Incoming Calls Tracking Location

Chess Game Clock 1.0 LeoN Nortje 

Elegant and functional chess game clock.

Provides a clean, intuitive display that lets you focus on your game.

Features: Persist your last game | Keep display active during the game | Configurable sound alerts | Pause on incoming calls | Individual player names and times | Simple configurable clock delay.

If you. Free download of Chess Game Clock 1.0, size 734.00 Kb.


PromoMax 3.2 eServGlobal 

PromoMax demonstrates eServGlobal retention product. This application simulates mobile operator's subscriber behavior: incoming calls and top up. Promomax generates then promotions. The subscriber receives SMS notifications about the promotion. This application is designed to be used by sales team to promote PromoMax solution.
PromoMax is. Freeware download of PromoMax 3.2, size 314.57 Kb.

Kcell Filter Kcell JSC 

Call Filter

Service description

Service “Call filter” allows to manage your own incoming traffic. You can both block and permit incoming calls and SMS only from the prior defined numbers.

Black and White lists are provided within the scope of the Service.

The Black list affords grounds for. Freeware download of Kcell Filter, size 2.10 Mb.

Redirect Multifon OJSC "MegaFon" 

Redirect MultiFon redirects incoming calls to PC/Mobile for MultiFon users. To use this application you need to activate MultiFon service.. Freeware download of Redirect Multifon, size 1.05 Mb.

ZhuGe Maps 

zgMaps is a free navigation software, it is dependent on Google Maps metadata. it provide map cache, map download, path search, location search, path tracking, location markings. etc. Freeware download of ZhuGe Maps, size 2.10 Mb.

xtelsio TAPI for snom 1.0.026 Ralf Steinruecken ITecSoft 

xtelsio TAPI Driver for snom phones supports basic TAPI functions like dialing and hanging up and informs your TAPI application about incoming and outgoing calls including the caller and called ID. You can initiate calls directly from within Microsoft Outlook®, ACT® or any other TAPI application. The TAPI driver was tested with snom 190, 320. Free download of xtelsio TAPI for snom 1.0.026, size 747.52 Kb.

Fonawy Standard 3.00 Mewsoft 

Call recorder, Answering machine, Caller ID, Dialer, and Phone book software. Record outgoing or incoming call or any signal on the phone line. Auto answer machine mode will answer the incoming calls and play optional greeting legal message before recording. Photo caller ID will display the caller name, number and the photo from the phone book.. Free download of Fonawy Standard 3.00, size 23.92 Mb.

SiSky Personal Edition Yeastar Technology Co,.Ltd. 

SiSky-Connect SIP to Skype Network
Make/Receive Skype Calls by IP Phone
KEY Features:
* Make Skype outgoing calls and incoming calls available on SIP device
* Display Skype ID on IP phone if SIP proxy supports it
* Setup speed-dial to short the dialing duration
* Transfer Skype Calls to other IP phones
. Free download of SiSky Personal Edition, size 1.97 Mb.


Ozeki VoIP SIP .Net SDK for developing call transfer feature in a C# softphone to forward incoming calls either with blind call transfer or with attended call transfer. The source code represents the basic implementation of call forwarding using the provided methods of Ozeki SIP SDK. The sample program allows to transmit incoming calls to another. Free download of C# VOIP CALL TRANSFER EXAMPLE 9.2.2000, size 17.75 Mb.

Call Stat 1.0 MobiTNT 

Program features 1.Support analyze by Caller's name;2.Support analyze by Day; 3.Support analyze by month; 4.List all missed calls /incoming calls/outgoing calls; 5.Support m2005/wm2003 smart phone. Free download of Call Stat 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

DialServer Liberation Software Ltd 

DialServer adds a unique set of extra dialup services to Windows XP. It includes extra handling for your Internet connections and managing any Incoming calls all tied together with an in-built scheduler.DialServer also has a set of actions that can be run, either from the scheduler or from an event such as connect / disconnect from the Internet or. Free download of DialServer, size 2.04 Mb.

Moony 3.09 EmTec Innovative Software 

Moony is an ISDN call monitor program. The basic purpose is to show the phone number (and names) for incoming calls. Other highlights are telephone answering machine, fax (send and receive), SMS notification, speech output and network support.The display of calls is done in a call history window and in a small popup window which is shown while the. Free download of Moony 3.09, size 3.04 Mb.

AnswerMyPhone 2.7 PPP Infotech Ltd 

AnswerMyPhone lets you use your PC as an Answering Machine for your telephone with callerID information. AnswerMyPhone is a windows software that will listen for incoming calls once it is loaded. It supports multiple voice mail box and creation of interactive voice menu(simple IVR) so that messages for each person or department in an office will. Free download of AnswerMyPhone 2.7, size 1.22 Mb.

Blitz Caller ID Display 3.6 Blitz Team 

Program "Blitz CallerID Display" - CTI application 3-d party for PBX Panasonic KX-TD / KX-TDA, which allows to display the number of calling subscribe on EXT line or number dialed from it. The information is given as the liquid crystal display of the PT on the screen of the of the user's computer. Calling number at an incoming call from. Free download of Blitz Caller ID Display 3.6, size 1.10 Mb.

CallsId 1.1 Iannakidis Andreas 

A powerful contacts management system with caller id support, incoming calls management, reports printing, appointment management.. Free download of CallsId 1.1, size 3.81 Mb.

Phone Caller ID for PC 3.03 Quality Software 

Ideal for small to medium size business (and even home use), this extremely versatile software connects the computer and telephone line to provide caller display and a log of incoming calls. Every time the telephone rings, a “screen pop” appears displaying the telephone number. If a contact is entered in the database it will also show. Free download of Phone Caller ID for PC 3.03, size 10.73 Mb.

Black & Whitelist 1.32 i-softwarelabs 

Telemarketers, unknown numbers, stalker exes, your mom (sometimes) - what do these people have in common? You guessed it - people you don't want calling you. Black and Whitelist detects incoming calls and rejects unwanted callers who are blacklisted or only allow whitelist numbers to come through. Use the address book rule to allow only callers in. Freeware download of Black & Whitelist 1.32, size 60.42 Kb.

Mobiwee: Mobile Remote Access Gadget TechStone Soft 

TechStone Soft, the company that brought you Over the Air (OTA) mobile device configuration, personalization, and security services has now released their new gadget for Windows Vista (currently in beta testing).
This sleek, lightweight gadget will sit quietly in the Windows Sidebar, notifying you of all incoming calls, text. Freeware download of Mobiwee: Mobile Remote Access Gadget, size 450.56 Kb.

AudioGizmo Ringtone Creator 2.0.4 

AudioGizmo Ringtone Creator 2.0 is a very nice application that will allow you to create your own ringtones to export to your mobile devices or cell phones so that you can listen to them or use them as ringtones for incoming calls. This is a very creative software. The program allows you to edit your audio files by adding some nice effects to them.. Freeware download of AudioGizmo Ringtone Creator 2.0.4, size 0 b.

C# Softphone With Do Not Disturb 9.2.0 C# SOFTPHONE WITH DO NOT DISTURB 

Ozeki VoIP SIP .NET SDK allows to develop Do Not Disturb (DND) function for SIP softphones. If DoNotDisturb flag is set to true, the incoming calls will be rejected by a busy signal. The Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK makes it possible to extend this program with more features like call hold, call forwarding, call transfer, auto answer, SIP/SDP message. Free download of C# Softphone With Do Not Disturb 9.2.0, size 17.51 Mb.