Hydraulic Power Pack Design

CP-System Building Design for AutoCAD 6.11 CADDIT CAD CAM Software 

CP-System is add-on software for building design without the overhead involved in Building Information Modeling (commonly known as BIM). CP-System works with AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT (using LTX), progeCAD, BricsCAD, ZwCAD, CADopia and other IntelliCAD brands. CP-System represents a much easier, low-cost and practical approach to the needs of designers. Free download of CP-System Building Design for AutoCAD 6.11, size 173.02 Mb.


Elegant Logos f. Company Logo Designer 1.01 ITSTH 

Simply design your new companylogo yourself! You can, and it's easy! This free logo pack (yes, FREE as in NO MONEY INVOLVED) contains 25 ready-to-go-templates for amazing new Elegant Logos. The templates can easily be plugged into the Company Logo Designer(of which you can also get a free demo). Simply install the logo pack. And there are new. Freeware download of Elegant Logos f. Company Logo Designer 1.01, size 236.54 Kb.

MovieSpot 0.89 Software Set 

Is a tool-pack to rend the video files in a nice design, a varied selection and rich in options, and the most important thing is special made to satisfy the requirements and the needs of each user. Its development has been done alongside with the users, each user may request to implement a new option, his request will be analyzed and if it exists. Freeware download of MovieSpot 0.89, size 1.28 Mb.

LVDesign 6. 1. 2020 Western Power Corporation 

LV design was developed by Western Power specifically to help its engineers, network designers and operations staff quickly calculate the voltage drops, line currents, kilowatt losses and costs in both underground and overhead low voltage networks.
LV design has recently been updated to provide greater accuracy for users and help with the. Freeware download of LVDesign 6. 1. 2020, size 7.33 Mb.

Magic Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe 1.0 BlitWise Productions, LLC 

The Magic Pack - 5 weapons.
Select your angle, power, and fire over 30 distinct weapons at your opponent. There is an innovative Weapon Shop to keep the game moving fast and a Target Practice mode for experimenting with all the weapons "no holds barred!"

Magic Beans: Colorful seeds that explode and sprout walls.
. Freeware download of Magic Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe 1.0, size 91.36 Mb.

Luxor Bundle Pack Big Fish Games Inc. 

Luxor Bundle Pack is a pack of two match 3 games – "Luxor" and "Luxor: Amun Rising". These games share a common base, but they also have some differences. Both come with impressive graphics resembling the drawings and motifs of Ancient Egypt.

In both games you must shoot colored spheres, making matches of. Free download of Luxor Bundle Pack, size 0 b.

Sunny Design 2 1 SMA Technologie AG 

With Sunny Design, designing PV plants is easier than ever. Simply enter all required information and within a few minutes you will receive the optimum configuration. The free software provides solar power professionals and plant designers with a user-friendly interface.. Freeware download of Sunny Design 2 1, size 0 b.

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Catena Software Ltd. 

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS enables engineers to design and simulate switching power electronics systems. It combines accuracy and speed in a full-featured design environment, enabling 10-50x faster simulation than SPICE for power supply designs.

Main features:

- Analog simulation
- Gate-level digital simulation
-. Free download of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS, size 20.34 Mb.

CaseCAD 2. 3. 2014 CaseCAD 

CaseCAD offering user-friendly software that puts the power of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing at your fingertips.

With the software, you don’t need to have an engineering degree to design a Sample insert 3professional-quality case insert. A new and easy to use software that you must have it on your. Freeware download of CaseCAD 2. 3. 2014, size 0 b.

Stardraw Design 7 7.0 Stardraw Ltd 

Stardraw Design 7 is the seventh generation in a series of software tools first launched in 1993. Drawing on nearly two decades of market experience and exploiting the latest in software technologies, it offers audio and video system designers/installers unparalleled speed, ease of use, task-orientated functionality and the largest, highest quality. Free download of Stardraw Design 7 7.0, size 105.78 Mb.

Solid Edge Electrode Design ST4 Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. 

Solid Edge ST4 delivers new ways to accelerate machine design by eliminating pre-planning, speed revisions by eliminating model regeneration, and improve imported 2D and 3D data re-use. With Solid Edge ST4 utilizing both synchronous technology and ordered methods in a single, integrated system, new users can adopt 3D faster, yet experienced. Freeware download of Solid Edge Electrode Design ST4, size 179.55 Mb.

Power BibleCD Online Publishing, Inc. 

Power BibleCD is a program that contains the whole Christian Bible text. This program can be useful for people, who want to get acquainted with the Bible more and who want to study it.

Power BibleCD includes different kinds of English Bible texts, for instance, Bible in basic English, American standard version, World English Bible and. Free download of Power BibleCD, size 12.70 Mb.

ERACS 3 9 ERA Technology Ltd 

ERACS is ERA Technology's suite of power systems analysis software. It allows network design and planning engineers to simulate electrical power system networks quickly and easily to judge their correct, safe and timely operation under user defined, and sometimes arduous, situations. ERACS power engineering software is at the forefront of. Freeware download of ERACS 3 9, size 26.72 Mb.

ProVia Studio 3. 7. 4009 ProVia Door 

ProVia Studio Basic is a standalone door configurator that allows homeowners to design entry doors, storm doors, and patio doors, without the power of Renoworks.

With this software, homeowners have the ability to choose the following: Door style,Glass style,Color and Hardware options.. Free download of ProVia Studio 3. 7. 4009, size 5.13 Mb.

GridLAB-D 10 4 Cristina Tugurlan 

GridLAB-D is a new power system simulation tool that provides valuable information to users who design and operate electric power transmission and distribution systems, and to utilities that wish to take advantage of the latest smart grid technology.. Freeware download of GridLAB-D 10 4, size 3.44 Mb.

Joulemeter 1 2 Microsoft Research 

Joulemeter can be used for gaining visibility into energy use and for making several power management and provisioning decisions in data centers, client computing, and software design. Joulemeter estimates the energy usage of a VM, computer, or software by measuring the hardware resources (CPU, disk, memory, screen etc) being used and converting. Freeware download of Joulemeter 1 2, size 0 b.

CODESOFT 9 10 Teklynx Newco SAS 

CODESOFT is advanced label design and integration software that offers unmatched flexibility, power, and support – making it the best choice for label printing in enterprise environments. With CODESOFT, you can easily integrate label printing into your business process, increasing both efficiency and control. Whether your goal is managing. Free download of CODESOFT 9 10, size 0 b.

Macroscope Service Pack 2 4 8 Fujitsu Consulting Inc. 

This Service Pack contains a number of improvements and corrections. The main ones are listed below:
ProductivityCentre ,ManagementSuite,Design Patterns:
The notion of Design Patterns is now explicit. In deliverables where published Design Patterns are available, a "Suggested Design Patterns" guideline has been added in the. Freeware download of Macroscope Service Pack 2 4 8, size 48.81 Mb.

PowerStar Electrical 3.10.1000 Megasys Software 

PowerStar Electrical was designed for use with most electrical engineering design and analysis applications. Use it for commercial building services, industrial plants, distribution systems, power factor correction. Any project where you need to know voltage, current, kw, kva or kvar on any and all parts of the circuit.
Save time on circuit. Free download of PowerStar Electrical 3.10.1000, size 8.07 Mb.

Design Flow Solutions Evaluation 4 16 ABZ, Incorporated 

Design Flow Solutions® is a fluid flow software suite which provides the engineer with a range of computer tools to solve fluid flow problems. DFS is a must for the engineering professional who needs fast reliable reference information and solutions to fluid flow problems.. Free download of Design Flow Solutions Evaluation 4 16, size 21.29 Mb.