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Paraben's E-mail Examiner 7.1.4453.16735 Paraben Corporation 

Paraben's E-mail Examiner is a handy and reliable application designed to let users examine various E-mail formats.

E-mail has become one of the fastest growing forms of communication and one of the most common means for transferring information about people, places, and activities.

As examiners, the ability to search,. Free download of Paraben's E-mail Examiner 7.1.4453.16735, size 0 b.


Karen's E-Mailer II Karen Kenworthy 

Karen’s E-Mailer ll is a small utility that was created for providing two other developers’ products Karen’s Countdown Timer ll and Karen’s Net Monitor with an e-mail notification function. The program is very convenient for quickly sending e-mail messages to your friends. It has a very simple and easy-to-use. Freeware download of Karen's E-Mailer II, size 90.40 Mb.

S.S.E. File Encryptor 9R5C Paranoia Works 

S.S.E. File Encryptor is an easy to use application that was especially designed for protecting files and directories by encrypting them and using a password you provide.

The program supports several powerful encryption algorithms including AES, Blowfish (256 bit and 448 bit), RC6, Serpent, Twofish and GOST 28147.

. Free download of S.S.E. File Encryptor 9R5C, size 0 b.

Python(x,y) Pierre Raybaut 

Python(x,y) is a free scientific and engineering development software for numerical computations, data analysis and data visualization based on Python programming language, Qt graphical user interfaces and Spyder interactive scientific development environment.. Freeware download of Python(x,y), size 79.27 Mb.

CRT X-Y Library (libcrtxy) 0.0.4 

The CRT X-Y library (libcrtxy) is meant to be used by video game programmers who wish to create games in the style of vector graphics arcade games of the late 1970s and early 1980s. (Tempest, Star Wars, Battle Zone, Star Castle, etc.). Freeware download of CRT X-Y Library (libcrtxy) 0.0.4, size 321.59 Kb.

X/Y Measurement Suite for .Net 1.0 

For starters a DirectX (Direct3D-Panel) A suite to display simple x/y/measurements, which has to be fast, because those analogue position encoders never "rest" at the same position and we want to see our table-position in realtime (mswin-realtime). Freeware download of X/Y Measurement Suite for .Net 1.0, size 3.09 Mb.

xylib - library for reading x-y data b.0.8 

xylib is a portable library for reading x-y data from powder diffraction, spectroscopy and other experimental methods. Supported formats: VAMAS, pdCIF, Bruker, Philips, Rigaku DAT, Sietronics CPI, DBWS/DMPLOT, Koalariet XDD and others.. Freeware download of xylib - library for reading x-y data b.0.8, size 290.83 Kb.

PDF Image Stamp COM Component 1.00 Traction Software 

PDF Image Stamp software automates the process of applying JPEG Images to different sized pdf's PDF Image stamp contains many special features like starting from any page, 1 in nth pages, x, y positioning on the page, image size scaling, image opacity, flip horizontal page, flip vertical page, alignment (centre, left, right) & list of files. Free download of PDF Image Stamp COM Component 1.00, size 1.60 Mb.

Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi 1.62 Blue Cat Audio 

The Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi was designed to be a unique several tracks real-time waveform renderer and comparator: it will let you visualize the content of multiple audio tracks on the same screen, then compare them using its X-Y view. The plugin offers stereo or mid-side channels waveform extraction as well as several synchronization modes.. Free download of Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi 1.62, size 0 b.

ImageDIG 2.0.7 SciCepts Engineering 

ImageDIG consists of three integrated modules which allow the user to convert 2D flat images into 3D (x,y,z) data or if a graph, convert the graph in image form into 2 dimensional numerical data. The third module is a full analysis plotting utility where the user can import either the 2D or 3D data saved above or import any number of columns of. Free download of ImageDIG 2.0.7, size 5.93 Mb.

ATMSP for Windows 1.0.2 Heinz van Saanen 

ATMSP is a portable C++ parser for mathematical expressions like "sin(x)+y^2" e.g. These may contain arbitrary numbers of functions, variables and constants. Major design goal was minimalistic size and maximum speed.

Tiny 324 code-lines offer a parser plus bytecode-generator, 26 mathematical functions and 17 supported. Free download of ATMSP for Windows 1.0.2, size 104.86 Kb.

ArahPaint 4 

ArahPaint4 - program for drawing images in repeatmainly intended for textile design (jacquard)- supports different X:Y aspect ratio- layers- unlimited undo- works fast with large images- seamless drawing in repeat- integrated image browser. Freeware download of ArahPaint 4, size 607.73 Kb.

MathDraw 1.0 Mathdraw 

MathDraw It's a Mathematical Function draw like z = F(x,y) or y = F(x),

MathDraw 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL); GNU General Public License (GPL); Public Domain. Freeware download of MathDraw 1.0, size 0 b.

TPlot Graphing Component 1.0 Tplot 

TPlot is a component for Borland Delphi, Kylix and BC++ Builder to graph and manipulate sets of real X/Y (and Z) data, and to do all the usual GUI things such as file opening and saving, printing, copying, and saving in different image formats.

TPlot Graphing Component 1.0 License - Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1). Freeware download of TPlot Graphing Component 1.0, size 0 b.

math expression(string) calculator 1.0 Fsmvf 

calculate math expression(string), for example:double ret = Cal("1+2"), ret= Cal("Pi+ln(e)+f(x,y)x++0+1"). Features

math expression(string) calculator 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of math expression(string) calculator 1.0, size 0 b.

BOLTCIRC 1.0 Marv Klotz 

It's often easier and more accurate to lay out holes on a boltcircle with x-y coordinates than to scribe and step off the circle, especially if the number of holes is an unusual number. This program does the work and generates a table which you can print and carry to the drill press for reference. See also CHORD.. Freeware download of BOLTCIRC 1.0, size 31.46 Kb.

E-mail Examiner Paraben Corporation 

Paraben's E-mail Examiner is one of the most comprehensive forensically sound e-mail examination tools available. E-mail Examiner quickly recovers deleted messages and folders. E-mail Examiner doesn't just recover e-mail in the deleted folders; it recovers e-mail deleted from deleted items (deleted/deleted).

E-mail Examiner. Free download of E-mail Examiner, size 67.41 Mb.

Paraben's E-mail Examiner 7.1.4453.16735 Paraben Corporation 

Forensically examine the most popular e-mail formats such as America Online (AOL), Outlook Exchange (PST), Eudora, and many others. Paraben's E-mail Examiner is one of the most comprehensive forensically sound e-mail examination tools available. E-mail Examiner quickly recovers deleted messages and folders. E-mail Examiner doesn't just recover. Free download of Paraben's E-mail Examiner 7.1.4453.16735, size 64.49 Mb.

PatternMon 1.0 Jean Nicolle 

The PatternMon name stands for Pattern Generator. PatternMon was designed to be a small utility to tune-up your 'X/Y-moire' monitor settings.

Ok, let's suppose you just bought a great new 19" monitor. It's very likely that it'll have 'moire' setting controls, but you have no clue what they are for.

So here's how you can. Free download of PatternMon 1.0, size 73.40 Kb.

PostSmile 5.1 Masterra 

Far too often people's e-mails are overly formal and conservative. This dooms them to be ineffective and plain boring. PostSmile is capable of adding smiley faces to any e-mail to make the message more personal and compassionate. You can Drag and Drop images and animations, smilies and emoticons, text or HTML snippets, quotes and signatures from. Free download of PostSmile 5.1, size 2.21 Mb.