How To Know Another People Facebook Password Freeware

MB Emotional Quotient Test 1 20 

Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a term used to measure how much you understand your inner self and the tasks you can perform satisfactorily without getting stressed or depressed. MB Emotional Quotient Test attempts to give you a clearer picture about yourself so that you can work on the areas that are weak for you to lead a. Freeware download of MB Emotional Quotient Test 1 20, size 800.77 Kb.


orahashbf 0.0.2 Orahashbf 

Program for brute force recovering a Oracle password hash. This is my first ever Linux program(after some hello world programs) Still learning how to program C

Brute force password guessing., Dictionary password attack.

orahashbf 0.0.2 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of orahashbf 0.0.2, size 854.13 Kb.

BadDriver 21.0 Arend Hintze 

Submit a bad driver!

You know the situation very well: You take care and drive savely, and suddenly you see someone driving recklessly, cutting you, or parking so badly that there is no place for you left!

You are not the police, but we give you an option for feedback!

Report any driver, with any US license plate,. Freeware download of BadDriver 21.0, size 734.00 Kb.

Laundry Care 1.1 FFFF00 Agents AB 

Ever find yourself in the laundry room trying to decipher the cryptic symbols on the care label?

With Laundry Care in your hand, you won't have to guess -- simply tap your way to the corresponding icon and you'll find what you need to know.

Laundry Care is currently translated into:

* English
* Swedish
. Freeware download of Laundry Care 1.1, size 524.29 Kb.

Dig The Book Edukate 

Hard time searching the book you need in the library, now you have a companion with you, Dig The Book App which lets you know about the book according to your taste. Just search around and get the book you really want to read.

Want to get Information about a Book, Dig The Book is an App which lets you dig in the vast library of Books and. Freeware download of Dig The Book, size 1.05 Mb.

Herbalist WP 

Most beautiful herbal for Windows Phone

Did you know that plantain syrup rid you of cough, chamomile bath healed all wounds and St.John's wort tea soothed your jangled nerves? Herbs have taken an important part in natural healing for centuries and nowadays they are also intensively used in modern medicine. Learn to recognize, pick and. Freeware download of Herbalist WP, size 2.10 Mb.

Auto Ebooks - Automotive Information 1.0 

Automotive Information Ebooks and User Guides on topics relating to cars. Find out where seized and repossesed cars are sold cheaply at auto auctions. Learn about automotive repair & maintenance. Find out how auto repairers rip people off and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you. We also provide advice on car leasing, avoid car. Freeware download of Auto Ebooks - Automotive Information 1.0, size 62.91 Kb.

Type'O Finder Pro 1.00 ToolBox Software - 

The eBay Misspelled Search and Spy program will save you $1000s. This is easy to use and installs an uninstalls in seconds. With just a few Key strokes and a click of the mouse you will be whisked off to ebay to find the hidden gems. eBay generates over a billion page views a DAY. Of the tens of millions of items for sale on eBay at any given time,. Freeware download of Type'O Finder Pro 1.00, size 1.04 Mb.

21 Discovery Days 1.0.0 Resolution Revolution Ltd 

Do you sometimes find it hard to reach your goals and live the life you truly deserve?
Give yourself a bit of time and space to reDiscover your inner compass by navigating through 21 changing days.
Each day you discover why YOU rock, what floats YOUR boat, what keeps YOU on the ball and to discover YOUR inner treasure.
Take this 21. Freeware download of 21 Discovery Days 1.0.0, size 10.80 Mb.


[Important Notice]
We have changed the application design and the download program to optimise the performance on iOS 7.1.

You will be able to use the previous verion of app if you have the all movie files from chapters alreay downloaded on the app.

If you have some movie files yet to be dowonloaded, we strongly recommend. Freeware download of 4StanceGOLF 1.3.3, size 23.17 Mb.

AWDgarage 1.5 InspireSmart Solutions, Inc. 

Buy, sell, trade, and much more with this clean application. The AWDgarage app finally brings Japanese all-wheel-drive car owners, communities, and related businesses together under one roof. Best of all, no specialized knowledge is necessary to use the app. What does AWDgarage accomplish for you?

Get more done in less time. Saving time. Freeware download of AWDgarage 1.5, size 3.67 Mb.

Chatterly 1.2.7 ydangle 

Design, privacy and cool features is what makes this messaging app the one for you.

We don't store your contact or any of your contact list on our servers. All messages, images and documents are encrypted on the device and on the servers and transported over a secure connection. For an additional layer of security you can encrypt. Freeware download of Chatterly 1.2.7, size 8.60 Mb.

EDSPORTS Score Prediction 1.0 Gerard Ngwang 

- Champions League game scores
- Confederations Cup game scores
- Nations Cup game scores
- Friendly Game scores
- League game scores
- Pick Up game scores
- etc

With EDSports Score Prediction, you do not only predict scores, you can also create game events for your friends to predict score. Freeware download of EDSPORTS Score Prediction 1.0, size 14.78 Mb.

Eventiles 1.5 Eventiles, Inc. 

Photos in, Stories out
Eventiles organizes your photos into meaningful events, gives them titles, discard duplicates, and selects the best pictures to create beautiful collages. All automatically.

Keep beautiful memories of your everyday moments and special occasions in a neat timeline, without any effort. Since everything is. Freeware download of Eventiles 1.5, size 2.94 Mb.

Grow Smart 1.1 Grow Smart Grow Safe 

Use Grow Smart, Grow Safe to choose a safer garden product. The app lists over 1000 lawn and garden chemicals and natural gardening tips. Choose a garden product that is rated safer for you, your family and the environment. Products you can find in local stores are rated low, medium or high hazard to help shoppers make smart choices. Take this tool. Freeware download of Grow Smart 1.1, size 5.35 Mb.

Professionals Puzzle Woozzle 1.03 Swan Soft 

Professionals Puzzle Woozzle is a fun interactive app that support early child development (0-4 years old).

Educational App of the day -----
Highly Recommended Apps ------
Endless Puzzle Fun for your Children -------
Useful and Engaging puzzle game for toddlers. Freeware download of Professionals Puzzle Woozzle 1.03, size 35.13 Mb.

Protocol AR 1.02 Smart Phone 

Protocol works in partnership with a large number of providers from across the sector ...

... ranging from large Further and Higher Education Colleges, through to specialist providers and Sixth Form Colleges.

Each year Protocol play a part in the delivery of over 2 million hours of teaching and assessing, through our Visiting. Freeware download of Protocol AR 1.02, size 15.73 Mb.

Puzzle Sugar Pops 1.0 MCS game 

?Totally new unique style 3 match puzzle is now available for you!
Monsters came from space and asking ......... candies.
Burst the candies in the bottle to entertain them. No time to hesitate , 'cause you
have limited time!
You must be very skillful to pick 3 or more candies adhere to each other very quickly.

?New. Freeware download of Puzzle Sugar Pops 1.0, size 52.32 Mb.

Fashion and You Lookbook STOJAN PE IC PR IKARSOFT 

❤ Heads up all fashionistas out there - Fashion and You! Glam Lookbook is here to help you make the best of your clothes and turn you into a fashion star! Just follow our what not to wear tips and fashion police will never arrest you! Download this fab stylebook app and let our outfit ideas help you look your best every single day!. Freeware download of Fashion and You Lookbook, size 9.44 Mb.

Sewing Patterns Kenga 

Sewing Patterns v1.1

The ultimate app for sewing fanatics!

This app lets you scan the barcodes of all your McCalls, Vogue, or Butterick patterns and store them on your device. You can see every pattern you own so you never buy the same pattern twice. The app also lets you store notes about your patterns as well as showing you. Freeware download of Sewing Patterns, size 3.15 Mb.