Hydraulic Circuit Simulator

Micro-Cap Spectrum Software 

Micro-Cap is a powerful application that allows you to create electrical circuits and simulations in order to test certain circuit parameters. It is designed for electronics engineers but can also be used by students.

The user can take advantage of the integrated schematic editor in order to create or to change the circuit's layout and. Free download of Micro-Cap, size 0 b.


Clock-doubler with delay line New University of Hamburg 

Clock-doubler with delay line was developed as an accessible and lightweight simulation software.

The program manages to simulate a clock-doubler circuit that can generate an output signal with two pulses for each input pulse.

Clock-doubler with delay line is developed with the help of the Java programming language.

Logicly 1.1.11 Josh Tynjala 

Build and simulate basic logic circuits with just a few mouse clicks. Drag components into the editor. Then draw connections between them. It’s easy to zoom, pan, and rotate too.

Watch the simulator run in real time, or pause it to advance step by step at your own pace. Control clock components and drive signal propagation with. Free download of Logicly 1.1.11, size 0 b.

Control Studio Professional Edition 2.20 New Wave Concepts Limited 

Control Studio was developed to be an innovative simulation package for prototyping electronic systems. It provides a rapid method of developing circuit ideas, allowing you to consider different ‘what if?’ scenarios before arriving at a final design solution. for WindowsAll

. Free download of Control Studio Professional Edition 2.20, size 0 b.

Control Studio Standard Edition 2.20 New Wave Concepts Limited 

Control Studio was developed to be an innovative simulation package for prototyping electronic systems. It provides a rapid method of developing circuit ideas, allowing you to consider different ‘what if?’ scenarios before arriving at a final design solution.

Also, because Control Studio 2 is compatible with Circuit. Free download of Control Studio Standard Edition 2.20, size 0 b.

5Spice Analysis 1 65 Andresen Software 

5Spice provides Spice specific schematic entry, the ability to define and save an unlimited number of analyses, and integrated graphing of simulation results. Plus easy inclusion of Spice/PSpice® models from a user expandable library. The focus is on analog circuit analysis and design at the component level.. Free download of 5Spice Analysis 1 65, size 0 b.

Hazards and delay padding New University of Hamburg 

Hazards and delay padding was developed as an accessible Java-based tool that manages to simulate two circuits that result in a dynamic hazard.

The top placed circuit is used to simulate the basic structure responsible for a dynamic 1-hazard (0-1-0 transition).

The second circuit uses the same structure and replaces the AND. Free download of Hazards and delay padding New, size 0 b.

ring oscillator New University of Hamburg 

ring oscillator was created as a simple and lightweight simulation software that manages to display an eleven stage ring oscillator.

ring oscillator is a simulation software that was developed with the help of the Java programming language. In order to control the circuit one of the stages uses a NAND gate.

. Free download of ring oscillator New, size 0 b.

JK-flipflop New University of Hamburg 

This accessible and user-friendly tool was built to simulate a JK-flipflop. This simple simulation was specially created to display the architecture of a JK-flipflop.

JK-flipflops are very flexible and were used in the TTL era of circuit design. This software was built with the help of the Java programming language.

. Free download of JK-flipflop New, size 0 b.

SpiceCreator Pro 5.12 R 20 Advanced Microcomputer Systems, Inc. 

SpiceCreator Pro is a powerful program designed to help you design electrical schematics and to create simulations in order to detect possible flaws. You can analyze the simulation data with the signal processor or the waveform viewer.

The application allows you to import circuit designs and to generate SPICE netlist files in order to. Free download of SpiceCreator Pro 5.12 R 20, size 0 b.

HyPneu Viewer 1.0 BarDyne, Inc. 

Manage the design process more efficiently with HyPneu Viewer. The freely distributed Viewer allows the designer to communicate the design to any audience, whether they are design team members, employees, supervisors, or potential customers.

Project files are compressed into one viewer file which can be easily transmitted and. Freeware download of HyPneu Viewer 1.0, size 3.16 Mb.

Parallel neural Circuit SIMulator 0.5.4 pcsim.sourceforge.net 

PCSIM is a tool for distributed simulation of heterogeneous networks composed of different model neurons and synapses. The development of PCSIM is supported by the FACETS EU project.. Freeware download of Parallel neural Circuit SIMulator 0.5.4, size 1.67 Mb.

Muller C-Gate New University of Hamburg 

Designed and built as a light and simple software, Muller C-Gate is a simulation app that manages to simulate a two-input Muller C-Gate. This simulation allows you to see how a Muller C-Gate can create a basic block for circuits that are not synchronized.

Muller C-Gate is an educational tool that was created with the help of the Java. Free download of Muller C-Gate New, size 0 b.

Carry-select adder New University of Hamburg 

Carry-select adder was developed as a simulation software that can be used to simulate a 8-bit carry-select adder.

Carry-select adder includes a 4-bit carry-select adder, a 3-bit carry-select block, and a 1-bit full-adder.

Carry-select adder is a handy simulation software that's been built with the help of the Java programming. Free download of Carry-select adder New, size 0 b.

CircuitLogix Student 7.04.0001 Logic Design Inc. 

CircuitLogix is a software program that converts your personal computer into a fully-functioning electronics laboratory with thousands of components and devices that are easily interconnected.

CircuitLogix electronics lab simulation provides fast, powerful schematic design and simulation in one complete program. It gives you the. Free download of CircuitLogix Student 7.04.0001, size 0 b.

3D Circuit board simulator 1.0 Circuitboardsim 

The 3D circuit board simulator is a project based on 3D engine to make simple circuit boards. This simulator should give everyone insight in how circuit boards works, even for children.

3D Circuit board simulator 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of 3D Circuit board simulator 1.0, size 0 b.

Murata EMI Filter Selection Simulator 3 8 Murata Manufacturing. Co., Ltd. 

The Murata EMI Filter Selection Simulator simulates effects of noise suppression devices (Murata EMI Filters and Chip Capacitors). It shows how to use Murata Products in a circuit with Voltage-Waveform charts and Spectrum-Frequency charts.
Murata EMI Filter Selection Simulator also provides a simulation function that enables to select best. Freeware download of Murata EMI Filter Selection Simulator 3 8, size 6.70 Mb.

3Spice Circuit Simulation 3.1.5 McCAD 

3Spice Circuit Simulation is a handy application designed to help you create interactive circuit simulation. This simulator provides you with accurate results by performing circuit analysis.

Its powerful simulation engine allows you to test integrated circuits at industry standards including distortion, sensitivity and signal transfer. Free download of 3Spice Circuit Simulation 3.1.5, size 0 b.


AUTOMSIM is a circuit design and simulation software for electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and digital electronic.
AUTOMSIM PREMIUM is easy to use ,inexpensive,large components library (see below) extended functionalities: plotting functions, bill of material, drawing export to EMF format (WORD, etc...).. Freeware download of AUTOMSIM PREMIUM 8.009, size 14.54 Mb.

Solve E Simulator 1.0 Solvee 

Lov Voltage power simulator. Short circuit detection, contactor simulation, black box simulation. Can read EPLAN5 drawings.. Freeware download of Solve E Simulator 1.0, size 0 b.

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