then you may have connection problems which break up or pause the stream while you are watching.

What Stream Movie Plus does is play all the clips back to back with no break. Free download of Stream Movie Plus! 1.0, size 1.59 Mb.

Discord Times 1.2 Aterdux Entertainment 

While there are a lot of RPG genre games are out there, only a handful, like Diablo, become superstars. Can a small upstart software company produce a better product than a corporate giant with multi-million project budgets? It's for you to see and decide.Discord Times is a new, exciting mystical RPG-Strategy that has all role-playing fans talking. Free download of Discord Times 1.2, size 9.49 Mb.