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Image Permutation Grapher 2012-04-14 Darren Grayce 

Image Permutation Grapher is a small and easy-to-use piece of software that was developed to return the absolute index of an image.

The index is taken out of all the possible permutations of images that have the same color depth, width and height.

Image Permutation Grapher can also be used to rebuild images with the help of an. Freeware download of Image Permutation Grapher 2012-04-14, size 0 b.


KFindCD 1.0 Kfindcd 

KFindCD - a software that enables you to create an index of your disks (CDs, DVDs...)

KFindCD 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of KFindCD 1.0, size 0 b.

E-mail Verification Software 2.0 YL E-mail Verification Software 

E-mail Verification Software is a very effective piece of software that can verify over 10 e-mails per second . It can verify single e-mails or huge lists. (Our E-mail Verification Software is multithreaded, providing high speed verifying). Our E-mail Verification Software can save time and money for businesses that send newsletters to their. Free download of E-mail Verification Software 2.0, size 2.21 Mb.

Sofonesia Picture Cropper 1.0 

Picture cropper is a handy piece of software that can quickly crop any part of a picture.

The cropped part can be saved in many image formats, such as jpg, bmp or png.

Cropping a picture can help in many ways, e.g. from a picture, the face can be cropped and put as profile picture in orkut or hi5.

Using this. Freeware download of Sofonesia Picture Cropper 1.0, size 541.70 Kb.

SoftwareCheck Professional License KERN Communications Systems Poland 

SoftwareCheck integrates asset inventory, software usage and license reconciliation to provide the precise view of software installations and license compliance. SoftwareCheck is the toolset for version verification and compliance, hardware and software inventory and much more. Free download of SoftwareCheck Professional License, size 39.19 Mb.

Kwanzaa - Our Family Heritage (tm) 2 5 Ken Kirkpatrick Software 

The only kind of software like this in the world, Kwanzaa - Our Family Heritage will find a wide audience in the African-American community with its respectful, yet colorful treatment of this celebration. Sure to be a topic of conversation around the home, this unique gift will be cherished by all. Print or create a PDF to email, this software does. Free download of Kwanzaa - Our Family Heritage (tm) 2 5, size 8.62 Mb.

Submission Software Pro 1 1 Software Submission Expert 

GET MASSIVE DOWNLOADS OF YOUR SOFTWARE! In order for people to see and download your software, you need exposure and links to it.This is what we specialize in. Now you can get Fast Traffic to your Software Products on software sites just like this. Guaranteed Submissions to over 350 software download sites PLUS 30 Press Release SItes. Complete. Free download of Submission Software Pro 1 1, size 1.11 Mb.

Part Of Speech Tagger 3.1.1 The Stanford Natural Language Processing Group 

Part Of Speech Tagger or POS Tagger is a piece of software that reads text in some language and assigns parts of speech to each word and other token.

Some of these assignments are: noun, verb, adjective, to name just a few, although generally computational applications use more fine-grained POS tags like 'noun-plural'.

. Free download of Part Of Speech Tagger 3.1.1, size 0 b.

Software Version Control 7.0 Build 1 Randem Systems Inc 

Software Version Control is a software package that will help developers keep track of software changes of several projects at once or just one project. This package does not only track software but any binary file can be loaded in to the project to monitor changes. It will help you retrieve all older versions of programs that no longer exist or. Free download of Software Version Control 7.0 Build 1, size 0 b.

Pharmacotherapeutics of Infectious Disease 1.0.0014 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Designed and developed as an educational piece of software, Pharmacotherapeutics of Infectious Disease can help users learn more about various diseases.

Pharmacotherapeutics of Infectious Disease is developed in the Java programming language and can help you improve your medical knowledge.

. Free download of Pharmacotherapeutics of Infectious Disease 1.0.0014, size 0 b.

Freedom struggle of India 1.0.0006 Ryan Gonzalez 

Freedom struggle of India was developed as an educational piece of software that allows you to enrich your history knowledge.

Freedom struggle of India allows you to learn more about various Indian personalities. The program was designed in Java.

. Free download of Freedom struggle of India 1.0.0006, size 0 b.

Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics 1.0.0006 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Developed as an educational and easy-to-use piece of software, Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics allows users to further improve their medical knowledge.

Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics is developed in the Java programming language and can help users learn more about drugs.

. Free download of Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics 1.0.0006, size 0 b.

Michelson refraction index experiment Agopin 

Michelson refraction index experiment is a practical tool that allows you to observe a visual representation of the refractive index of air, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. It recreates an experiment table and allows you to use a set of devices in order to observe the effect.

In order to use the application you need to connect the hose,. Free download of Michelson refraction index experiment, size 0 b.

A Tour of Hemoglobin New Concord Consortium 

A Tour of Hemoglobin was created as a simple and accessible piece of software that manages to teach you about hemoglobin molecules and their structure.

A Tour of Hemoglobin is designed in the Java programming language and can function on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

. Free download of A Tour of Hemoglobin New, size 0 b.

HP Software Framework Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. 

The HP Software Framework provides a common set of software interfaces that centralize and simplify access to hardware, BIOS and HP specific windows drivers on supported notebooks with supported operating systems.. Freeware download of HP Software Framework, size 4.08 Mb.

Network Inventory Expert 2.1 Kviptech 

Network Inventory Expert allows you to create a network inventory without installation of software on the users' PCs. This program allows you to get quick and complete information about operational systems, service packs, hotfixes, hardware, installed software and running processes on remote PCs. Also you can create reports about hardware,. Free download of Network Inventory Expert 2.1, size 893.95 Kb.

dbQwikSite Pro 4 TheDevShop Ltd. 

dbQwikSite: Easy Data driven web sitesA revolutionary piece of software for building all kinds web applications connected to databases. dbQwikSite is an intelligent code generator saving hours of tedious web programming. Absolutely no coding required.Features:-100% code generation you don't need to code ASP/PHP/HTML or SQL-Connects to almost any. Free download of dbQwikSite Pro 4, size 11.72 Mb.

SDProtector Pro 1.12 SDProtect 

SDProtector is a powerful tool offering both software developers and distributors a protection of software products against unauthorized copying, use and distribution. SDProtector was designed with ease of use and high speed as a priority without sacrificing high levels of protection. It offers four different methods of code encryption protection.. Free download of SDProtector Pro 1.12, size 811.01 Kb.

Software Planner 4 Pragmatic Software Co., Inc. 

Software Planner is a project collaboration tool that allows you to manage all phases of your software development. In the initial stages of the project, it allows you to post functional specifications and post project related documents (like meeting minutes, client proposals, etc.). As the project progresses, it allows you to post baseline. Free download of Software Planner 4, size 486.40 Kb.

Database Oasis 2.92 MKF Solutions, Inc. 

If you could create a piece of software to contain any information you like, what would it look like? What types of information would you keep in it? Would it be straight-to-the-point-functional, or would you decorate it with graphics and creative fonts?Creating a database in Database Oasis is just that, designing a piece of software to fit your. Free download of Database Oasis 2.92, size 16.92 Mb.

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