Indian Music Notation Program

neume music notation 1.0 Neume 

Thesis on distance music education through a music notation whiteboard. Aims to be portable and open, with ports to UNIXes (including Mac OS X and Linux) and Windows.

neume music notation 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of neume music notation 1.0, size 0 b.


FORTE Premium 4.1.3b Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co KG 

FORTE Premium is a powerful software that aims to provide musicians with all the necessary tools for music notation and score creating as well as editing.

It's full-featured score notation engine is one of the best out there and FORTE Premium also packs a set of visual editing tools to make score editing a more productive process.

ScoreCleaner 2.5 DoReMIR Music Research AB 

ScoreCleaner is a handy and reliable music notation software that you can use to analyze, cut and edit your audio files.

ScoreCleaner helps you change the key, tempo, time signature and the note values in order to enhance your tracks. Just plugin your MIDI based instrument and start playing!

. Free download of ScoreCleaner 2.5, size 0 b.

Indian Music Radio Speed App 

This is #1 radio app for Indian Music. Now you can listen to your favorite radio stations in your phone. Radio will run in the background. Internet connection is required to run this app.
List of radio stations:
AID Badhni Kalan
Apna eRadio Indian Channel : Film, Classics,...
Awaz Fm 94

Dolet Light for Finale 1. 3. 2001 Recordare LLC 

Dolet for Finale is a smart and handy Finale plug-in that reads and writes MusicXML 2.0 files for the highest accuracy available.

Dolet 5 for Finale is a plug-in for the Finale music notation program that reads and writes MusicXML 2.0 files on Windows and Mac OS X. It provides more accurate and faster translations than Finale's. Free download of Dolet Light for Finale 1. 3. 2001, size 5.05 Mb.

Music MasterWorks 3.92 Aspire Software 

Music MasterWorks is a MIDI music composing program. Allows you to compose music just by singing into your PC microphone. It will also analyze your singing. You can record, edit, playback and print sheet music as well. Compose in either staff or piano roll notation.. Free download of Music MasterWorks 3.92, size 2.87 Mb.

AbcNavigator 2.0 Groink, Inc. 

Abc Navigator is a program for handling music notation files in ABC format. ABC is a text-based music notation format.

Main features:

- Multiple files can be simultaneously opened
- Select/Copy/Paste/move/edit tunes
- Keys and Rythmes filters
- Abc editor with Syntax Highlighting
- Fast sheet music. Freeware download of AbcNavigator 2.0, size 86.48 Mb.

Music Collection Organizer Program Pro 4.06 Music Collection Organizer 

Music Organizer program one of the Windows PC best MP3 music collection organizer tools. This good PC music collection organizer all records will be organized. This Music collection organizer can be used as the best music organizer, personal computer top rated music organizer, the PC best music organizer application for the music collection of any. Free download of Music Collection Organizer Program Pro 4.06, size 7.73 Mb.

Personal Composer 3.0 Personal Composer, Inc. 

Personal Composer is a powerful music notation, MIDI, sequencing, and publishing program which provides spectacular usability with professional results.
Features :
-Notate as you play a MIDI instrument, with a
program-supplied metronome.
-Record one staff while playing back others.
-Type lyrics directly onto the. Free download of Personal Composer 3.0, size 2.54 Mb.

scoretrainer 8.0.9 Midimaster 

scoretrainer is a useful application for the students that want to get accustomed with music notation and to practice their skills. The program allows you to improve the score reading skills by using multiple interactive exercises.

The results of the each exercised is tracked in order to allow you to view the improvements and to print a. Free download of scoretrainer 8.0.9, size 0 b.

NoteID 3.0 Kba Software 

Teach yourself music notation/keyboard notes on grand staff in all keys. Easy. Program writes a note on grand staff and sounds pitch.You click appropriate note on the screen keyboard or attached midi keyboard. Scoring, automatic advance and modulation included. You may also click keyboard and display staff note.. Free download of NoteID 3.0, size 775.95 Kb.

Sibelius 7: QuickLook Guide 

Join composer and orchestrator Thomas Goss in this free QuickLook Guide that teasingly shows you the basics of music notation and score preparation using Sibelius 7, an amazingly powerful program that will get you creating stunning scores in no time.

We searched the world to find the best Sibelius teacher on the planet. But we were. Freeware download of Sibelius 7: QuickLook Guide, size 81.79 Mb.

Music Organizer Software 7.49 Music Organizer Software, LLC 

Music Organizer Software: Organize Music - easily with automatic Music Organizer. Music organizer software - is a music organizer program, music organizer and MP3 organizer that will organize music files. Organize music files, organize MP3 files and organize music and with music organizer. Music organizer software - is a computer music organizer,. Free download of Music Organizer Software 7.49, size 17.30 Mb.

RCL Music Ministry 6.0 RCL Software 

The RCL Music Ministry program was inspired by First Baptist Church of Oneida, Oneida, Tennessee. This program was designed with the guidance of Pastor Brian Elliott, Minister of Music, at First Baptist of Oneida and Pastor Neal Johnson, Minister of Music, Nansemond River Baptist Church. A church can use this program to maintain all of the churches. Free download of RCL Music Ministry 6.0, size 7.93 Mb.

Music Organiser 3.92 Music Organiser 

Music Organiser: Where to get a good Music Organiser Program, Music Organiser Software? How to organise music - easily? Organise music automatically with user-friendly Music Organiser. This music organiser software - is an automatic music organiser program that will organise music on your computer, music organiser software that will organise music. Free download of Music Organiser 3.92, size 19.63 Mb.

Best Music Organizer Software 3.87 Best Software 

Best Music Organizer - is award-winning computer software to Organize Music and songs. Automatically organize music, organize music files and organize Mp3 music with the best music organizer software. This best music organizer is the best way to organize music, best program to organize music and is the best software to organize music files. What is. Free download of Best Music Organizer Software 3.87, size 14.99 Mb.

Good Music Organizer Ultimate 9.13 Music Organizing, Inc. 

Music Organizer program best MP3 music organizer applications. With this good PC music organizer your music will be organized. This Music organizer is as the the best automatic music organizer and personal computer best music organizer application, the cutting-edge music organizer software, user-friendly automated music organizer. Do you want to. Free download of Good Music Organizer Ultimate 9.13, size 16.52 Mb.

Top Rated Monkey Music Organizer 7.01 Monkey Music Organizer, Inc. 

Monkey Music Organizer program one of the Windows PC best music organizer software products. With this music organizer your audio will be asily sorted. This Monkey music organizer is the monkey music organizer for MP3 and the best music file organizer application, best monkey music organizer with the auto monkey music organizer software.
. Free download of Top Rated Monkey Music Organizer 7.01, size 22.62 Mb.

Pro Automated Music File Organizer Pro 8.65 Music File Organizer Utilities, Ltd. 

Music Organizer program - one of the PC top music organizer applications. This music file organizer all records will be asily organized. Music organizer can be used as the high-end music organizer for MP3, personal computer award-winning music MP3 organizer, the cutting-edge music organizer for the music collection of any size, the user-friendly. Free download of Pro Automated Music File Organizer Pro 8.65, size 13.47 Mb.

Get Music Organizer Pro Deluxe 5.58 Music Organizer Pro, LLC 

Music Organizer program PC best music organizer solutions.

This good PC music organizer all audio will be asily organized.

Music organizer can be used as music organizer software for MP3, top rated music organizer, the PC best music organizer for the music collection of any size, the automated music organizer. Free download of Get Music Organizer Pro Deluxe 5.58, size 8.88 Mb.