Hindi Poem On Save Trees Save Earth

Chicken Invaders 1.3 InterAction studios 

Save the earth from invading chickens! Sometime in the near future, earth is invaded by chickens from another galaxy, bent on revenge against the human race for oppressing earth chickens! Take the world's fate in your hands (or at least have an omelette) in this modern rendition of the 80's classic. Advance through waves of invading chickens,. Freeware download of Chicken Invaders 1.3, size 3.26 Mb.


Titan Attacks 1.9 Puppygames 

Save the Earth from evil alien invaders from Titan! Fight your way across the solar system to defeat the aliens on their homeworld. Upgrade your ship with bigger guns from bounty money. Defeat the alien mothership! Fantastic retro arcade action over 100 levels with 5 worlds.. Free download of Titan Attacks 1.9, size 25.57 Mb.

Wacky Bird Hunter Selectsoft Publishing 

Can you save the earth from a zany invasion of wacky birds? They're everywhere—behind clouds, in bushes and zigzagging all over the place! Shoot 'til you drop and laugh out loud at the colorful and funny animations. This outrageously entertaining game is sure to keep you in stitches!


-. Free download of Wacky Bird Hunter, size 9.06 Mb.

Ziro 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Stop global warming with Ziro, the youngest member of the ancient tribe of Snowmen Earth guardians, in this unique puzzle game! Travel all across the globe, and learn tips and develop tricks that will help you save Mother Earth in your everyday life! Play through gripping puzzles as you warm up your brain, but cool down the Earth! Ziro needs your. Free download of Ziro 1.0, size 41.02 Mb.

How To Make Solar Panel SF 1.0 How To Make Solar Panel 

How To Make Solar Panel toolbar for Safari browser. There are various ways to save the Earth. One of the leading methods we can take advantage of today is green energy. Energy 2 Green is one of the many programs that can help save the natural world. It teaches how to build wind turbines and solar panels to better protect the environment. Apart from. Freeware download of How To Make Solar Panel SF 1.0, size 1.88 Mb.

Infectors 1.0.6 infectors.sourceforge.net 

Infectors it's a puzzle game inspired in frozen fruits and boxworld games. You must save the earth from a infectors virus epidemic, trapping all bugs in antiviral cryogenic capsules. It comes with a level editor. Freeware download of Infectors 1.0.6, size 9.20 Mb.

Pumlic 1.0 Pumlic 

Aliens turned almost all humans into undead. Now save the Earth yourself! abuse/soldat-like openGL game with specific graphics, both single and multiplayer, strong focus on action and destruction and many matrix-like effects.

Pumlic 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Pumlic 1.0, size 0 b.

MB Hanuman Chalisa 1.15 MysticBoard.com 

MB Hanuman Chalisa is a Vedic oracle software. This is a Hindi poem written by the poet Tulsi Das in reverence and praise of Lord Hanuman, the Son of Wind. This is usually recited as a prayer on Tuesdays and Saturdays to ward away all evil and attain happiness and prosperity. Lord Hanuman was a great devotee of Lord Ram. The kind of devotion he had. Free download of MB Hanuman Chalisa 1.15, size 1.50 Mb.

Arrow Flash 1.0 GameFabrique 

This is a side-scrolling space shooter. You control a female spaceship pilot who is sent on a mission into deep space to save the Earth from an assault by an evil dragon from another galaxy. Moving vertically or horizontally, you must avoid or kill the enemies and make it to the end of the level alive, where a boss battle awaits you. You can switch. Freeware download of Arrow Flash 1.0, size 828.38 Kb.

EcoBall 1 Everlong Software 

The year is 2505. The ozone layer has been seriously weakened by CFC gases in the atmosphere. Dangerous rays from the sun are already beginning to reach the earth turning many people into mutant apes. To contain the situation a crack team of scientists have put together a device known as the 'Ecoball'. The Ecoball is a remote controlled ball. Free download of EcoBall 1, size 2.33 Mb.

SAVE AS WWF 1.0.1 WWF Deutschland 

SAVE AS WWF is a simple application that will let you save PDF files in WWF format.

The WWF format is a PDF that cannot be printed out. It’s a simple way to avoid unnecessary printing. So here’s your chance to save trees and help the environment. Decide for yourself which documents don't need printing out. Freeware download of SAVE AS WWF 1.0.1, size 7.00 Mb.

The Wonderful End of the World Trial 1.0 Dejobaan Games, LLC 

The Wonderful End of the World is a single player game. It is a game where the player travels around the earth collecting as many things as they can and grow into a mammoth sized creature to save the world from a deadly demon with the head of a fish.
The game offers you eleven different levels to run, at the end of each, it hands out letter. Free download of The Wonderful End of the World Trial 1.0, size 0 b.

Jumpix 1.4 Gamexzone studio 

The XXII century. Our Earth is in danger. The invaders want to capture it and make their colony.For a long time the Earth was covered with a protective sphere. But the invaders have invented new weapons to destroy the protective sphere.The only chance to protect the Earth is to use a spacefighter of new generation.But who will be a pilot on the. Free download of Jumpix 1.4, size 3.29 Mb.

Revenge of the Titans 1.80.10 Puppy Games 

At first they came from the skies. In the ensuing war, Earth was laid waste, but we had won...
But that was just the first strike - now the invasion has landed! Defeat the returning Titan horde in a series of epic ground battles, save the Earth, again, and command the counterstrike against their homeworld!
Construct and command your. Free download of Revenge of the Titans 1.80.10, size 89.02 Mb.

Nether Star II 2.0 BCG group 

Do you familiar with arcade space shooters? Yes? The Nether Star II is a worthy representative of their family. No? Then you should surely try it. This game is engrossing, but not addictive. You always can start new game from the any achieved level, play for the few minutes on the break and safely continue to take care of your affairs.
Hordes. Freeware download of Nether Star II 2.0, size 19.72 Mb.

Nether Star 1.2 KSY Software 

The black depths of space has many mysterious secrets. People always looked on the night sky with hope and admiration. But not when enemies came at us from the stars. The enormous army of dark legions, destroying planets, came directly to the Earth. The governments of the Earth decided to use the one-place spaceship with a hyper-engine obtained. Free download of Nether Star 1.2, size 8.17 Mb.

Shlongg 1.01 NotSoft 

Humankind is under threat of extiction by the Shlongg Dominion!

Shlongg fuses the genres of breakout, space combat, and grav-tube mayhem to form a unique and certainly G rated game.

Shlongg features two different styles of gameplay. The first is a breakout style battle where a ball and ship are used to smash various. Free download of Shlongg 1.01, size 22.54 Mb.

Traffic Info for Windows Gadget Photo-Bon.com 

A Windows Gadget to see road traffic flows, real-time traffic conditions in your area, avoid the congested road sections, smooth all the way. Includes: U.S. almost big cities; U.K. (England and Scotland); Canada; China 10 major cities; Finland; Italy; Russia; Singapore; Thailand and so on. Select correct line to save time and save money. Save. Freeware download of Traffic Info for Windows Gadget, size 141.31 Kb.

KML Manager Michael Meyer 

Open a supported file format (KML, KMZ, GPX, CSV, OVL, NMEA (GPS data), ASC (TomTom), ITN (TomTom), PTH (MagicMaps), BCR Map&Guide), PLT (OziExplorer) Geocaching and OSM (Openstreetmap)) and see your tracks and waypoints in the KML Manager.

In the next step you can transform the selected waypoints or tracks into a different. Free download of KML Manager, size 0 b.

Starlaxis - Light Hunter for Windows 1.0 GameHouse 

Bring humanity back from the brink in Starlaxis - Light Hunter, an exceptional matching experience across the universe.

The year is 2257 and the sun, for some strange reason, has lost its fire. Temperatures on Earth sink rapidly, blizzards and ice storms become daily events, and it is only a matter of time before all life perishes.. Free download of Starlaxis - Light Hunter for Windows 1.0, size 1.67 Mb.