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Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection 5 1 Microsoft 

This software package will install the client portion of Remote Desktop on any of the following operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98 Second Edition, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003. (This is the same version of the client software as in Windows XP Service Pack 2.) When run, this software allows older Windows. Freeware download of Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection 5 1, size 3.57 Mb.


Angel Dream 1.0 Angeldrem 

Full Client Du Servers Angel Dream Online Gratuit

Angel Dream 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of Angel Dream 1.0, size 0 b.

MozPos 1.0 Mozpos 

A modern, full-fledged Point-of-Sale system created and extensible under the Mozilla framework. Targeting small to large businesses and enterprises, we aim to use open internet standards in creating a truly modern point of sale system.

MozPos 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of MozPos 1.0, size 0 b.

"Virtual Town" project 111103 Alex Ponomarev 

project "Virtual Town" - interactive map for xDSL clients. This version included primary sql-data, install, uninstall, client source (Delphi).. Free download of "Virtual Town" project 111103, size 2147.48 Mb.

EZ Html Ad Designer Pro 4.0 Jons Computers and Electronics 

Ez to use wysiwyg html ad page designer editor makes it a snap to design html auction ad's for ebay or any other auction site as well as websites or html email. Features a full featured point and click html editor like frontpage and a built in web browser to make listing your ad designs without ever leaving the application. Advanced table and cell. Free download of EZ Html Ad Designer Pro 4.0, size 3.61 Mb.

CasinoStates 1.0 Casino States 

CasinoStates is an online casino that allows you to play lots of casino games for fun or real money. Once you install the client, you will be asked to register an account. This process only takes a few moments and then, you will be ready to play any game. If you choose to play for fun, you will be granted 5,000 of virtual money to play some games,. Freeware download of CasinoStates 1.0, size 0 b.

telnetchatd 0.02 

Telnetchatd is a chatserver which uses the telnetprotocol. Users do not need to install a client, as every desktop-OS comes with a preinstalled telnetclient. Programmed in pure C, the server needs very little resources and runs on any unix-like system.. Freeware download of telnetchatd 0.02, size 3.85 Kb.

umsn 0.1.0 gtommy 

umsn (micro msn) is a lightweight MSN client for who don't have a fast computer or don't want install a big pack microsoft's client or other multi-IM client. The only requirement is framework .NET 2.0. Free download of umsn 0.1.0, size 545.26 Kb.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile 4.0.30319.1 Fin Microsoft 

The Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile provides a subset of features from the .NET Framework 4. The Client Profile is designed to run client applications and to enable the fastest possible deployment for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Forms technology. Application developers who require features that are not included in. Freeware download of Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile 4.0.30319.1 Fin, size 43.00 Mb.

WinCvs CvsGui 

WinCVS is a Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) client.
This great CVS client offers all the functionality to use CVS protocol with a great GUI. It’s designed to offer a CVS client for any user, from beginners to expert users. This CVS tool allows adding / creating repositories even remote repositories. It also provides security. Freeware download of WinCvs, size 3.65 Mb.

DirectSOFT32 - Programming 4.0.025 Host Engineering, Inc. 

DirectSOFT32 is full-featured PLC programming package that supports all of the DirectLOGIC families of PLCs, including all DL05, DL06, DL105, DL205, DL305, DL405, and all of their Koyo cousins from GE, TI and Siemens.

DirectSOFT32 includes:
- Support for new DL06 and D2-260 CPUs
- ASCII in/out and MODBUS instructions for. Free download of DirectSOFT32 - Programming 4.0.025, size 11.41 Mb.

Wolapp Cloud Client for Mac OS X 2 1 Rylstim 

Free desktop client for the web-based Wolapp Cloud application, specially developed for Mac OS X. Wolapp Cloud - Wheel Of Life Cloud is a web-based application for self-development and personal growth. Wolapp Cloud Client allows using the application without a web browser. The client fully replicates all the major functions of the original. Freeware download of Wolapp Cloud Client for Mac OS X 2 1, size 955.39 Kb.

MyRepositoryClient 1.1 Jospin software 

MyRepository is a freeware solution designed for creating, managing and sharing photo albums, documents, video albums and other files.

MyRepository is very easy to install and maintenance. You donĀ“t need to install and configure any database. All data are stored in Repository folder on MyRepositoryServer. MyRepositoryClient provides the. Freeware download of MyRepositoryClient 1.1, size 6.02 Mb.

Kuma Games Full Client 1.0 Kumawar 

ItdlDLs really easy to get free games from Kuma: you dondlDLt even have to register! All you have to do is download the client here and scope out the latest media, releases, and more. ItdlDLs like a mini-website with all the free first-person-shooter downloads you could ever want.

All Kuma-brand games that have ever been made are now. Freeware download of Kuma Games Full Client 1.0, size 660.60 Kb.

Remote Printer Manager - Console Edition 2.0.3 Mattastic Software 

Remote Printer Manager gives your company's technical support staff the ability to remotely install, modify and delete printers from computers potentially on the other side of the globe. Using a sophisticated Print System Integration Algorithm, Remote Printer Manager allows you to easily connect to remote computers and make the necessary changes. Free download of Remote Printer Manager - Console Edition 2.0.3, size 468.99 Kb.

Remote Printer Manager 2.0.3 Mattastic Software 

Remote Printer Manager gives your company's technical support staff the ability to remotely install, modify and delete printers from computers potentially on the other side of the globe. Using a sophisticated Print System Integration Algorithm, Remote Printer Manager allows you to easily connect to remote computers and make the necessary changes. Free download of Remote Printer Manager 2.0.3, size 803.84 Kb.

Akeni Web Terminal (Jabber/XMPP Web) 1.0 Akeni 

Akeni Web Terminal (XMPP/ Jabber Web Client) is designed for universal accessibility and ease of deployment. The Web Terminal is compatible with your XMPP/Jabber Corporate IM server. The Web Termnal features chat, notification and conferencing. With it's browser based client there is no need to install any client side software. It is also. Free download of Akeni Web Terminal (Jabber/XMPP Web) 1.0, size 4.38 Mb.

SSuite Office - Invoice Master 2.0.1 SSuite Office Software 

Our invoice application is based on the latest graphical-user-interface technology. There is no typing necessary, just point and click to create and/or print product or service invoices for your clients... quick and easy. It also includes a custom reports/invoice writer and creator.

It also handles TAX or VAT systems and mass client. Freeware download of SSuite Office - Invoice Master 2.0.1, size 9.71 Mb.

SimpleCheck 8.0.3 SimpleCheck Team 

SimpleCheck is a fast, low resource, server oriented, Windows System Tray based E-Mail Notification Client with a simple UI that regularly checks multiple POP3 E-Mail accounts. Many full client features; immune to viruses; use to delete SPAM mail.. Freeware download of SimpleCheck 8.0.3, size 1.57 Mb.

BizFAX Client Yeastar Technology Co,.Ltd. 

Benefits: 1. Cost reductions BizFAX delivers a significant reduction in fax and document delivery costs by eliminating the need for paper-based delivery, stand-alone fax machines and associated maintenance, supply, equipment and labor costs. 2. Time savings BizFAX significantly reduces the time it takes your employees to exchange documents with. Freeware download of BizFAX Client, size 5.33 Mb.

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Point Blank Martial Arts and Fitness

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Point Blank London Music Production and DJ Courses

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Point Blank: Music College

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