Increase Video Card Speed

Tropics Benchmark 1.3 Unigine Corp. 

The Tropics Benchmark application will allow you to test your video card's capabilities. Known drivers issues: - [ATI] No water with OpenGL Features: * Support of DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL * Dynamic sky with light scattering * Live water with a surf zone and caustics * Special materials for vegetation * HDR rendering *. Freeware download of Tropics Benchmark 1.3, size 60.92 Mb.


Blackmagic Desktop Video 9.5.2 Blackmagic Design 

Blackmagic Desktop Video is a suite of applications that is meant to assist you into correctly configuring your video card and using its functions to the maximum.

It includes not only drivers and plugins, but also applications for capturing and playing video, changing the card's settings or performing disk speed tests.

. Free download of Blackmagic Desktop Video 9.5.2, size 0 b.

Alparysoft Cleaner for Home Video beta AlparySoft R&D 

This product is created for the processing of the amateur video - for example, recorded on the home video equipment or inputted into the PC from TV-tuner or from TV-in of video card. It removes the interlace effect from video and reduces its noise level. The product incorporates the advanced technologies in the field of noise reduction and the. Freeware download of Alparysoft Cleaner for Home Video beta, size 0 b.

GameThrust SwiftDog 

GameThrust is a tool for all that allows you to modify your computers settings to increase gaming and internet speed performance. No modifications to your hardware are made and all adjustments and settings are done in an easy to use interface that a child could use. No more frame rate glitches or slow downs can be achieved by using GameThrust with. Free download of GameThrust, size 822.27 Kb.


GameBoost is a tool for all that allows you to modify your computers settings to increase gaming and internet speed performance. No modifications to your hardware are made and all adjustments and settings are done in an easy to use interface that a child could use. No more frame rate glitches or slow downs can be achieved by using GameBoost with. Free download of GameBoost, size 866.30 Kb.

Free VeeCool Video Capture VeeCool Software Inc 

VeeCool Video Capture can capture video from video devices, such as USB Camera, TV card, and Digital Video Camera; also from URL online links, such as audio/video URL links, digital camera; from any devices that support digital video card or camera; from media files, such as video file, photo, flash. You can capture video, sound and pictures of. Free download of Free VeeCool Video Capture, size 29.50 Mb.

Rapid Reader 7.0 MATEST Systemtechnik GmbH 

RapidReader functions as a speed–reading tool rather than a program that teaches readers how to increase their reading speed. It is very similar to ReallyEasyReader in that they both focus on flashing words at varying speeds.

This produt however does not allow you to change the colors of the words or the background. It did. Free download of Rapid Reader 7.0, size 7.74 Mb.

LMLJPEG Video Stream Library 0.1 

The LMLJPEG library provides streaming video functionality for the LML33 video card. It's primary usage is to compress raw RGB data into MJPEG that can be displayed by the Zoran chipset.. Freeware download of LMLJPEG Video Stream Library 0.1, size 64.73 Kb.

Mozart Video Player 1.0 Mozartplayer 

A video player with advanced display features based on realtime effects computed only by video-card (and not the CPU)

Mozart Video Player 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of Mozart Video Player 1.0, size 0 b.

MasParC for Video 1.0 Masparc-video 

MasParC (pronounced "mass park") for Video is a high-speed, massively parallel, scalable system for quickly compressing and rendering high-definition (and other) video in high-quality, compact, lossy or lossless (suitable for archiving) file formats.

Very fast on-line delivery of on-demand video specialized to a display device,. Freeware download of MasParC for Video 1.0, size 0 b.

ElectriCalm 3D Screensaver 2.54 Digital Minds Software 

Have a video card with OpenGL hardware support? Show it off with the ElectriCalm 3D Screensaver. When it kicks in, your point-of-view is as if you were spinning around in a parched desert landscape, complete with red fog and a starry sky. Multicolored lightning bolts strike all around you, while you hear realistic stereo sound effects. Animated. Free download of ElectriCalm 3D Screensaver 2.54, size 827.39 Kb.

Bones Pro 3.0 3D-IO 

In the current, extremely high demanding world of CG animation every possible increase of quality and speed is crucial to succeed over the competition. For convincing animations it is mandatory that the mesh deforms and follows the movements of the skeleton accurately. Creating realistic looking movements while the deadlines loom in the near future. Free download of Bones Pro 3.0, size 0 b.

TurboCPU 2.0 

Increase or reduce the CPU speed to execute processes. What TurboCPU does is set the priority to process an application’s request in a high level so it gets more CPU processing time. In other words applications with lower priorities can not be activated until higher priority operation terminates; but TurboCPU forces the execution of the. Free download of TurboCPU 2.0, size 87.64 Mb.

Framerate Converter HQ 2 3 Stratopoint Software 

Framerate Converter HQ (FRCHQ) is the video processing tool
that can accurately change video framerate, speed and frame aspect.
FRCHQ can:
convert NTSC video to PAL and otherwise
make video with any frame rate (e.g. 23.976 fps) from NTSC or PAL source
and otherwise
make non-interlaced video from any interlaced. Free download of Framerate Converter HQ 2 3, size 48.12 Mb.

Swiftest 5.0 SES Construction Software Ltd 

Increase the efficiency, accuracy and speed of your estimating with Swiftest.
SwiftEst is a roof estimating software package, combining ease of use with an advanced feature set. It has been shown to increase the speed of estimating by approximately 80%.
Designed specifically for the UK Market, this exciting software is written for. Free download of Swiftest 5.0, size 73.59 Mb.

NVIDIA System Tools 6 8 NVIDIA Corporation 

NVIDIA System Tools is an applications suite designed to help you tweak your video card and improve its performance.
This NVIDIA System Tools installation package adds support for GTX 480 and GTX 470 and it includes the following components:
1. NVIDIA Performance Group (v6.05.26.05) add-on to the NVIDIA Control Panel
* GeForce. Freeware download of NVIDIA System Tools 6 8, size 92.90 Mb.

IVTV VDR (Perl daemon) 0.2 

A daemon written in Perl that captures video from an IVTV-driver based video card, e.g. Hauppauge PVR. Freeware download of IVTV VDR (Perl daemon) 0.2, size 8.36 Kb.

Geodesical, Rhizomatic, Onion-Shaped DB 1.0 Grosdb 

A proof-of-concept, vector-hashed, video card-accelerated, 3D database system built on the Euclidean space, using geodesic spheres arranged in the shape of an onion and its layers, allowing the creation of node relations using a rhizome-like structure.

Geodesical, Rhizomatic, Onion-Shaped DB 1.0 License - GNU General Public License. Freeware download of Geodesical, Rhizomatic, Onion-Shaped DB 1.0, size 0 b.

Abandoned Resistance 1.0 Infected 

===System Requirements===
Operating System: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 2GHz or better (multi-core is recommended)
Memory: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
Video Card: NVIDIA 8800GT 512MB RAM, AMD 3850HD 512MB RAM or better (SM 3.0 minimum)

Cooperative. Freeware download of Abandoned Resistance 1.0, size 0 b.

Hipsh Auto Text Completion 1.5.2 Hipsh Text 

Increase your text editing speed in MS Word by far using this tool.The tool predicts the next word you need based on 2 or more first characters you type. Word processing becomes easy.Especially efficient when you need to type long tedious English words.

The tool is aware to the text you already have in the current document and show. Free download of Hipsh Auto Text Completion 1.5.2, size 608.17 Kb.

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