Idm Google Chrome

Change MyProfile Cover Photo on Facebook 1.0 Rapid Sol Technologies 

Change MyProfile Cover Photo on Facebook is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to change the main image on your Facebook wall. The extension can be accessed from the context menu on any image from the current webpage.

You can use the extension to change the image with just one click, without having to open the Facebook in another. Free download of Change MyProfile Cover Photo on Facebook 1.0, size 0 b.


CanvasDropr 0.1.16 CanvasDropr 

CanvasDropr is a Google Chrome extension designed to help you interact with the CanvasDropr account from the browser interface. The extension is integrated in the context menu and intends to help you create a new canvas from the current page.

You can use the extension in order to add an image to a certain canvas by selecting it from the. Free download of CanvasDropr 0.1.16, size 0 b.

TwiTango 0.2.1 TwiTango 

TwiTango is a handy extension that allows you to share links with your friends by using the Google Chrome interface. The extension will display a button for the selected text and allows you to customize the message before posting it to your Twitter account.

You can use this extension to quickly share a link without leaving the current. Free download of TwiTango 0.2.1, size 0 b.

OneClick - Torrent Easier 1.1 BitTorrent Torque Labs 

OneClick - Torrent Easier is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to download torrent files without using a separate client.

After installing the extension the torrent files are opened by the browser and the contained files are downloaded in your default folder.

. Free download of OneClick - Torrent Easier 1.1, size 0 b.

BookmarksHome 0.1.0 ma2ten 

BookmarksHome is a Google Chrome extension that will create a new tab page from the bookmarks that are detected in the browser.

You can customize the look of the page by creating different folders to organize the bookmarks into categories. You can also use drag-and-drop to rearrange the page layout.

. Free download of BookmarksHome 0.1.0, size 0 b.

PRS Password Recovery Software 1.0.3 Nsasoft US LLC 

PRS Password Recovery Software is Windows application for recovering over 40 popular programs passwords, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and more. If you forget or lost your passwords, PRS Password Recovery Software can really help you to find and recover your passwords. You can save revealed passwords as Tab Delimited. Free download of PRS Password Recovery Software 1.0.3, size 2.73 Mb.

Portable LinkStash 2.1.1 Xrayz Software 

LinkStash is an outstanding bookmarks/favorites manager that works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Netscape. Just 5 minutes with LinkStash and we are betting you will never want to use any other bookmark manager again!

LinkStash opens and closes with your browser. Using LinkStash means you can store and organize. Free download of Portable LinkStash 2.1.1, size 650.12 Kb.

AlertStopper 100.001 Dorian Meric 

"Google Chrome"-like option for blocking repetitive alert(), confirm() and prompt() dialogs. Gets rid of spam dialogs and other infinite loops!

With AlertStopper, dissipate your javascript dialogs problems instantly!. Freeware download of AlertStopper 100.001, size 10.48 Kb.

ChromeCookiesView 1.02 Nir Sofer 

ChromeCookiesView is an alternative to the standard internal cookies viewer of Google Chrome Web browser. it displays the list of all cookies stored by Google Chrome Web browser, and allows you to easily delete unwanted cookies. It also allows you export the cookies into text/csv/html/xml file.
For every cookie, the following information is. Freeware download of ChromeCookiesView 1.02, size 188.74 Kb.

Webbrowser Password Recovery 1.0.4 XaviWare Software Ltda. 

Webbrowser Password Recovery instantly retrieves the login and password information user accounts stored in IE7, IE8, Firefox 3.5, 3.6, 4.0, 5.0, Safari, Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary, Flock, Comodo Dragon, SRware Iron, RockMelt and ChromePlus. . This is a 8 in 1 Password Recovery tool, usefull for recover stored password of the 3 more. Free download of Webbrowser Password Recovery 1.0.4, size 2.71 Mb.

OldChromeRemover 0.5 Shane Gowland 

OldChromeRemover is a simple console program that checks for any redundant versions of Google Chrome left behind by the updater. It will quickly remove all except the newest version when prompted by the user, allowing you to free up valuable disk space. OldChromeRemover also supports Chrome d¬DSdu?Canaryd-deOao builds.. Free download of OldChromeRemover 0.5, size 199.23 Kb.

ChromeXP 2.0 Arshid K 

ChromeXP is a Windows XP Visual Style which turns your PC into Google Chrome in appearance. It makes you Titlebar, start menu, buttons etc. into Google Chromed-deOaos style.


Google Chromed-deOaos Like Titlebar
Close, Maximize and Minimize Buttons
Incognito Type Taskbar
Logoff. Free download of ChromeXP 2.0, size 1.73 Mb.

Chrome Malware Alert Blocker 1.0 SecurityXploded 

Chrome Malware Alert Blocker is the free tool to quickly and easily disable Malware Warnings in Google Chrome browser.

Recently Chrome has introduced new feature (also called 'Safe Browsing') to alert you on malicious internet downloads. However due to faulty implementation, this feature often mark good files as malicious and block you. Freeware download of Chrome Malware Alert Blocker 1.0, size 2.86 Mb.

Chrome Privacy Guard Sebastian Bauer 

Googlea€™s browser a€sChromea€t has raised a big wave of people that mistrust the new browser. A big point for this is the unique ID that will be assigned to the usera€™s installation of Chrome. Because of that I wrote a small tool that automatically deletes the unique Client ID before each run of Google Chrome. People that never close. Freeware download of Chrome Privacy Guard, size 20.48 Kb.

Chrome Eraser 1.0.18 Browser Science 

Chrome Eraser is a windows freeware utility for completely erasing all the user information from Google Chrome Browser which includes bookmarks, plugins, preferences, history, cookies,etc. In short it is a complete reset utility for Chrome Browser.. Freeware download of Chrome Eraser 1.0.18, size 420.58 Kb.

Linkman Lite 8.32 Outertech 

Integrating with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers, Linkman gives you the power to efficiently organize bookmarks and favorites! Linkman is a standalone, browser independent bookmark organizer and search tool. Add links from browsers, and Linkman will retrieve keywords and descriptions. Freeware download of Linkman Lite 8.32, size 6.14 Mb.

Nixory 0.6.3 Alfredo Spadafina 

Nixory is a free and open source antispyware tool written in Python/PyGTK aimed at removing malicious tracking cookies from your browser. It currently supports Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
It runs on all Windows operating systems.. Freeware download of Nixory 0.6.3, size 11.86 Mb.

DChrome 0.1 michael34435 

DChrome is a handy extension designed to help you download various videos from multiple websites. If you are using Google Chrome and browse one of the supported websites you only need to click the address bar button for downloading the movie.

The extension requires no configuration and will download the video files in the default. Freeware download of DChrome 0.1, size 0 b.

SpeedyFox Portable 2.0.3 B65 John T. Haller 

SpeedyFox optimizes the sqlite databases that many apps use to store their settings, bookmarks, history and other data. It works with Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Skype, Google Chrome, SRWare Iron, and more. It will list and pre-select to optimize all the local apps it finds. And, in a exclusive, the portable version will. Free download of SpeedyFox Portable 2.0.3 B65, size 0 b.

LinkCollector Portable Edition 2.1 VSC Software 

Portable bookmark manager for Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers. The program can synchronize bookmarks between different browsers and computers or supported files. LinkCollector can create your favorite collection of a bookmarks and store them on a USB Flash Drive. LinkCollector Portable Edition can add, remove and edit. Free download of LinkCollector Portable Edition 2.1, size 1.55 Mb.