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Hunk I/O 1.6 Build 9397 Canadian Mind Products 

Hunk I/O is a Java class to include in your own programs. They let you read or write a file in one fell swoop into RAM. It also includes createTempFile method that is more convenient to use than Sun's File.createTempFile. It also includes PrintWriterPlus that converts linefeeds. for Windows2K, XP, Vista

. Free download of Hunk I/O 1.6 Build 9397, size 0 b.


benchmark i/o workload generation 1.0 thomas mims 

benchmark i/o workload generation is a handy and accessible tool that lets you quickly perform i/o benchmarks against your servers.

It also allows VM's to quickly diagnose suspect storage (SAN, NAS) and other performance related issues across your WAN\LAN.

. Freeware download of benchmark i/o workload generation 1.0, size 0 b.

TVicPort Registered Version 4.0 EnTech Taiwan 

TVicPort is a toolkit for direct port I/O from Win32 applications. TVicPort includes transparent support for Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT/2000/XP/XP 64-bit, providing programmers with standard methods for real-time direct access to port and memory mapped I/O - without requiring you to write a custom virtual device driver for Windows 9x/Me or a. Freeware download of TVicPort Registered Version 4.0, size 3.74 Mb.

FileIO 6 1 Canadian Mind Products 

I/O teaching tool that generates sample Java source code to read or write the console, a sequential file, a random access file, a String, an array of characters, an array of bytes, URL, HTTP CGI GET/POST, Socket, resource or Pipe. It shows you how to read or write ASCII-8 bit characters (plain or locale-encoded), Unicode 16-bit characters, raw. Freeware download of FileIO 6 1, size 1.16 Mb.

Direct I/O 4.4.273 Ingenieurbuero Paule 

Direct I / O is the world's first device driver for Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP which enables the direct hardware access for your existing software without any programming efforts on your side.It is especially useful for existing 16bit software which accesses special hardware, e.g. programmers or data acquisition boards. Even. Free download of Direct I/O 4.4.273, size 1.72 Mb.

Advantech ADAMView Demo Edition Advantech 

ADAMView is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software (SCADA) with Windows graphical interface, designed for low-volume I/O projects like industrial processes, utility and environmental monitoring, and Lab testing. It provides a 150 physical point’s database, and ADAM module drivers for monitoring and control functions. You can. Free download of Advantech ADAMView Demo Edition, size 0 b.

Sixnet I/O Tool Kit 3.51.111 SIXNET, LLC 

The Sixnet Tool Kit is a Windows software utility that makes it easy to design, configure and maintain your Sixnet I/O systems. This all-in-one utility supports the latest Sixnet I/O modules, including both SixTRAK and EtherTRAK-2. The Sixnet Tool Kit is special software created to make your job easier.. Free download of Sixnet I/O Tool Kit 3.51.111, size 63.74 Mb.

NTPort Library 2 8 Zeal SoftStudio 

NTPort Library enables your Win32 application to real-time direct access to PC I/O ports without using the Windows Drivers Development Kit(DDK) - NTPort Library provides support for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003. NTPort Library is easy to use. Under Windows NT, NTPort Library driver can be load and unload dynamically, so you need. Free download of NTPort Library 2 8, size 74.25 Mb.

I-O Secret Drive 1 1 I-O DATA Device, Inc. 

I-O Secret Drive is software that creates a secret hard disk.
The special-purpose file is made, which can be mounted (recognition) to the computer as a password necessary for the hard disk.
Moreover, the hard disk is ideal for hiding important data because the content is often encoded during use.. Freeware download of I-O Secret Drive 1 1, size 32.19 Mb.

Binary I/O stream class library 1.4 libbinio.sourceforge.net 

The binary I/O stream class library presents a platform-independent way to access binary data streams in C++. It transparently converts between machine-internal binary data representation and can be used on arbitrary binary data sources.. Freeware download of Binary I/O stream class library 1.4, size 307.66 Kb.

Digital Signal Analyzer I/O 16 Channel 1.0 fgdianasym.sourceforge.net 

Software I/O Digital Analyzer and Digital Input/Output Simulator for electronics experiments. It's also a 16 digital channel data logger. Hardware supported: Ethernet I/O Card , USB I/O Card and Parallel Interface.. Freeware download of Digital Signal Analyzer I/O 16 Channel 1.0, size 1.14 Mb.

File I/O statistics for linux 1.1 fiostats.sourceforge.net 

File I/O statistics by process for linux.. Freeware download of File I/O statistics for linux 1.1, size 42.45 Kb.

Geom Gate I/O Tracer 0 ggtrace.sourceforge.net 

A utility to graphically present distribution of I/O requests to a storage device on FreeBSD systems.. Freeware download of Geom Gate I/O Tracer 0, size 12.41 Kb.

i/o performance tool 32.64 cibengineering.com 

Quickly performe i/o benchmarks against your servers, and VM's to quickly diagnose suspect storage (SAN, NAS) and other performance related issues across your WAN\LAN with one simple to use application.. Freeware download of i/o performance tool 32.64, size 318.95 Kb.

Linux Block I/O Bandwidth Control 13 apps.sourceforge.net 

The goal of this project is to develop a block I/O bandwidth controller on Linux.. Freeware download of Linux Block I/O Bandwidth Control 13, size 15.09 Kb.

PHP Mulitplexed I/O 0.1 phpmio.sourceforge.net 

The PHP Multiplexed I/O library is an object oriented PHP5 library for managing multiplexed (or non-blocking) I/O. It is loosely based on the selectable channels nonblocking IO implementation from Java's NIO package.. Freeware download of PHP Mulitplexed I/O 0.1, size 7.96 Kb.

Threaded I/O tester 0.3.3 tiobench.sourceforge.net 

Portable, fully-threaded I/O benchmark program. Freeware download of Threaded I/O tester 0.3.3, size 28.28 Kb.

Virtual Machine I/O Fencing 0.3.0 fence-virt.sourceforge.net 

Cluster I/O fencing agent for virtual machines designed to support various methods of guest-to-host communication and management frameworks.. Freeware download of Virtual Machine I/O Fencing 0.3.0, size 88.28 Kb.

GPRS I/O: Script your phone 1.0 Gprsio 

GPRS I/O is a utility for communicating with GPRS telephones via the command line in an easily-scriptable manner. Example scripts to synchronize system and cellular clocks, set a cellular clock, and search and dump a cellular phonebook are included.

GPRS I/O: Script your phone 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of GPRS I/O: Script your phone 1.0, size 0 b.

Simulator Debugger Customizing Kit PDxxSIM I/O DLL Kit 1.20 Renesas Electronics Corporation 

Simulator Debugger Customizing Kit PDxxSIM I/O DLL Kit supports the creation of I/O DLLs. The I/O DLL refers to a DLL that operates in cooperation with the simulator engine of the M3T-PDxxSIM.

Once the necessary settings are made, the M3T-PDxxSIM allows you to load an I/O DLL and operate it synchronously with the timing at which. Free download of Simulator Debugger Customizing Kit PDxxSIM I/O DLL Kit 1.20, size 0 b.

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